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Top 15 Best Recipe Websites

By Stephen Carter


Reviewed by: Stephen Carter


best recipe websites

Have you been searching for a recipe website? Using a recipe website can help you with multiple tips and tricks that will help you to make cooking happy and fun.

Older generations had cookbooks and recipe books but, today everyone may not refer to carrying around a book.

If you are cooking at some other place and have a slight doubt about cooking but do not have your book, what do you usually do? It may be about the amount of ingredients that need to be added which ingredients go first or any similar thing.

If you have access to the best recipe websites then you do not have to worry about all these. You can access the recipes from anywhere and another edge is that the recipes on the websites come from professional cooks and experts, therefore you do not have to worry whether the food will turn out to be good.

Here we have this list of the top 15 best recipe websites.

#Best Recipe WebsitesSpecial Focus On:
1Smitten KitchenEveryday cooking
2Pinch of YumFamily and healthy cooking
3Budget BytesBudget cooking
4Simply RecipesSimple cooking
5Half Baked HarvestCreative cooking
6Damn DeliciousDifferent diet-focused cooking
7AllrecipesGlobal cuisines
8Joy the BakerBaking 
9Minimalist BakerMinimalist cooking
10Foodie CrushClassic + trendy cooking
11KitchnFun cooking
12Food52Ingredient shop for cooking
13King Arthur BakingBaking 
14Love and LemonsHealthy cooking 
15The Pioneer WomanCountry cooking

1. Smitten Kitchen

Deb Perelman is the brain behind Smitten Kitchen. What makes this website special is that it is for everyday cooking. You can find special recipes for special occasions. Smitten Kitchen serves as your companion for everyday cooking.

Smitten Kitchen in best recipe websites

For those who have recently moved out and started living alone, for couples who are starting a new life together, and for those who want to learn the basics and more about cooking, this website is for all of you.

Deb brings her recipes straight from her kitchen to you. All the recipes are experienced and validated by her. These recipes do not require you to buy all these fancy ingredients that are not going to cost an arm and a leg, but the simple and easiest-to-find raw materials that can be found in almost every kitchen.

Deb’s recipes are for all and you can find recipes suiting different dietary preferences.

2. Pinch of Yum

If you have searched for the best recipe websites then you may have probably heard of Pinch of Yum, the next one in our list. The site is brought to you by Lindsay, who started the site over a decade ago as a casual hobby.

pinch of yum

Now the website has international recognition and is the best for all types of recipes. You can find recipes for a grant event, as well as simple ones that are easy to cook.

If you want to cook a special treat for yourself or you have decided to cook healthy for your family, then Pinch of Yum is all that you are looking for. The website uses aesthetic photos for all the recipes and you get to see how the dishes turn out when you are done cooking.

Lindsay shares helpful tips that can help your cooking more easily. If you have never used a recipe website before, then this is where you can start your new journey.

3. Budget Bytes

If you love cooking but do not have a lot of allowance to spend on groceries, you can visit Budget Bytes. Jts as its name suggests the website enables you to stay within your budget plans but cook tastily and healthily.

Budget Bytes in best recipe websites

However, you do not have to worry that since it is low cost all there will be bland and boring. The website was founded by Beth Moncel during her student years. It is one of the best recipe websites for grad students and hostelers.

You can prepare a quick snail before your class or office as well as a delicious dinner. The ingredients can be easily collected from your local stores and it sticks inside your budget. You can plan the meals in advance and collect the ingredients.

However, do not catch a vibe that the low-cost cooking will bore your taste buds, because they won’t. Budget Bytes helps you to prepare meal plans, and is cost-effective.

This helps you to save a lot of time as you will not have to think about what to cook each time, each day, and for each meal.

4. Simply Recipes

Simply Recipes opens up a whole world of home-cooked meals in front of you. As the name suggests these recipes are easy to make and do not take more than one hour to cook them. They use ingredients that are local and can be found everywhere.

Simply Recipes in best recipe websites

You do not have to do any special grocery shopping to stock the ingredients needed to make these food items. Even if you are new to cooking you will find it difficult to follow these recipes.

There is a detailed guide and step-by-step instructions for the recipes. You can also find expert-level tips and instructions directly from the chef.

Elise Bauer started it as a home cooking blog and at that time she had never imagined that it would transform to become one of the most visited recipe websites. It helps you make some of the best-tasting food items with a few ingredients.

5. Half Baked Harvest

Half Baked Harvest has more focus on creative cooking. Tieghan Gerard is behind the website. She comes from a big family and has lots of experience in cooking larger amounts of meals for the whole family.

