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Top 15 Best Political Websites

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


best political websites

Politics is not an interesting subject to all. However, those who do find it interesting are very selective about the kind of source they gather their information from.

Some individuals might want to read articles and news that favor their beliefs and ideologies while others want to read it from both perspectives. Either way, the most significant factor is credibility. This is what makes or breaks the popularity and reputation of any publication, online or print.

The fifteen political websites listed below are the ones that currently stand at the top, owing to their unique approach to the subject and a distinctive perspective on things that matter.

1. Good Authority

Good Authority in best political websites

Earlier known as Monkey Cage, Good Authority is a political blog that used to be hosted by The Washington Post. Six years after a group of political scientists established it, The Post made the publishing deal with the platform in 2013.

The blog has been recognized by various magazines and newspapers and was titled ‘Blog of the Year’ of 2011 by The Week.

The platform decided not to renew the deal with The Post after 2022 and relaunched as Good Authority in 2023.

The blog does not just give opinions on political topics but presents them with expert analysis based on research and data.

The blog acts as an informative space where they conduct discussions on policies, elections, and matters regarding both national and international politics, some of which even encourage reader participation unlike most.

2. PoliticusUSA

Politicus USA logo in best political websites

PoliticUSA is a political website that offers commentary on political matters that is unbiased and from a liberal perspective.

The site is funded through third-party advertising so as to avoid accepting donations from political parties, institutions, or foundations that might cloud their judgment.

As per claims, their articles are fact-checked and are sourced from reliable agencies.

Having said that, it is alleged that the site has a strong left bias, favoring leftist views in their commentaries. But this alone cannot discredit the whole site, considering their article sources which include The New York Times, Reuters, and CNN.

The website has incredible popularity, especially among political enthusiasts as well as critics, with a different perspective it provides on every interesting political issue.

3. Politico

Politici in best political websites

Politico is a comprehensive platform of political news in the United States. It encompasses various outlets including a newspaper, a website, a television channel, a radio, and podcasts.

Politico focuses on revealing the truths behind complex political issues and presenting them in front of the world. They utilize these multiple outlets to report news along with adding their opinions and commentaries on the same.

Politico intends to guide the reader through the nuances of every issue they find and report. The experienced writers of the platform analyze every single aspect of the matter, be it a White House matter or a legislative battle, and often find something the others have missed.

This keeps the Politico and its activities interesting to the readers, attracting more to the platform.

4. The Political Insider (Blog)

The Politicial Insider

The Political Insider, a political blog that speaks from the conservating viewpoint, was founded in 2006 by Jim Hoft.

With an emphasis on limited government, individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, and national defense, the blog promotes a society based on traditional American values.

Contributors from various backgrounds work with the blog to explore conservative thought along with delving into topics such as culture, health, family, and so on, reflecting on and analyzing the conservative values different aspects of life hold.

The articles are drafted based on in-depth investigation revealing the truth and providing a commentary on how each one of those political decisions and issues the life around, in the present as well as in the future.

5. Daily Kos (Blog)

Daily Kos logo in best political websites

As a community-driven platform, Daily Kos provides a space for readers to engage in the conversation by being a part of discussions, writing comments and diaries, and voicing out their opinions, making politics interesting to everyone.

This interactive environment is what makes the blog stand apart from similar others while adding to its popularity.

Daily Kos was launched in 2002 and got its name from its founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, who used to go by the nickname Kos in the military.

The blog is biased towards liberal and democratic party politics in the States and is funded by donations, advertisements, and fundraising.

Although primarily focused on American politics, the internet forum gives progressive insights into global events and societal matters in general.

6. Newsbusters (Blog)

NewsBusters in best political websites

Newsbusters, launched in 2005, is a project of one of America’s prominent conservative content analysis and media watchdog groups called Media Research Center.

The organization, formerly Culture and Media Institute, is based in Herndon, Virginia, promoting conservative values among Americans.

Newsbusters is one of the many projects initiated by the organization, and the rest include MRC Business, MRC Value, CNS News, Reports on the Media, and so on.

Biased to the conservative side, Newsbusters targets liberal media bias. The website also supports neoconservatives while analyzing, exposing, and neutralizing media bias by highlighting individuals with liberal viewpoints.

7. RealClearPolitics (Blog)

RealClear Politics

RealClearPolitics is a non-partisan blog providing a comprehensive, impartial view of the political landscape to its readers.

The blog collects content from a variety of sources such as CNN roundtable discussions, MSNBC, and Fox News, and directly from the White House, Congress, and the campaign trail.

The mission behind the blog is to create political awareness among the readers and make them stay informed on things that greatly influence their lives.

They try to maintain a balance with their editorials as well as original reporting, adding to inclusivity and remaining accessible to people of varying political viewpoints. The blog talks about the latest developments in politics and the government.

The blog was created by John Mclntyre and Tom Bevan in 2020, meaning to post thought-provoking articles and political surveys considering individuals of all political viewpoints.

8. ProPublica


ProRepublica focuses on investigative journalism delving deep into the matters of politics and public governance.

It is an independent and non-profit organization established with the mission of discussing important issues happening in politics regarding the public, such as the abuse of power in favor of those who have power, either in position or in wealth.

They draft stories about betrayals of public trust, with data collected from thorough investigations, and from credible sources.

They do their work with a moral force, not defaming anyone or anything for political purposes, and empowering the readers with the truth.

