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Most Popular Sports Websites

Sports are one of the most watched programs all over the world. Through this article, we will be going through the details of 15 of the most popular sports websites in the world. This list has been curated by taking the traffic of each of these websites into consideration.

By mentioning the traffic of the website, the list takes into account only the number of unique visitors each of these websites had.

The traffic data of each website is obtained from credible websites which are constantly updated. So, go through the list to find out whether or not your regular website has made it into the list!


The number one position in the list of the top 15 most popular sports websites in the world goes to the official website of ESPN.

It is wounded by the division of ESPN. Inc, ESPN Internet Ventures. The website was launched in 1995 and the first name that it had was ESPN had designed sections for almost all the major sports events like NHL, NFL, NBA, Indy Racing League, NCAA, cricket, and so on.

The website is also known for the columnists that work on the website and the names include some of the most popular personalities like Allison Glock, Jemele Hill, John Clayton, and a few others.


The top 2nd position on this list is occupied by the Indian cricket news website Cricbuzz. Currently owned by the Times Internet, the website features different details like articles, news, videos, player statistics, and team rankings.

Cricbuzz is the ultimate paradise for a cricket lover as it is a one-stop website for everything cricket. Cricbuzz is a product of the joint effort of three people and its initial form can be dated back to 2014. Times Internet, a subsidiary of the Times of India acquired a major share in Cricbuzz.

In 2015, GoCricket, which was owned by Times Internet, was merged with Cricbuzz, which increased its popularity among cricket fans. In 2019, Cricbuzz was given the record for being the second most downloaded news app in the world for the second quarter of the year.


This website belongs to the Spanish national daily Marca which is currently owned by the Spanish media company Unidad Editorial. Like the majority of the sports publications and websites from Spain, the major focus of this website is also football.

Looking at the content published and given importance, it contains the day-to-day activities of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. The popularity and the readership of the publication have met record-breaking numbers in the past years.

Marca was funded in 1938 and therefore its story is closely connected with that of the Spanish Civil War. Unidad Editorial launched Marca Player which is a video game magazine in 2008. With 85 years in the field, Marca and now its official website is one of the most popular sports websites in the world.


Just like the name suggests, this website that comes in at the top 4th place on our list is completely dedicated to the sport of cricket.

This website will give all the details that you need to know about cricket including all the latest news, updates, and even the live scores and overages of cricket matches. Sambit Bal serves as the current editor of their website and its headquarters is based in Bangalore, India.

The roots of the website and its origin can be traced back to Simon King in 1993. In 2002, the Wisden Group acquired the website which was later sold to ESPN in 2007. One of the most valuable and unique features of the website is StasGuru, which is a database that contains the statistics of players, officials, and the details regarding the team.


Coming in at the top 5h position on the list of the top 154 most popular sports websites is the official website of Diario AS. It is the official website of the Spanish daily newspaper and it mainly focuses on news and updates regarding football.

The publication and thereby the website is currently owned by the Spanish media conglomerate PRISA. Dario AS was founded by Luis Montiel Balanzat in 1967. With years of popularity and the eventual expansion of the area of coverage, the publication slowly rose in popularity and is currently one of the most read and used sports websites in the world.

In 2012, they also launched an English language sub-site that contains articles translated from Spanish by native English speakers. 


This is the official website of La Gazzetta dello Sport which is an Italian daily newspaper. The content of this website is completely dedicated to news and updates on different sports. The newspaper holds a great historical and cultural value in its price as it was one of the most-read daily newspapers of any kind in Italy at one point in time.

The newspaper was founded in 1896 and it has an eventful history of 127 years. At one point in time, the newspaper had one of the highest circulations and the website was also one of the most frequently visited websites in the country. 


This website serves the function of both a chess server and a social networking website. This website has a freemium version which gives access to different features and the remaining features are only available after paying the subscription fee.

You can also play live online chess against other players. The website is considered one of the biggest chess platforms in the world and was founded in 2007. The current CEO of the website is Erik Allebest and its headquarters is based in the United States.

The website crossed the milestone of 100 million in December 2022 and as of 2023 has more than 11 million active users. The website also hosts online tournaments which are quite popular among its users.


It is the official website of the Spanish daily sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo, which means Sports World in English. The newspaper is published in Barcelona and it was first published in 1906.

First, it was published just weekly, and later in 1929, it started getting published daily and it is one of the oldest sports newspapers still published in Spain.

