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Top 15 Best Real Estate Websites

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best real estate websites

Housing is a basic need for human beings. It helps them to find shelter and safety from extreme weather conditions and other factors.

The real estate market worldwide has been seeing a thriving status for the past few years. Statistics show that more people depend on real estate websites to look for properties than connect directly.

In this article, we have selected the top 15 best real estate websites worldwide. Going through these websites, you will get detailed information on what kind of services they offer.

So keep reading the article to have a comprehensive understanding of the top 15 real estate websites.

We have compiled the top 15 of the best real estate websites in the world based on the statistics from the SEMrush Traffic Analytics Tool.

The statistics were of the most visited real estate websites in real estate in the world. The major criteria behind the rating here are visibility and popularity.


1. Zillow

zillow in best real estate websites

According to the data from SEMrush, Zillow is the most popular real estate website in the world. The statistics from February 2024 show that this website has around 366.88 M monthly visits.

As per the vision statement of the company, ‘modernizing the real estate experience’ is what Zillow wants to offer. Founded in 2006, this is a United States-based real estate company established by Lloyd Frink and Rich Barton.

This real estate marketplace offers all services such as buying, renting, and selling. With data from roughly 110 million homes across the United States, the mobile version was listed as the number one US residential real estate app.

The internet traffic of this website is often similar to other iconic platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, and Reddit.

2. Craigslist


Ranked as the second most popular real estate website in the world by SEMrush, Craigslist had 254.51 M visits in February 2024 alone.

Started by Craig Newmark in 1995, this privately held American company works as a classified advertising website that offers a range of services across different domains like jobs, housing, gigs, etc.

If you are looking to sell a property without having to pay listing agents, this platform is ideal for you. You can find quality photos of the properties on the website which makes it easier for the buyer to decide also.

The platform has spread into over 70 countries worldwide. Under the ‘real estate for sale’ category on the website, you can find numerous listings offered.

You have the option to filter the search by using parameters such as pricing, housing type, furnished/non-furnished, etc. You can also post your ads for free and find dealers.

3. Leboncoin

leboncoin in best real estate websites

Operated under LBC France, Leboncoin is a French classifieds ads website. It is ranked 3rd in the real estate category under the most visited websites in February 2024 under SEMrush statistics.

With a global rank of 437 and a country rank of 11, Leboncoin holds a superior position in the real estate market.

Founded in 2006, the website works in a collaborative consumption platform model where anyone around France who wants to sell and buy keeps in touch with another person.

Data shows that this website has around 28 million unique visitors each month. So if you are a French citizen looking for properties to buy or sell around France, Leboncoin is the ideal place for you.

4. Realtor


Based in Santa Clara, California, Realtor is a real estate company operated under Move.Inc. According to the statistics for 2021, this is the second most visited real estate listing website in the United States.

According to the SEMrush on web traffic status, this website received 137.88 M visits in February 2024 alone. The Realtor website offers a comprehensive list of for-sale properties and is known as the ‘home of home search’.

You can buy, sell, rent, mortgage, and find realtors using this platform. They also help you to make reasonable decisions on your buying and selling journeys. You can find articles that discuss how much you can afford while buying a property or how to evaluate your monthly costs.

5. Rightmove

rightmove in best real estate websites

Known as the UK’s number one property portal, Rightmove is 5th on the list of most visited real estate websites in the world as per the SEMrush data of February 2024. Launched in 2000, it is the largest online real estate property portal in the United Kingdom.

The visitors are allowed to buy, rent, and find real estate agents through this platform. You can sign into the website to streamline your search save details regarding properties and create alerts. The platform provides details on all kinds of properties whether it be commercial or residential.

There is an overseas section on the website where you can buy or sell overseas properties with the utmost convenience and safety. Forbes ranked this company as one of the most innovative companies in the world in 2016.

6. Redfin

redfin in best real estate websites

The sixth in the list of best real estate websites in the world comes from This is a United States-based real estate company that mainly provides real estate brokerage and mortgage origination services.

The company claims to have the best-in-class agents in the whole industry and placed number one as the best brokerage website. The company has 100+ markets in the United States and Canada.

The website has an app that can be accessed through iOS or Android. Data show that Redfin listings get seen by 70% more buyers; it has a listing fee of 1%. You can search homes by city or state using this platform.

7. Idealista


Based in Spain, Idealista is a real estate company that ranks 7th in SEMrush data of most visited real estate websites in the world. It has a global rank of 927 and a country rank of 29. The website had 87.2 million visits in February 2024 and a bounce rate of 48.5%.

The company also offers real estate services in Portugal and Italy. There are options such as buying, renting, and sharing properties through this platform.

The households category offers all kinds of properties like new construction, rooms, garages, storage rooms, offices, land, and buildings. You can draw your search area and choose the exact area you are looking for.

If you are a seller, you can publish your property for free using this platform. The website also offers an online assessment to evaluate the worth of your house based on market value and compare it with other similar properties.

8. Apartments in in best real estate websites

One of the most comprehensive online rental marketplaces in the United States, ranks 8th in the SEMrush category of most visited real estate websites in the world. The platform has helped 40 million renters to move into their new homes.

