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Top 15 Best Social Networking Sites And APPs

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Best Social Networking Sites And APPs

Social media has come a long way since the early days of MySpace and Friendster. With the plethora of options available, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Catering to our needs, social media has successfully integrated into our daily lives. From sharing videos to professional networking social media has something for everyone. Let’s get into the top 15 best social networking sites and apps in detail. 

The list is made according to the latest monthly active user (MAU) data. It gives you an oversight of how well all the apps have been working lately. Don’t worry if your favorite app isn’t at the top of the list. After all, if it meets your needs, what is there to worry about? So let’s get started, shall we?

1. Facebook

Rating: 4.2

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 2.23 billion


Facebook Social Media Platform

First on the list is Facebook with its MAU of about 2.23 billion. Since its beginning, the app has undergone more changes adapting to the needs of its users. From the formation of acquaintance relationships to promoting your business in just one place, the app grew stronger within.

According to the current stats, Facebook has over 65 million pages for business, with more than 6 million advisers actively engaging in the promotion of their business. 


  • Can be used for sharing pictures and videos
  • Options available to a friend and unfriend people accordingly
  • Can be used to be informed about nearby events or meetups
  • A business platform if used accordingly
  • Gaming feature available
  • Used as an entertainment tool to watch videos and reels

2. Whatsapp

Rating: 4.3

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 1.5 billion


Whatsapp Social Media Platform

The second most popular is WhatsApp with an MAU of about 1.5 billion. Formed by former Yahoo employees, the aim of WhatsApp wasn’t just being a messenger, but instead a status viewer app similar to Snapchat, but only for those in our contacts.

Later the app was acquired by Facebook, now Meta for $19 billion in 2014. When looking from a business aspect, what makes the app versatile is that, unlike other platforms, there isn’t a suffocating flood of advertisements in WhatsApp. The app provides different versions for personal as well as business use.


  • Can be used to share photos videos and even documents
  • Used as a personal messenger, with its text and audio feature
  • Provides video call and audio call options, with extra group call options as well
  • Status and profile picture can be updated
  • Recently WhatsApp Pay was launched

3. Instagram 

Rating: 4.5

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 1 billion

Instagram Social Media Platform

To many of our surprise, Instagram is third in the list. when looking from the outside, Instagram seems to secure the first position, but the stats say differently. It’s no exaggeration when say the app has redefined social media as such.

Social media before Instagram and after Instagram speaks for the above statement. The app has made a huge population financially do well with the emergence of “influencers”. The app can be used for both personal and professional use simultaneously. 


  • Allows to post photos and videos
  • Innovative ideas like Instagram reels, which were later added to Facebook as well
  • Hashtags can be used to secure engagements
  • Lets you promote your products and business
  • Has filter options when taking photos
  • Can tag location and people when posting

4. Youtube 

Rating: 4.1

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 1.9 billion

Youtube Video Sharing App

The video-sharing app has been here since the advent of social media. It can be even considered one of the first few. According to the statistics, more than a billion hours of videos are streamed through YouTube every day.

It is designed to provide recommendations on what you search for. You can even create your own channel and upload whatever you like. The second largest search engine can support you financially, once you have crossed a certain number of subscribers and viewership. 


  • Can be used to watch videos and share them on other platforms
  • Can be used for business promotion as well
  • Revenue generation, once achieve a specific number of subscribers on your channel
  • Easy access without even logging in
  • Access to live events happening around the world

5. X (formerly called as Twitter)

Rating: 4.4

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 556 million

X (formerly called as Twitter)

Recently the app was acquired by Tesla founder Elon Musk, who has renamed it “X”. Unlike other social media apps, Twitter takes a different approach to being informative rather than entertaining.

Short messages called tweets can be shared throughout the platform, with each message not going beyond 280 characters, except for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese, for them it’s just 140 characters per tweet. 

By dealing with global concerns and matters of importance, along with entertainment news as well, X tries to provide for every group


  • Evidence supported informations, which can be crossed if necessary
  • Option available to like pictures, videos, and GIFs
  • Groups can be created for discussions
  • Authentic sources of information
  • Can retweet the already-posted tweet

6. Linkedin 

Rating: 4.4

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 900 million

Linkedin Social Media Platform

From a simple job search engine, the platform has developed into a professional networking space. Youth are provided with a chance to have a one-on-one discussion with experts in various fields, along with providing placement assistance.

In this platform, options are available for job hunting according to your needs and specifications. Connecting with companies, HRs, and influential executives has never been easier.


  • Can create a profile highlighting your talents and achievements
  • Can get in touch with influential professional personnel easily
  • Get informed of the job vacancies available
  • Can opt for it for business networking as well as brand marketing
  • Can post articles on your respective field

7. Messenger 

Rating: 4.2

Supported on: Android, IOS

MAU: 1.3 billion


Started as a feature on Facebook, it was later launched as an independent app. The app instantly connects you with your Facebook friends without any disturbing in-betweens.

