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QLix Price Prediction 2024 – 2030: Close Look Into The Future!

By Jay Dawson


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QLix Price Prediction

QLix sets the way to unlock the future of crypto transactions. It acts as a bridge that connects various blockchain ecosystems.

The platform utilizes technical quantitative methods to blend transactions, to anonymize the transactions, and to increase user confidentiality and privacy. QLIX is the utility token of the platform.

If you are a QLIX token holder you have various benefits such as decreased transaction fees, unlimited open order access, participation in governance decisions, and a profit share system.

Here we have made the price predictions on the QLIX token for the coming years.

QLix Market Cap and Price Prediction

At the time of writing this article, the QLix live price is 0.8796 US dollars with a 5.15% gain in the last 14 hours.

The fully diluted market cap of the crypto is 879,605.11 US dollars with a +5.15%. Over the last 24 hours, there has been a 31.24% gain in its volume. Currently, the 24-hour total volume is 97,331 US dollars.

The circulation rate of the crypto is 0.00%. The circulating supply is 100,000,000 QLIX with a 24-hour volume/market cap of 11.07%. The total supply/max supply of the crypto is 1,000,000 QLIX.

The all-time high price recorded by the crypto is 1.1 US dollars. The all-time low price recorded on QLix is 0.7109 US dollars.

QLix Price Prediction

QLix Price Prediction 2024

Let us start by looking at the price prediction made on QLix for the year 2024. The minimum price that the crypto is predicted to have is 0.79 US dollars.

The highest predicted price of QLix is 1.93 US dollars. In 2024, the crypto is supposed to have an annual average trading price of 1.84 US dollars.

QLix Price Prediction 2025

The QLIX price prediction for 2025 is made between 1.89 US dollars and 2.28 US dollars with the first one as the annual lower end and the latter one as the annual upper end.

The average trading price that the crypto is supposed to maintain throughout the year is 2.02 US dollars.

QLix Price Prediction 2026

The low year-end price that QLix may witness in 2026 is forecasted as 2.59 US dollars. At the same time, this price may soar to about 3.16 US dollars.

The average trading value that the crypto is supposed to have in the year is 3.13 US dollars.

QLix Price Prediction 2027

Crypto analysts have predicted in 2027 the crypto may face many price fluctuations. The highest year-end price predicted as of now is 4.01 US dollars.

The average trading price is around 3.82 US dollars with low year-end expectations of 3.39 US dollars.

QLix Price Prediction 2028

The higher year-end forecast made on Qlix for 2028 is 4.01 US dollars with a lower year-end price of 3.39 US dollars.

The average trading price may be around 3.82 US dollars. You may have already noticed that 2028 has a similar price prediction to that of 2027.

The price of the crypto is predicted to change much but the all-time values seem to remain the same. Hence, the average trading price is the same as well.

QLix Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, the price of QLix may rise from that of the previous year and the all-time low price may be around 4.18 US dollars. This may surge to around 4.83 US dollars with an average trading price prediction of 4.74 US dollars.

QLix Price Prediction 2030

The QLix price prediction for 2030 is currently made between 9.17 US dollars and 8.58 US dollars with the first one having the annual upper-end forecast and the latter one as the annual lower-end forecast. The average trading price is supposed to be around 6.35 US dollars.

Where To Buy QLix?

Planning to buy QLix? Let us introduce you to a few platforms from where you can buy this crypto.

As of the latest information that we have access to Uniswap v2 seems to be the only platform from where you can buy QLix

How To Buy QLix?

To purchase QLix, go to the cryptocurrency exchanges where it is listed. In this case, it is Uniswap. Sign up for an account and get it verified, only if you already don’t have one.

Add a payment method and decide the amount of the QLix that you need to buy. Go to the listed cryptocurrencies and choose QLIX. Enter the amount of QLIX that you want to buy. Finish the process and wait for the confirmation.

The Bottom Line

The price prediction hints that QLIX is capable of having steady growth throughout the years. The crypto platform has the potential to get farther at a quick pace.

If you are interested in being a part of this ecosystem, you can consider buying its utility token. As we always say, do your own research before you invest in this crypto.

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