Even the articles published mainly focus primarily on the performance of FC Barcelona, they also cover the Spanish Basketball League (ACB), Formula One car racing, Grand Prix Motorcycle racing, and so on. Currently, the publication and its website are owned by the Spanish Media Conglomerate Grupo Godo.


Sports Illustrated has a special place in the history of sports magazines in the United States and continues to be one of the most popular sports publications and websites all over the globe. The Sports Illustrated magazine was first published in 1954 and the magazine has a rich and eventful history of 69 long years.

The headquarters of the magazine is based in New York and the popularity of the magazine is also seen in its official website, giving it the 9th spot on our list of the top 15 most popular sports websites.

One of the most unique features of the magazine is its swimsuit issue which has been published since 1964.  Most recently, in March 2024, ABG licensed the publishing rights to the London-based Minute Media in a 10-year deal.


This is yet another popular sports website that is completely dedicated to everything football. It is owned by the Integrated Media Company division of the private American equity firm Texas Pacific Group.

After the changes and updates made on the website in 2020, it is unpublished across 38 global regions and is available in 18 different languages. The domain of the website was launched in 1998 and it was founded by Chicco Merighi, Gian Luigi, and Juan Delgado.

Goal has its operations based in London, United Kingdom and it has received different accolades for the service that they provide.


The name of this website clearly states the service that it offers to its customers and is said to be one of the oldest websites of its kind where live scores of sports events are made available to its users.

In 2023, the website celebrated its 25th anniversary in the field, and being the pioneer in the area, the website sets a great example of betting being constantly updated and catering to the changing and evolving needs of the users.

The current CEO of LiveScore Group is Sam Sadi and according to the details shared by him, the origin of the website can be traced back to 1998. The website started its operation by concentrating only on football and with the passing years, they decided to expand the area of coverage and started to include all the major sports.


If you are a person interested in sports, you will be well familiar with this name as it is one of the top sports websites in the world. The subsidiary of Nazara Technologies based in Bangalore, India, this website takes the 12th position on this list.

Almost all major sports events are covered on this website including cricket, American football, basketball, mixed martial arts, and even professional wrestling. According to the latest numbers, Sportskeeda is the largest all-sports website in India.

The website was officially founded in 2009 by Porush Jain. Recently in 2022, the parent company Nazara set up a subsidiary Sportskeeda in Delaware, USA.  


Just like the name suggests, this popular sports news website was launched by Yahoo! In 1997. Oftentimes, this website is described as the pioneer when it comes to sports websites. Many famous writers are employed by Yahoo! Sports and the website has team pages for almost every North American team.

Some of the major sports covered by Yahoo! Sports include WWE, NFL, MLB, NBA, FIFA World Cup, and many other major tournaments. Almost all the information and details that are posted on the website are sourced from STATS Perform, which is a sports data and analytics company.

With its years of service in the field, Yahoo! Sports is still active and continues to be one of the most popular sports websites in the world. 


The official website of the French national daily newspaper is one of the 15 most popular sprouts websites in the world. The newspaper and thereby the official website is currently owned by the French private media company Editions Philippe Amaury(EPA).

The major focus of the newspaper and thereby the website is on sports events like football, rugby, motorsport, and cycling. The newspaper was founded in 1946 and is one of the most popular newspapers in France that is still in circulation.

The predecessor of L’Equipe, L’Auto also concentrated on sports where it covered the latest updates regarding auto racing, which was a sports event that gathered major attention in the twentieth century.


Coming in at the 15th position and starting off the list is the official website of the Spanish daily sports newspaper Sport. The newspaper is based in Barcelona and was funded in 1979. Currently, the newspaper and thereby the website is owned by the Spanish media conglomerate Grupo Zeta.

They describe themselves as the newspaper of FC Barcelona and, therefore, the content posted on the website is in accordance with their ideology. The website also includes details and updates regarding the RCD Espanyol and Catalan and Spanish sports in general.

Even though football is the prime focus, the website also contains details of other events like basketball, motorsports, tennis, and so on.

Here we have gone through the 15 most popular sports websites in the world. Aspects like the viewership and the website traffic have been considered to curate this list.

The chances of this list changing are inevitable with the ever-developing technology. Websites constantly update themselves with these technologies to remain the popular ones but as of now, here you have the complete list of The top 15 most popular sports websites. 

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