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Siacoin Price Prediction 2024 – 2030: Future Prospects And Trends

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Siacoin price prediction

Siacoin serves as a decentralized cloud storage and is a P2P blockchain-based network. The network relies on the participants of the platform to provide strafe services.

The participants can also rent excess bandwidth to Siacoin users as well as other consumers.

Siacoin Price Prediction

At the time of writing this article, Siacoin’s worth was 0.01 US dollars. Over the past 24 hours, it has gained 0.01% worth, and over the last 7 days, the coin has lost around 2.91% of its value.

Siacoin market cap is $412,752,388.87 with a circulating supply of 57,058,591,976 SC and a trading volume of $12,421,713.83.

The all-time high that the coin has ever had is 0.11 US dollars and the all-time low that the crypto has ever had is $0.000011.

Based on the live details that we have access to, it is forecasted that by the end of the next 7 days, the price of the coin may be $0.007275 which is a 1.02% loss in its value.

Siacoin price prediction

Siacoin has a bearish sentiment in the market with a 12.61% volatility. Over the past 30 days, it has had 15 green days which makes up to 50%.

The 50-day SMA of the coin is $0.008680 with a 200-day SMA of $0.007692 and a 14-day RSI of 43.80

Here we have made the price predictions for the coin for the coming years. Go through it to find out what happened to the value of the coin in 2030.

Siacoin Price Prediction 2024

Month Maximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
May 20240.00781 USD0.00713 USD2.8%0.00747 USD
June 20240.00899 USD0.00727 USD18.3%0.00813 USD
July 20240.00908 USD0.00840 USD19.5%0.00874 USD
August 20240.00885 USD0.00825 USD16.4%0.00855 USD
September 20240.00876 USD0.00728 USD15.3%0.00802 USD
October 20240.00764 USD0.00738 USD0.53%0.00751 USD
November 20240.00782 USD0.00753 USD2.9%0.00768 USD
December 20240.00800 USD0.00725 USD5.3%0.00771 USD
Maximum Price 0.00832 USD
Minimum Price0.00754 USD
Average Trading Price0.00793 USD
Potential ROI9.4%

Siacoin Price Prediction 2025

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20250.00867 USD0.00760 USD14%0.00942 USD
February 20250.00923 USD0.00808 USD21.5%0.00977 USD
March 20250.00980 USD0.00855 USD28.9%0.0101 USD
April 20250.0104 USD0.00902 USD36.4%0.0105 USD
May 20250.0109 USD0.00949 USD43.9%0.0108 USD
June 20250.0115 USD0.00997 USD51.3%0.0111 USD
July 20250.0121 USD0.0104 USD58.8%0.0115 USD
August 20250.0126 USD0.0109 USD66.2%0.0118 USD
September 20250.0132 USD0.0114 USD73.7%0.0122 USD
October 20250.0138 USD0.0119 USD81.1%0.0125 USD
November 20250.0143 USD0.0123 USD88.6%0.0129 USD
December 20250.0149 USD0.0128 USD96.1%0.0132 USD
Maximum Price 0.0118 USD
Minimum Price0.0102 USD
Average Trading Price0.0113 USD
Potential ROI55%

Siacoin Price Prediction 2026

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20260.0155 USD0.0132 USD104.1%0.0137 USD
February 20260.0161 USD0.0137 USD112.1%0.0141 USD
March 20260.0167 USD0.0141 USD120.1%0.0146 USD
April 20260.0173 USD0.0146 USD128.1%0.0150 USD
May 20260.0179 USD0.0150 USD136.1%0.0155 USD
June 20260.0186 USD0.0155 USD144.1%0.0160 USD
July 20260.0192 USD0.0159 USD152.1%0.0164 USD
August 20260.0198 USD0.0163 USD160.1%0.0169 USD
September 20260.0204 USD0.0168 USD168.1%0.0173 USD
October 20260.0210 USD0.0172 USD176.1%0.0178 USD
November 20260.0216 USD0.0177 USD184.1%0.0182 USD
December 20260.0222 USD0.0181 USD192.1%0.0187 USD
Maximum Price 0.0189 USD
Minimum Price0.0157 USD
Average Trading Price0.0162 USD
Potential ROI148.1%