Half baked Harvet

This website tells you how to decorate the food that you have made and to present it in a charming way on your dinner table. You can find recipes for the main dishes, salads, desserts, and more. It teaches how to make bread and all the other things that you buy from the store.

It is a place where you can learn how to make the day-to-day needed things and also the raw materials such as ghee and butter.

Basically, you will not be dependent on canned and bottled foods anymore when you start to use this website. There is an AI chatbot that you can talk to at all times. New recipes are added to the website constantly meaning that you will not get bored of making the same food again and again.

It is a good place to stay if you are looking to cook for a large number of people. There are also recipes where you can cook for yourself and make some enchanting drinks and you can also find meal plans.

6. Damn Delicious

Damn Delicious is one of the cool cooking websites. It is presented by Chungah, a Korean-based cooking and food enthusiast. The recipes are not solely Asian-based, and there are recipes that match the preferences and different tastes of everyone.

damn delicious in best recipe websites

You can find recipes for quick dinners, many varieties of chicken, instant pot dishes, side dishes, homemade bread, soups, freezer-friendly recipes, appetizers, and more.

There are Asian-inspired recipes, special recipes for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and such special occasions, and also recipes that suit changing climates such as fall, summer, and more.

You can find serious eats recipes by ingredients, ideal food that you can make and take with you when you are traveling, vegetarian-focused foods, and also recipes for dog foods.

This website has been featured by many national and international level food and cuisine-related magazines and recognized by different platforms and media houses.

You can find an array of breakfast recipes that are easy to make, filling, and do not take much time to make.

7. Allrecipes

Allrecipes is another one in the last of the top 15 best recipe websites. You get introduced to culinary cultures from all over the world.

allrecipes in best recipe websites

Learning to cook from different nooks and corners of the world is also an attempt to try to understand the different cultures.

There are tons of home-tested recipes which makes it easier for you to take them as there is no concert whether it will turn out to be good or whether it is the right recipe. Allrecipes presents a lot of meal-planning options in front of you.

His website has been around since 1997. This website has a community-driven style which makes it easy to use by home cooks as well. Here are recipes that can satisfy each different taste buds as you have a lot of opportunities to learn as well.

If you are someone who knows a lot about cooking and if you like this website, you can be part of its immunity by writing recipes for them.

8. Joy the Baker

Joy the Baker is an exclusive place for all your baking-related doubts. You can pick up professional-level baking tips so that you become the best baker in your town.

Joy the baker

This website actually makes baking easy and simple so that you do not feel all stressed and energy drained by the end of your baking.

Joy the Baker can be your friend if you want to make all the little sweet treats for your family all by yourself, if you are fed up with being baked goods, cakes, and pastries more from outside, then it is time to start baking yourself by utilizing the best tips from the experts.

The baking recipes that this website has to offer are not the usual ones that you are bored of seeing and not the ones that everyone has to share.

Rather, these recipes stand out in creativity and you will find something different in each of them, but the recipes do not make baking a big deal, and there is nothing that you will find difficult to follow.

9. Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker helps you cook delicious food in the most minimalist ways. Your foods will not be boring or lifeless, rather the food preparation is made simple.

Minimalist Baker in best recipe websites

The website has more options on baked foods, but it does not mean that it is all about baking. You can also find recipes for other meals such as dinner, lunch, and breakfast. The creators of the website have categorized the recipes into three simple categories.

The recipes will require 10 ingredients or less than that, you need only one bowl to make and it will take only 30 minutes or less than it takes to make the food. You can explore the recipes as they are each categorized into different sections such as snacks, entrees, sweets, and more.

This website is suitable to be used by vegans and those who look for gluten-free recipes. There are many other recipes available for people who have different dietary restrictions, preferences, and choices like vegetarian-friendly, dairy-free, and naturally sweetened.

10. Foodie Crush

FoodieCrush is brought to you by Heidi who is really good at cooking. It is a one-stop shop for all kinds of recipes. You can find the most classic recipes for the latest trends. Also, you will learn everything about preparing the food.

foodie crush in best recipe websites

It is one of the best sites for the food bloggers out there. The website is quite user-friendly and it offers a warm welcome to all those who visit the website.

You can find countless recipes on the following: dinner, lunch, breakfast, desserts, appetizers, pasta, salads, sides, soups, stews, and more. For those of you who follow a vegan diet, you can find vegetarian-friendly recipes here.