The fact that even after deactivating your account you get to keep your messenger. Messenger has been most commonly seen connected with business-related conversations, though it’s used for personal use as well. 


  • Allows to share photos and videos along with its texting feature
  • Supports audio and video call options
  • Enables you to share documents as well as location details

8. Snapchat


Supported on: IOS and Android

MAU: 255 million


Snapchat App

Snapchat took a different application of the already existing strategy. As with the internet, what is posted will remain forever. But on Snapchat, once posted, it’ll get deleted within seconds.

Who would’ve thought such an idea would become this successful? Specialized Snapchat filters are available when taking pictures or videos along with its texting feature. Statistics reveal that about 4 billion snaps are sent each day. The app has currently put forward a 24-hour story option focusing on mainly business promotions.


  • Can send short videos in a second
  • Gets notified when the snap gets screenshotted
  • Live messaging feature available
  • Watch stories of your close ones
  • Get to know the current location of your friend

 9. Telegram 

Rating: 4.5

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 200 million

Telegram App

Using this messenger, you can easily send audio, videos, photos, or any other files of up to 2GB each. What makes it different from other similar apps is the security it provides. End-to-end encrypted calls and optional end-to-end secret chats are some of them.



  • Can share data of up to 2GB
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Can create groups with almost 2 lakh members
  • Faster than most other apps

10. Quora

Rating: 3.9

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 300 million


Quora Social Media App

Unlike other social media apps, this knowledge-based app provides questions and answers on topics you have shown interest in. Just mention your area of expertise, and you’ll be directly qualified to answer the questions on the said area.

This is a community, that enables people to get answers to their questions along with a space to answer others’ questions for which you have answers.


  • A space for you to share knowledge on your area of expertise
  • Can get answers from experts
  • Provides with much exposure

11. WeChat

Rating: 4.2

Supported on: IOS and Android

MAU: 1.06 billion


What started as just a messaging app similar to WhatsApp and Facebook later evolved into a one-stop destination for all. Features of WeChat include online shopping, paying bills, grocery shopping, booking taxis, and even money transfers.

Speaking of its popularity, the app is seen as most popular in China and other parts of Asia. if you are trying to promote your business where Facebook and WhatsApp are banned, WeChat appears to be a good choice.


  • Includes texting and calling feature, be it an audio or video call
  • The shake and through feature assists with finding random people nearby
  • Gaming feature available
  • Helps users with money transfers, paying bills as well and online shopping

12. Pinterest

Rating: 4.6

Supported on: both Android and IOS

MAU: 250 million

Pinterest App

Pinterest is designed to enable its users to “pin” to create personal boards. Unlike other sites, Pinterest doesn’t work on engagement. Pinterest can be considered an all-in-one website, considering the realms of information it contains.

Starting from recipes to fashion and style, this American image-sharing app has something for everyone. Pinterest users mostly visit the site for inspiration, and refreshed ideas.


  • Helps create vision boards
  • One-stop destination for new ideas
  • Create pins on fashion, health, and style, etc..,
  • Collaboration feature available 

13. Tumblr 

Rating: 4.4

Supported on: Android as well as IOS



Tumblr is a microblogging website where users can share texts, videos, links, and much more. Blogs can be customized accordingly when using Tumblr. 8 out of 410 articles seen when searched have a high chance of being created using Tumblr. Some users even use their Tumblr account as their own website. 


  • Can post anything from photos to links and even GIFs
  • Can help customize blogs
  • It enables you to incorporate and connect various social media platforms to your business or offering

14. TikTok

Rating: 4.4

Supported on: Android and IOS


The widely popular video-sharing platform enables users to effortlessly share short videos showcasing their talents promoting products or simply entertaining their followers. The addictive algorithm of TikTok keeps users engaged serving personalized content tailored to their interest.

Although concerns were raised on the privacy and security of the application, statistic finds no signs of slowing down solidifying it as a powerful marketing tool for business.


  • Direct messaging enables users to share videos with their friends
  • Opportunity to showcase your skills
  • Parental control available
  • The addiction reduction feature provides a break within every 90 minutes.

15. Reddit 

Rating: 4.5

Supported on: Android and IOS

MAU: 330 million


This website is designed to enable users to view and share links or posts for others to see. They will all be voted up, by which every Reddit content moves up or down as per the votes acquired. With millions of active users, Reddit with its up-to-date news and trends has emerged as one of the most popular websites in the whole world. We can find a subreddit for pretty much anything. 


  • Allows to post, share as well as discuss
  • Can improve your brand’s engagement by being a part of a subreddit
  • Provides exposure
  • Create a general awareness of up-to-date trends and viral content
  • Create community

With the vast variety of options available in these technologically developed times, you must always make sure that you are selective with your social media presence.

Every platform might not cater to your needs, hence, thorough knowledge of the basics of each of them is crucial for successful social media integration. Variations in features are what makes them unique. Finding out whatever suits you best is always in your hands. So buckle up and get to your work!

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