Operated under CoStar Group.Inc., encompasses 10 other leading rental sites. They are, ApartmentFinder, apartment home living,,ForRent,,, Westside Rentals, and

The major services offered by this platform include maximizing your exposure, showcasing your property, and making quality leads.

The website offers opportunities to showcase your property using virtual experiences such as 3D tours, hi-res photos, drone video, HD video, etc.

9. Immobilienscout24


This is a German real estate website which is known by its English name, ImmoScout24. Known as the number one real estate platform in Germany, this website is ranked 9th in SEMrush the most visited real estate websites in the world.

It has around 53.65 million visitors each month and the average visit duration is 11:38. Founded in 1997, the platform offers both residential and commercial properties to sell and buy using this website.

The platform brings tenants, realtors, owners, and buyers together. Apart from buying and selling properties, the website also offers assistance in real estate loans, debt restructuring, mortgage financing, etc.

You can find all kinds of property types for rent such as rental apartments, rental houses, temporary living, garages or parking spaces, and spaces for senior citizens.

10. in best real estate websites is an Australian real estate website and is ranked 10th in the list of SEMrush’s most visited real estate websites in the world.

The platform offers properties around Australia in areas such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, New South Wales, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory. You can buy, rent, and sell using this platform. also offers home loan services with competitive rates and highly experienced mortgage choices. The platform also allows you to find real estate agents based on the location.

It has a sister platform called, where commercial properties can be bought or leased. You can also find the property value of each location and collect details of the demographic, lifestyle, and other aspects of the area.

11. in best real estate websites

Launched in 2007, is known as the number one real estate portal in Italy. The platform aims to offer the best real estate search service that can be accessed easily through desktops and mobile phones.

According to SEMrush data, this website has around 45.32 million active visits in a month. You can buy, rent, sell, and take part in auctions using this platform.

The buying options of properties include houses/apartments, new buildings, garage-parking spaces, palaces-buildings, office-coworking spaces, warehouses-deposits, sheds, and land.

You can register for free on the website and make the most out of this website. The website helps you to find the best agencies to sell your properties. Immobiliare. it also helps you to publish ads for sale or rental free of charge.

12. Homes

Based in the United States, connects you directly with a listing agent. It is known as the second-largest real estate portal in the United States based on the traffic market share of 2023. Founded in 1999 in Florida, is trusted by 100 million buyers.

You can explore the areas through video tours, articles, and in-depth research. The platform offers real estate by state and you can choose from this vast list with convenience and utmost comfort.

The website has sections like open houses, suggestions, most viewed, new to the market and coming soon, luxury homes, and price drop.

You can also find real estate agents specializing in specific areas. The website also provides details on highly rated schools where in-depth reviews and ratings are provided alongside.

13. Zoopla

Zoopla in best real estate websites

Zoopla is a property website and app that helps you find real estate in the United Kingdom. SEMrush data lists this in 13th position among the most visited real estate websites in the world.

You can find properties for sale, for rent, new homes, house prices, agent valuation, instant valuation, etc from this platform.

All you have to do is enter a location on the search bar and select whether you want to sell, rent, or look for house prices. You can choose filters like radius, bedrooms, price, property type, etc.

The platform also helps you with property analysis before purchasing it. This includes evaluating details on aspects like flood risk, sales history, price analysis, internet services, environmental impact, local crime rate, etc. An instant valuation on homes you intend to buy is also delivered by this website.

14. Trulia

trulia in in best real estate websites

A subsidiary of Zillow, Trulia is a US-based online real estate marketplace. Founded in 2005, it helps you to find a place you will love to live. The platform allows you to rent, buy, and mortgage properties.

You can browse homes for sale and see original neighborhood photos using this website. It also offers resident reviews and local insights to help you choose your ideal home. There are over 1+ million homes listed for sale on this website.

If you are interested in renting, the platform can also help you with that. The website provides a detailed insight into the neighborhoods through the Trulia Neighborhoods section.

You can explore the area based on parameters like highlights, restaurants, grocery stores, nightlife, cafes, shopping, arts and entertainment, and fitness.

15. Funda

funda in best real estate websites

One of the best real estate websites based in the Netherlands, Funda is a platform where more than 4 million people connect for real estate needs each month.

Statistics have shown that 88% of people consider using Funda while selling a home. If you are looking to sell or find a home, Funda can help you with that.

The website has everything for everyone including real estate agents, those looking for business spaces, future colleagues, advertisers, journalists, etc.

You are allowed to buy, rent, and find new construction or business space using this platform. The Funda Premium membership helps you to sell your house in an easier manner where your place will appear 69% more often in search results.

You can also check your house value through the My House section where you will get an immediate and comprehensive insight into your house and neighborhood.

The Bottom Line

Finding a house or selling a property is much easier now than the previous times. There are websites and portals available for this purpose as we have seen in the above sections.

Most of these websites have options to buy, sell, and rent properties. Always go for authentic platforms and genuine listings while dealing with real estate.

Proper research on the listing and knowledge of current market trends will be additional benefits in this regard.

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