The ROI Of Influencer Marketing In E-Commerce: Must Knows!

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ROI of Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is similar to social media marketing and involves collaboration with influencers who have a large social media following and have gained trust among their viewers.

By leveraging the trust capital of the influencers, marketers channel different products to their audience.

At present, influencer marketing is considered to be more trustworthy by the viewers than traditional marketing.

When we consider the metric of Return on investment (ROI), at present it is assessed that the ROI of influencer marketing is much higher than that of traditional marketing.

In this article let us break down the concept of influencer marketing and ROI so that it is more understandable for the readers.

Steps Involved In Influencer Marketing

Here are the processes involved in influencer marketing; Firstly, the companies identify the influencers in the niche segments they operate in.

For example, automobile companies may browse through influences, on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram with the relevant number of followers and engagement to identify a few influencers.

Then they collaborate with the influencers to develop content. Some companies allow professional freedom to the influencers but others demand editorial control over the content; The content can be in the form of reviews, tutorials, social media posts, or blog articles.

As any viewer would trust content from an influencer more than a random commercial or an advertisement in the mainstream press, these endorsements are usually very effective and result in increased sales and brand awareness.

Influencer marketing ROI

This is a metric that shows the profit generated by a specific series of influencer marketing campaigns as compared to the cost of running them.

In other words, It is the effectiveness of the influencer marketing efforts as it translates into sales or an increase in brand awareness.

It is very important to understand the importance of ROI as it can help to justify an investment, refine strategies, and track progress.

Calculating the ROI is very simple and is based on a simple formula, which is

(Generated profit-Influencer marketing cost)/influencer marketing cost x100 gives a percentage that represents the return on investment.

Based on this metric, the advertisers can fine-tune their influencer marketing campaigns.

The factor that makes influencer marketing very high on the radar of e-commerce and other companies is the high returns generated from influencer marketing campaigns.

ROI of Influencer marketing

For example, according to research, influencer marketing generates $5.2 for every dollar spent.

It is an extremely high rate of return. Moreover, the viewers see, that influencer marketing campaigns are more authentic when compared to celebrity marketing or traditional forms of marketing campaigns.

It should be also noted that influencer marketing campaigns are more cost-efficient and can produce higher-quality content than regular channels of marketing.

Even though in general influencer marketing has been found to have a better ROI, it should be measured for its effectiveness and the right strategy charted so that the campaign using influencer marketing is more efficient and pays more for the buck invested.

Factors to Improve ROI on Influencer Marketing Campaigns

First, the target audience for the e-commerce platform should be defined. For example, the age group of the target customer.

Secondly, the influencer’s content should be studied well so as to make sure it aligns with the e-commerce brand’s values and image.

It can help to penetrate the minds of the viewers easily if the brand and the influencer content are aligned at some level.

The engagement level of the audience is another metric to be monitored and a better engagement demonstrates a more active and involved audience, which in turn may result in better responses to the advertisements.

Use tools like Influencity and Modash that help to find the best influencers based on various criteria and metrics.

By following hashtags and keywords on social media, the most appropriate influencers can be identified.

The website traffic from the influencer’s website or blog is another metric to monitor the effectiveness of influencer marketing.


Influencer marketing is the new kid on the block in the advertising industry and is very important and powerful.

One reason is the very high ROI when compared to the other channels of marketing. In Dollar terms, it provides more than 5 times the return on investment.

Many factors are to be considered to enhance the ROI of influencer marketing. The relevant monitoring of the marketing campaign and fine-tuning of the strategies can improve the ROI of influence marketing campaigns.

To sum it up, influencer marketing promises high returns and success ultimately depends on careful planning, strategic execution, and continuous monitoring and tweaking of the campaigns.

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