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PS5 Pro Insights: Release Timeline, Specifications, And Latest Features

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


PS5 Pro

PS5 Pro rumors are all over the tech world. Sony has not yet officially confirmed the PS5 Pro, however, enthusiasts have started to talk about this. There are many hints all over that Sony is gearing up for the launch of their new PS5 Pro.

What everyone needs to know about the specs of this PlayStation. How is this PS5 Pro different from the PS5? If you already have a PS5, should you update to get a PS5 Pro? Those who are planning to welcome PS to their homes, shall they wait for the PS5 Pro to get launched, or should they just buy the PS5?

What do we know about the PS5 Pro launch?

Despite not having an official announcement from Sony, there are many assumptions about the new specs that the PS 5 Pro could have. The gamer community believes that they would be able to get a new experience with the new Sony’s launch.

The devs also think that is another milestone that Sony is about to make. However, not everyone thinks that PS % Pro is absolutely necessary.

PS5 Pro

Some people out there think that the PS5 Pro is just a waste of money and there could be better improvements in it than the PS5.

Let us look into all the leaked information about PS5 Pro and more. You may want to start reading straight away so that you do not miss out on anything.

PS5 vs PS5 Pro

Let us look at a contrast table of PS5 vs PS5 Pro. Note that, we have added what we know about the new Sony PS

PS5 vs PS5 Pro
SpecsPS5PS5 Pro
Additional System Memory Available for Games12.5 GB13.7 GB
Architecture of CPU (Clock Speeds)Eight Core / 16 Thread Zen 2 at 3.5 HzEight Core / 16 Thread Zen 2 at 3.5 Hz / 3.85 G Hz
GDDR6 Memory16 GB at 14 GB p s16 GB at 18 GB p s
GPU Compute Units (Architecture) 36 CUS, RDNA 260 CUS, RNDA 3 (T B C)
Memory Interface (Bandwidth)256 bit / 448 GB / s256 bit / 576 GB / s
TFLOPs (GPU Clock Speed)10.23 T F / 2.23 G Hz33.5 T F / 2.18 G Hz ( T B C)

PS5 Pro Release Date

We do not have an official confirmation of the release date of PS5 Pro. It was already mentioned that Sony has not yet verified their PS5 Pro launch.

However, the absence of an official corporation can not pull back the tech community from examining every piece of information available to reach conclusions.

The top analysts out there believe that PS5 Pro could come out in 2024 itself, during the holiday season. They were able to tell about the release date after going through multiple leaks and data from many sources.

Many are anticipating the launch to be in the holiday season, however, most of the analysis suggests that 2024 is the year.

Another factor that was helpful in predicting the release date for the PS5 Pro was the timeline that the PS4 Pro launched regarding its release. It was back in 2016 that PS4 Pro was released.

In September of the year, Sony announced the release of PS4 Pro and it was in November 2016 that it was launched. Based On this, we are executing the launch of the PS5 Pro in November 2024. It is hinted that the release may take place before Christmas.

Sony PS5 Pro Price

How much is the PS5 Pro gonna be worth? Are you planning to own a PS5 Pro right after its release? Then you need to know how you have to save for that.

Especially, if the release is about to take place during the holiday season, you need to separately save money. You know that it takes no time for your wallet to get thin when it is the holiday.

The current assumptions suggest that PS5 Pro may cost around 599 US dollars, that is £549 which is between AU$900-1,000.

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Does the PS5 Pro have a sleek look?

This is something that everyone wants to know. Even the ones who have no intention of buying the PS5 Pro really want to know about its look.

Will Sony provide an all-stylish look for the PS5 Pro? How is it going to stand out from PS5? Let us read about that.

The recent speculations suggest that the PS5 Pro could be potentially bigger than the PS5. Maybe you can think about the physical difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro.

PS5 Pro is expected to have a taller structure than PS5. The design of PS5 includes curved side plates. It is assumed that this side might remain the same in the pro version. Maintaining the side plates will make it easy to clean the PlayStation.

There are also suggestions that the PS5 Pro may be thicker than the PS5 so that it can easily accommodate high-power hardware as well as a better cooling system.

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