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The Role Of Stablecoin Legislation In Economic Stability: Insights From Paul Ryan

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


stablecoin legislation

Paul Ryan, the former Speaker of the House, advocates for stablecoin regulation as he thinks it would be a significant step for the current financial system in the United States.

Ryan is attempting to establish a significant presence and demand for the US dollars and the US Treasuries

Paul Ryan on Stablecoin Regulation

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, he said that stablecoin legislation would be a good step in the right direction.

He added that the regulation would be helpful and advised to get it done in this year itself.

Ryan continued that he thought there was a reasonable chance that the government could get a deal on the stablecoin legislation.

Further, he said that currently, stablecoins were like the 16th largest buyer of bills, bonds, and notes.

Paul Ryan viewed that stablecoin could do two things if they actually got regulated by all sovereigns; it was in a case of the stablecoin being deployed in all these parts.

According to him, the stablecoin regulation could get the US national currency, USD, to get deeply ingrained in the upcoming digitization of currencies. Ryan looked at it as a good thing that could happen to the US dollar.

The second good thing that the stablecoin in regulation can get done by him is you could create customer demand for the US bonds because people need to have bonds to back up the stablecoins.

Does Paul Ryan think the US will act on the stablecoin regulation?

If we closely look at what Paul Ryan has stated it could be seen that he is right in these things.

The stablecoin regulation does seem to have the potential to take the US dollar and the bonds to another level with the US dollar becoming more superior in currency digitization and market demand increasing for the bonds.

Ryan foresees that stablecoin regulation can boost the demand for treasuries and also the nation’s national currency could be embedded more strongly in the global financial infrastructure. He described it as a ‘win-win situation for America’

Paul said that a cautiously optimistic Congress might do the stablecoin legislation in 2024 itself.

He did not think that it needed a lot of thinking to get it done and he was hopeful as there were good talks taking place about the topic.

stablecoin legislation

Does the US currently have a regulation regarding stablecoins?

No, right now there are no regulations in the US for the stablecoins. The absence of a proper legal framework that can be used to govern the stablecoins does impact the latter’s presence in the field.

The current legal situation in fact is restricting the deployment of the stablecoin in the market.

If there were a set of guidelines stablecoins could be deployed without a limitation and their substation potential could be taken out.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are more stable than the highly volatile cryptos. They are backed by a fiat currency as they are pegged by the latter. USD Tether is a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar.

Does the US consider a stablecoin regulation?

Patrick McHenry the republican Rep from N.C. and Maxine Water the Democratic Chair from California is fighting for a regulation on the stablecoin.

They do have the support of Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader. Paul Ryabn highlighted their effort and he hopes that the efforts for stablecoin regulation do not go in vain.

The Bottom Line

The stablecoin regulation can indeed benefit the superior role of US dollars in the global financial infrastructure and it can accelerate the demand for the US Treasuries as well.

Paul Ryan seems to have a long-term plan for the US finance system that is currently in practice in the US.

He is attempting to take the US dollar to the top of the world. His insights are received well and people do think that he has a point for the economy.

However, we will have to wait to see the regulation that comes into practice regarding the stablecoin and also the fact if regulation comes at all.

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