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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Support Cryptocurrency Reforms If Elected

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obert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Support Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency regulations are one of the most important promises that almost all presidential election candidates are providing.

The election campaign witnessed Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a prominent election candidate, guarantee that he would introduce crypto-friendly reforms once he gets elected. This is one of the most crucial times for the people of the US as they move towards the election.

The next president of the nation plays a great role in making the nation stand in global financial infrastructure and more.

Here in this news piece let us talk about all the latest election campaigns that Kennedy Jr is making.

He said that the public needs sovereignty over their own wallets and transactional freedom. He added that what they needed was a decentralized currency that was transparent as a bulwark against totalitarianism.

Kennedy Vows To Support Cryptocurrency

Kennedy was talking at the Consensus Conference held on May 30 and shared his views with the press. He asserted before the press that cryptocurrency was the need of the hour. RFK Jr. talked in detail about crypto regulations and about ending hostility towards crypto.

obert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows To Support Cryptocurrency

The presidential candidate and the son of the former president highlighted the current significance of transactional freedom and financial sovereignty. He noted it is one of the crucial issues for Americans in the upcoming election.

RFK Jr. to End The Hostility Towards Crypto

RFK Jr. highlighted that there was hostility towards cryptocurrency in American society and regulations and he was all set to end it completely.

He stated that he was going to make sure that all the cryptocurrencies were regulated in ways that protect the consumer from pump-and-dump schemes and other malicious schemes.

Kennedy thinks cryptocurrencies should be encouraged and the flow of capital into these currencies should also be encouraged. His aim was to do that when he became the president of the nation.

RKF Jr. To Introduce New Crypto Regulations

Ending the hostility towards crypto is not all that he has in mind, he also wants to implement new crypto regulations that support the wider transactions and use of cryptocurrency.

He made a claim that the current hostility that the Biden administration was showing towards Bitocin was driving the technology abroad.

Kennedy Jr continued that they need to make sure America remains the hub of blockchain technology. He pointed out the relocation of multiple cryptocurrencies from America due to the current laws that persist in the US.

Switzerland and Singapore were the other nations that these companies relocated to which had a warm and friendly environment for decentralised currencies.

He also went on to refer to the decision made by the government of Canada in 2022 to freeze fiat and crypto assets mentioning ‘Freedom Convoy’. However, Canada later decided this was unconstitutional.

What does Kennedy Jr. think about the current crypto laws in the US?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr views that the government and other financial enforcement bodies need to show more acceptance towards cryptocurrencies.

He added that the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) needed to end their history towards these cryptocurrencies.

Kennedy Jr was not suggesting loosening all the regulatory frameworks rather he was suggesting introducing and implementing them in a way that would protect all the users from malicious schemes and bad actors.

At the same time, these regulatory frameworks should not remain a hindrance to the development of new technologies.

Earlier in 2024 Kenndy Jr. demonstrated himself as a pro crypto presidential candidate. He had vowed that he would put an end to the White House war over Bitcoin. Also, he had guaranteed that he would view Bitcoin as a currency not merely as a commodity.

Another thing that he stated earlier was that he would exclude all transactions and traders from the taxes.

US Presidential Election Candidates and Cryptocurrency

It is not the first time that a presidential election candidate in the US is supporting cryptocurrency. Other candidates have vowed their support for the decentralized currency.

The former president of the nation and the current candidate Donald Trump has announced his unwavering support for cryptocurrency. Trump’s election campaign even accepts crypto funds.

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