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Surge In Investor Interest Towards Bitcoin ETFs

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Bitcoin ETFs

The latest reports suggest that there has been a tremendous increase when it comes to investors’ interest in Bitcoin ETFs.

A 9.42% price surge in Bitcoin has enabled crypto ETF prices to climb by 6.95%. The bitcoin ETFs gained around 7.79%. All these happened in the last five days alone.

Did Bitcoin break any records?

Recently, Bitcoin surpassed the 66,000 US dollar threshold. However, this gave hope to all the investors as this was the highest hike Bitcoin witnessed after the Bitocn halving event that took place in April.

Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin has 15 funds with an AuM of 4,729,217,707 and a WTD perf of 7.79%. It has a YTD perf of 59.23% with a WTD inflow of -11,301,549 and a YTD inflow of -626,691,563. This is the group data of Bitcoin alone.

Now let us also look at the group data of cryptocurrency. There have been total funds of 30 with AuM of 6,027,728,163 with a WTD perf of 6.95% and a YTD perf of 53.24%. The WTD flow was -24,902,907 and a YTD perf of -822,824,054.

Did Bitcoin’s price increase impact inflation?

The record rise in Bitcoin’s price has made a significant impact on the recent CPI data (the United States Consumer Price Index). There has been a 0.3% increase in the month of April alone. And there has been a 3.4% rise when looking at the year-on-year data.

When you look at these rises and increases, it can be understood that there is a rise in consumer prices.

However, it is happening at a slower price. The predictions have suggested a slower price rise, however, now it is happening at a rate slower than the expected rate.

This rate of increase is supposed to be the market expectation of rate cuts released by the Fed for this year. This leads to a price hike in the case of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency ETF performance

Overall, cryptocurrency ETF has performed remarkablely well. There has been a total increase of 6.95%. Now when we look specifically at the price of Bitcoin there has been a 7.79% rise.

This clearly indicates the strong investment interest from the investor side and also highlights the confidence that the investors have towards this crypto.

The YTD performance of Bitcoin ETFs stands at 59.23% and cryptocurrency ETFs stand at 53.24%

Top Bitcoin ETFs

Now let us look at the leading Bitcoin ETFs in the market. As of the latest data that we connected, the top 2 cryptocurrencies that have showcased a notable performance are Purpose Bitcoin ETF and CI Galaxy Bitcoin ETF.

Purpose Bitcoin ETF (BTCC.B) has gained more than 7.04% and CI Galaxy Bitcoin ETF (BTCX.B) has gained around 9.87%.

Group Data

In March 2024, it was reported that there was a 1 billion US dollar inflow in a single day. This broke all the previous records. 

The lead in this inflow is the iShares Bitcoin by BlackRock. This resulted in attracting more than 849 million US dollars towards the crypto. The influx also clashed with the price rally of Bitcoin

Latest BTC ETF Data

As of the data report related on May 15, it was noted that there has been a 130 million US dollars inflow in cryptocurrency inflow. This was after the five-week-long decline series related to the Bitcoin halving event.

Among this, the Bitcoin ETFs have alone made 144 million US dollars worth of inflow.

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Closing Thoughts

It was in 2024 that Bitcoin ETFs received approval from the US SEC. The fight and the wait for approval have been going on for a long time. Since the approval, Bitcoin ETFs have been rising high in price.

The ETF approval has succeeded in attracting more global investors toward the cryptocurrency. Following the BTC ETF approval many giants and top firms have come forward with their proposals.

Shortly, after that Ethereum ETFs received approval from the SEC. Do you think Ethereum ETFs are also gonna surge in price and reach new all-time high values?

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