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Pixels (PIXEL) Price Prediction 2024-2030: Future Value Forecast!

By Jay Dawson


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Pixels (PIXEL) Price Prediction

In this article we will be looking at what Pixels are, how their token works, and other details regarding Where to buy them and how to buy them.

Towards the end, we will also analyze the market price and current standing of the token.

Let us start by looking at what Pixels are in the starting section.

What is Pixel?

Pixels is a social farming-based game that was built on the Ronin Network.

The game was launched in 2021 and has amassed a good amount of following over the years of its existence.

The gameplay revolves around doing farming activities like working on your fields, taking care of your crops, chatting with the villagers, and doing other tasks assigned to you in the game.

The game gets its social tag because of the reason that it lets each user see and interact with each other.

What is a Pixel (PIXEL) token?

The pixel (PIXEL) token works as the utility token in the farming-based game Pixels.

The Pixels (PIXEL) token has the following use cases in the Pixels ecosystem.

Pixels (PIXEL) Price Prediction

The token can be used as an in-game currency for a variety of purposes such as the following.

  • The Pixels (PIXEL) token can be used to create and join guilds and to mint pets in the game.
  • The coin gives its holder access to exclusive perks like withdrawing BERRY to the Ronin Wallet using VIP membership.
  • On top of that the Pixels (PIXEL) token also lets the user express their suggestion to improve the game.

The game also supposedly takes suggestions from the user regarding the new things that must be added to the game and more or less promises that with a part of the earnings that the game generates.

These are a few of the use cases of the token in the Pixels ecosystem.

In the table below we will look at the current market standings of the Pixels (PIXEL) coin concerning the crypto markets.

Name of the tokenPixels
Token Marker(PIXEL)
Current Price$0.274
Price Change-7.75%
Market Cap$202,865,316

As we can see from the above table the current price of the Pixels (PIXEL) token is set at $0.0263 which is indicated to be down by 7.75% from its previous recorded price.

The token seems to be undergoing somewhat of a downward trend for the past few months with sporadic improvements in between.

In the next section let us look at the market predictions and analyze the price change that has been set forward for the token by experts.

Pixels (PIXEL) Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2025$ 0.266158$ 1.247911
2026$ 0.222439$ 0.702213
2027$ 0.243612$ 0.496292
2028$ 0.358449$ 0.842184
2029$ 0.669024$ 1.665696
2030$ 0.660307$ 1.070629

The technical analysis of the Pixel Token shows a largely bearish sentiment along with 18 indicators showing bearish signals and only 6 showing a bullish sentiment.

If we look at The Fear & Greed index it shows a neutral sign with a score of 51 and the price volatility of the token is shown to be 18.07% over the last 30 days

The community of cryptocurrency investors also seems to show a more bearish sentiment towards the coin showing agreement with the technical indicators.

The price indication showing the coin going towards the higher end displays the price of the token to hit a value close to 0.867164 which is almost a 225.81% increase from its current value.

In the next section let us look at how and from where you can buy the Pixels (PIXEL) token.

Where to buy Pixels (PIXEL) tokens?

A few of the crypto exchanges that list the Pixels (PIXEL) token are as follows:

  • BitMart
  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • HTX Global
  • Coinone

Anyone with an interest in investing in the Pixels (PIXEL) coin can do so through any of the following crypto exchanges or through any other reputable exchange that lists the coin.

How to buy Pixels (PIXEL)?

The steps to buy Pixels are as easy as the ones mentioned below.

  • Starting an account: In order to start buying the Pixels (PIXEL) token one must start by making an account or logging into their account in any of the exchanges that list the token.
  • Verification of details: The user must then verify and complete their KYC requirements by providing the exchange with relevant details such as their email address, phone number, and bank account details of the account they intend to use for their transactions.
  • Fixing price and Volume: The third step in the process of buying the Pixel (PIXEL) token is to navigate to the token page and decide on how much Pixels token you want and at what price.
  • Making payment: The fourth step is to decide on your preferred method of payment for the transaction. Most exchanges will let you use a debit or credit card to fulfill your transaction with some even allowing for the use of apps like Google Pay to make the payment.The coin needn’t be bought on just cash or credit either. The Pixels (PIXEL) coin can also be bought using the swap feature which lets you use popular pairs to swap your other coins for Pixel (PIXEL) tokens.

  • Placing an order and accepting coin: The Fifth step involves placing the order for the token and then accepting the token in your wallet in the exchange or further transferring it to your personal wallet afterward.

These are the 5 steps one must follow in order to buy the Pixels (PIXEL) token.

As the concluding paragraph let us look into what we can formulate from the data that we have seen about Pixels and its market standings.

Final Thoughts

The Pixels token is one of those tokens that offers its holders much freedom in its gaming ecosystem. Its use cases which allow for customisation and modification of the gameplay are an attractive part of owning the token.

Looking at the market point of view, much cannot be said as of now about the future of the coin but one thing that the coin seems to have kept up with is stabilizing its value without falling into a sudden downward trajectory over shorter periods compared to other gaming tokens.

With regards to all that has been said about the token, potential investors should try to keep up with the further developments announced by the company in relation to the game and token uses while taking a risk in investing in the coin.

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