Siacoin Price Prediction 2027

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20270.0229 USD0.0188 USD201.6%0.0195 USD
February 20270.0237 USD0.0196 USD211.2%0.0202 USD
March 20270.0244 USD0.0203 USD220.7%0.0210 USD
April 20270.0251 USD0.0211 USD230.3%0.0218 USD
May 20270.0258 USD0.0218 USD239.8%0.0225 USD
June 20270.0266 USD0.0226 USD249.3%0.0233 USD
July 20270.0273 USD0.0233 USD258.9%0.0241 USD
August 20270.0280 USD0.0240 USD268.4%0.0248 USD
September 20270.0287 USD0.0248 USD278%0.0256 USD
October 20270.0295 USD0.0255 USD287.5%0.0264 USD
November 20270.0302 USD0.0263 USD297%0.0271 USD
December 20270.0309 USD0.0270 USD306.6%0.0279 USD
Maximum Price 0.0229 USD
Minimum Price0.0269 USD
Average Trading Price0.0237 USD
Potential ROI254.1%

Siacoin Price Prediction 2028

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20280.0323 USD0.0282 USD324.8%0.0292 USD
February 20280.0337 USD0.0295 USD343%0.0304 USD
March 20280.0351 USD0.0307 USD361.2%0.0317 USD
April 20280.0364 USD0.0320 USD379.4%0.0329 USD
May 20280.0378 USD0.0332 USD397.6%0.0342 USD
June 20280.0392 USD0.0345 USD415.8%0.0355 USD
July 20280.0406 USD0.0357 USD434%0.0367 USD
August 20280.0420 USD0.0369 USD452.2%0.0380 USD
September 20280.0434 USD0.0382 USD470.4%0.0392 USD
October 20280.0447 USD0.0394 USD488.6%0.0405 USD
November 20280.0461 USD0.0407 USD506.8%0.0417 USD
December 20280.0475 USD0.0419 USD525%0.0430 USD
Maximum Price 0.0399 USD
Minimum Price0.0351 USD
Average Trading Price0.0361 USD
Potential ROI424.9%

Siacoin Price Prediction 2029

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20290.0496 USD0.0433 USD552.3%0.0445 USD
February 20290.0517 USD0.0447 USD579.6%0.0459 USD
March 20290.0537 USD0.0462 USD606.9%0.0462 USD
April 20290.0558 USD0.0476 USD634.2%0.0476 USD
May 20290.0579 USD0.0490 USD661.5%0.0490 USD
June 20290.0600 USD0.0504 USD688.8%0.0504 USD
July 20290.0620 USD0.0518 USD716.1%0.0518 USD
August 20290.0641 USD0.0532 USD743.4%0.0532 USD
September 20290.0662 USD0.0547 USD770.7%0.0547 USD
October 20290.0683 USD0.0561 USD798%0.0561 USD
November 20290.0703 USD0.0575 USD825.3%0.0575 USD
December 20290.0724 USD0.0589 USD852.650.0589 USD
Sia Coin Price Prediction 2029
Minimum Price0.0511 USD
Average Trading Price0.0525 USD
Potential ROI702.5%

Siacoin Price Prediction 2030

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PricePotential ROIAverage Price
January 20300.0748 USD0.0610 USD884.4%0.0628 USD
February 20300.0772 USD0.0631 USD916.2%0.0651 USD
March 20300.0797 USD0.0652 USD948%0.0673 USD
April 20300.0821 USD0.0673 USD979.8%0.0695 USD
May 20300.0845 USD0.0694 USD1011.6%0.0717 USD
June 20300.0869 USD0.0716 USD1043.4%0.0740 USD
July 20300.0893 USD0.0737 USD1075.2%0.0762 USD
August 20300.0917 USD0.0758 USD1107%0.0784 USD
September 20300.0942 USD0.0779 USD1138.8%0.0806 USD
October 20300.0966 USD0.0800 USD1170.6%0.0829 USD
November 20300.0990 USD0.0821 USD1202.4%0.0851 USD
December 20300.101 USD0.0842 USD1234.2%0.0873 USD
Maximum Price 0.0881 USD
Minimum Price0.0726 USD
Average Trading Price0.0751 USD
Potential ROI1059.3%

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The Bottom Line

Siacoin seems like a good investment, right now. Note that we have made these price predictions based on the currently available details.

All these may change at any time. Therefore, we suggest you do your own research before you invest in the coin.

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