Here are recipes that are suitable for a family or a small number of people, and also the ones that you can cook for yourself. Also, you can find recipes for all kinds of seasons.

There are grant recipes on seafood, noodles, rice, meat, turkey chicken, and more.

11. Kitchn

Kitchn makes cooking fun and easy at the same time. You can revise for your everyday meals, the ones that you make and eat at home or the ones that you make and carry to work or college.


If you have a special occasion which needs some special food, the ries are right at your fingertips. You can also find the recipes that are suitable for each season.

There is a separate section on the website for casserole recipes. You can find comfort food, soups, dinners, desserts, and past recipes.

If you want to cook all the recipes present on the website you will need to spend months and months only for cooking, because there are endless recipes and new recipes get added each day. Kitchn has a newsletter that you can subscribe to get the right updates at the right time.

More than just cooking, the site introduces you to the best kitchen grocery and gadget tools out there.

12. Food52

What makes Food52 different from all other websites is the multiple ways it helps you to cook food. It is not only about cooking but also about preparing to cook. Most of the time you will not know where to find the right ingredients that the recipe requires.

food52 in best recipe websites

At Food52 there is an option to shop for the ingredients. Not only the ingredients you can also shop the kitchen gadget that you need to cook the food.

The website has a whole community which you can be part of. There are options to join the community and you can interact with the other members of the community who are interested in cooking just as you are.

You can share our recipes with them receive back their recipes, and learn about the different ways in which each of them makes the same item.

The website also has a special focus on offering you the latest and trending recipes in the cooking world.

13. King Arthur Baking

King Arthur Baking is another website for baking lovers out there. You may have seen your sister or your friend baking delicious treats and have not felt the need to be a baker at least once in your life.

King Arthur baking in best recipe websites

We are not talking about becoming a professional baker and starting a bakery but bringing the goods for your house and for your little family. If you feel that you can make a career out of it, later you can try that as well.

King Arthur Baking makes baking easy by detailing step-by-step instructions. Every single step is added to the recipe and everything is simplified so that even a new baker does not feel baking is difficult.

There is an extensive community of bakers that you can meet through the community platform that the website offers to everyone. You can talk and interact with fellow bakers and can get useful tips and help from them as well.

14. Love and Lemons

Quite a different team for a recipe website, right? Let us see what this website has to offer you. Love and Lemons is a recipe website but it is more of a health blog where Jeanine and Jack share her recipes with the world.

Love and lemons

On this website, you can search the recipes by meal type, special diet, season, and ingredient. It provides you with healthy breakfast ideas, lunch ideas, meal prep ideas, overnight cooking ideas, easy dinner recipes, and more.

You are familiar with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but something else that is becoming a popular meal type is brunch. On this website, you can find some of the easy-to-make brunch recipes.

You can also find the right way to hard-boil eggs, make pasta, and more. The recipes focus on healthy food items such as spinach, carrot, avocado, broccoli, and more.

15. The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman has focused on highlighting the tastes of country life. This website brings you unique country-style food items and is easy to make each of them.

best recipe websites

If you want to prepare country food for a particular occasion but are confused about the right recipe to follow, this is where you can rely on. It showcases homestyle cooking and you will find the cooking methods really comfortable and matching your home kitchen.

The website makes the cooking experience memorable for each of the years by representing each of the recipes with blissful backstories. You will be reading or listening to her stories and enjoying it and before you know the food will be ready to be served.

The website has a newsletter that you can subscribe to get timely updates. Ree Drummond is the main figure behind the team with a team of editors.

Recipe Websites

Many of these are the websites that you can find in the posts and videos of most of the famous food bloggers. If you love blogs about food, you will end up falling in love with all these websites.

You can get inspired from them to start your own new recipe website and maybe it will become the top of our list by the next time we update it.

Know that there are no limits in cooking, the global cuisine is endless and you have something new to learn every day.

If you have been cooking the same food for years and wish to make some new changes to this, or if you want to start meal prepping for the whole week or anything related to cooking, you can visit these websites.


The top 15 best recipe websites are as we mentioned above. We selected these websites after doing an in-depth analysis of each of them, the features they have, the average traffic that each of them has on a monthly basis, and the amount of global audience that they reach.

If you love cooking, then we recommend that you visit these websites.

Along with the quality of the content, the rightness of the tested recipes, and the detailed instructions, we acknowledge, respect, and appreciate the effort each of these bloggers has taken into making their website look delicious, for the breathtaking photos, and their readiness to open the world of cuisines before everyone else.

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