The newsroom, which was the first online news source to win a Pulitzer Prize in 2010, was established in 2007 and is based in Manhattan, New York City.

9. The Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit in best political websites

The Gateway Pundit is another venture by Jim Hoft, started in 2004, and is known for publishing fake news, conspiracy theories regarding politics, and hoaxes. The website favors the right wing and is mainly funded by its advertising revenue.

The website rose to popularity with 1 million visitors per day during the 2016 presidential election favoring Donald Trump, after which it was granted press credentials by the White House.

Biased toward the conservatives, the website shares similar views on pressing matters like defense, government, abortion, tax policy, second amendment rights, individual freedom, and traditional values.

The kind of news and articles the website publishes has always been controversial and has even been demonetized by Google in 2021 for publishing misinformation.

Jim Hoft’s Twitter account also met with the same fate when it was deactivated permanently for the same reason, but was reinstated when Elon Musk acquired Twitter in 2022.

10. Foreign Policy Magazine

Foreign Policy in best political websites

Published by the FP Group, Foreign Policy magazine is a comparatively old publication that released its first copy in 1970. As the name suggests, the magazine as well as its online platform focuses on global events, foreign policy, as well as domestic policies affecting foreign policies.

The magazine, along with reporting, gives commentary on current events, as part of creating an informed audience.

The issues the magazine explores range from international conflicts, human rights, and the global economy, to cooperation and treaties associated with environmental challenges.

Along with nurturing a sense of global citizenship, the magazine acts as a guide for not just the common population but policymakers, diplomats, and scholars alike.

11. National Review

National Review in best political websites

Founded in 1995, by William F Buckley Jr., National Review is a magazine that promotes the rightist views of politics. Rooted in conservatism, the magazine upholds values and principles associated with the same and helped build the modern conservative movement.

Another notable thing about the magazine is that instead of focusing solely on conservatives, it also tried to bring libertarians into it, giving the whole movement a new face.

The magazine covers current events, analysis of politics and policies, culture, opinion pieces, and so on, from a right-leaning perspective.

The online platform also offers commentary on current events contributing to the conservative discourse, and catering to the intellectual needs of the conservatives.

12. RedState

RedState in best political websites

RedState is a right-leaning political blog owned by the Salem Media Group. The blog was launched twenty years ago, in 2004, by Joshua Trevino, Mike Krempasky, and Ben Domenech.

The blog has made a few controversial moves, one of which happened during the 2016 presidential election. Instead of supporting Donald Trump and his conservatism ideologies, some of the writers promoted Hillary Clinton for president.

Although it was a reaction to Trump defaming the journalist Megyn Kelly, it gathered criticism from prominent conservatives including Trump himself.

Despite these controversies, the blog continues to be one of the most-read political content today, making its way to the top with interesting stories and interpretations.

13. Talking Points Memo (Blog)

Talking points memo logo

Talking Points Memo is a left-leaning blog that pushes progressive and liberal ideas to the public. Although biased, the articles contain credible information, at times omitting non-liberal data.

The name of the blog was derived from the cheat sheets used in a debate on which they jot down points to talk about. The magazine is owned and edited by John Marshall and was founded in 2020.

The blog emphasizes investigative journalism, shedding light on important issues and emerging trends in politics. Memo deals with a wide range of topics from policy making and elections to social justice.

14. The Hill

The Hill logo in best political websites

Backed by a team of talented journalists, The Hill is considered a non-partisan publication. The magazine focuses on policies; policy discussion, and policy formation, and the impact they create in the long term.

The newspaper is based in Washington D.C. and was founded in 1994. Nextar Media Group acquired the publication in 2021. is the online platform and the major outlet of the publication. It is also available in print and is freely distributed around Washington D.C. including Congressional offices.

The newspaper drafts reports on the business of the parliament as well as the campaign trail. This was one of the publications that gained a massive readership during the 2016 presidential elections, with a 780% increase in the number of new readers.

15. The Bulwark

The Bulwark logo in best political websites

The final one on the chart, The Bulwark is a center-right-aligned blog that promotes conservatism.

The blog encourages fresh ideas and thoughts on today’s political scenario, stressing conservatism, by providing a space to emerging writers who need an outlet to voice their opinions and suggestions.

Founded by William Kristol, a conservative commentator, Charlie Skyes, and Jim Swift, the blog published thought-provoking articles with added commentary, based on thorough analysis.

The blog talks about policy discussions, conducts polls, carries out election analysis, and gives a glimpse of the current societal trends regarding politics.

It offers constructive criticism on issues while holding conservative principles and values high and taking a distinctive approach to the entire movement.

Out of the fifteen above-mentioned political websites, the majority align themselves with a particular political party or ideology.

While publications and blogs like PoliticusUSA, Daily Kos, and Talking Point Memo lean toward left ideology, promoting progression and liberalism, RedState, The Bulwark, National Review, and The Gateway Pundit support conservatism, leaning toward the right.

There are also non-partisan publications like The Hill that take a neutral stand focusing only on building political awareness among the population.


All fifteen websites ranked above made the list through the constant effort they put into creating the best content that is well-researched and well-drafted.

No matter what kind of ideology they align themselves to, they do their work in a way that is appealing to the readers.

This is what brought these blog sites, newspapers, and magazines to the majority’s attention, and helped gain the popularity they deserved.

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