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Top 15 Best Personal Finance Websites

By Stephen Carter


Reviewed by: Stephen Carter


Personal finance websites

Personal finance plays a key role in your life. You need to manage your money well for the present times as well as the future.

Have you ever tried to save money, but did not succeed? When it comes to saving money and investing there are many rules like the popular 50/30/20 budget rule and many more.

Have you ever felt that you need guidance from an expert or a professional who knows how to manage money well? Of course, you can get help from your older siblings and parents.

However, when it comes to saving money with long-term goals and investing, at the same time, not having to make sacrifices in life and struggle currently, you need to get the right insights.

Having your own personal finance guide may not be always practical as such services are often paid and extra spent.

What you can do in such cases is refer to authentic and legitimate resources from where you can gather information about saving, investing, and more. So let us ask you once again.

Are you earning? Do you want to save money? Then, you got to come with us and read this article on the best personal finance websites.

Here we have compiled the top 15 of them. You can regularly visit these websites to get valuable information and many of them have newsletters and more which you can subscribe to. Start reading now means you start investing today.

#Best Personal Finance WebsitesSpecial Focus On
1NerdWalletPersonal Finance
2The BalancePersonal Finance
3MintPersonal Finance
4CNNMoneyPersonal Finance
5Financial SamuraiFinancial Independence
6Get Rich SlowlyFinancial Independence
7Afford AnythingFinancial Independence
8Women Who MoneyWomen
9Penny Pinchin’ MomParent
10Money CrashersPersonal Finance
11Well Kept WalletPersonal Finance
12Choose FIFinancial Independence
13Just Start InvestingPersonal Finance
14Good Financial CentsPersonal Finance
15The Simple DollarPersonal Finance

1. NerdWallet

nerdwallet in best personal finance websites

    NerdWallet is one of the best personal finance blogs. It has been operating since 2009 and within a short time managed to become one of the top personal finance websites referred to by countless people.

    It provides the correct and verified updates at the right time. You can follow this blog to get all the latest news happening in the investing realm and to make timely decisions.

    It provides information about credit cards, banking, loans, home, insurance, personal finance, investing, taxes, and small business.

    The website has an AI chatbot, namely NERD AI, and you can use it to get details about easy money management tips, travel rewards credit cards, debt consolidation, tax deductions, and more.

    2. The Balance

    the balance logo

    The Balance is one of the largest personal finance websites ever. It has been referred to even by the top investors for the past 20+ years.

    There are more than 14,000 articles and all the articles are written and fact-checked by experts of the respected niches.

    You can find more than 2,000 financial products on this website that are rigorously reviewed. It helps you make the right calculator by providing calculator tools such as a mortgage calculator, budgeting calculator, compound interest calculator, and more.

    The website has a detailed guide to make a business plan outline. You can learn about the different rules in investing and choose the one that is most suitable for your requirements.

    3. Mint

    in best personal finance websites

    Mint, also known as Mint Intuit, is a website for personal finance management. Many people already use it as a budget tracker and planner.

    It can be seen as a budget planner that helps you to attack your budget, plan your expenses, and save funds for the future.

    You can ideally track your monthly spending, keep all your money tabs in one place, and review all your transactions. You can learn about credit cards and loans.

    There are different tools available for financial tracking, free credit scores, and security. It serves various purposes such as travel job planning, family finances, money etiquette, and more.

    4. CNNMoney

    CNN money in best personal finance websites

    CNN Money is the finance website of the multinational news giant CNN. It provides all the latest news in the stock market, crypto, commodities, currencies, and more. It is one of the most preferred sites by global citizens.

    This can be used as one of the best platforms where you can get the latest news about all the money management and investment strategies and decisions. The brand trust that CNN already has among the public helps this site as well.

    All the articles are written by experienced professionals and market watchdogs who have been in this industry for the past many decades.

    These articles are fact-checked before they are published on the websites. Getting the right updates about the stock market and crypto can be a crucial factor when you have made an investment in it.

    5. Financial Samurai

    Financial samurai in best personal finance websites

    Financial Samurai is one of the best financial independence blogs out there. The master brain behind it is Sam Dogen who launched it back in 2009.

    You can use it as a guide while you invest in real estate, for free wealth management, and also for negotiating a severance. It also introduces you to some of the top financial products of 2024.

    This is a website that has a huge influence over the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) community.

    The website also presents before you many of the counter-cultural views on personal finance, saving, investing, budgeting, and more, it can be used as a window to get different insights from various parts of the world.

    6. Get Rich Slowly

    get rich slowly

    Another one on our list of the top 15 best personal finance websites is Get Rich Slowly. It helps you to achieve financial independence. This website has been existing since 2006.

    It was launched by J D Roth, who was an advocate for early retirement and financial independence. This site helps you to achieve new heights in financial independence and provides you with many tips that can come in handy in your daily life.

    You can start by learning the money basics and then proceed to the guides of earning money, spending wisely, saving, and investing.

    It also helps you build the right mindset when it comes to money management. Also, there are money tools that you can use.

    7. Afford Anything

    afford anything in personal finance websites

    Afford Anything is another one on our list. It is suitable for those between their late 20s and early 40s, the millennials.

    Paula Pant, another promoter of early retirement and financial independence, started it. Pants writes for her website and it often feels that she is directly talking with us.

    If you have been talking about saving money for your retirement, retiring early, and doing all the fun things after your retirement, then this is the right place that you have been searching for.

    It helps to make plans and to save money at the right place in the right ways, then you can visit this website and start reading the blogs as soon as possible.

    8. Women Who Money

    women who money

    Women Who Money as its name suggests is one of the best financial blogs for women. It assists you to take full control of your finances and improve your skills and resources to ensure a financially secure, stable, and independent life.

    This blog is classified into many categories and some of the most popular ones are about managing your money, teaching kids about money, growing your career, about housing which includes buying, renting, selling, and moving, and about estate planning and real estate planning.

    The topics in the blog are categorized as novice, where you find introductory topics such as budget creation, debt elimination, and like; an intermediate level where you find topics such as mortgage elimination, investment diversification, and so on; and advanced level where you can learn about earning and investment maximization, limiting tax liability and more.

    9. Penny Pinchin’ Mom

    penny pinchin' mom in personal finance websites

    A parent may not be able to save and budget just as a non-parent can do. Parenthood has a lot more responsibilities to satisfy. Penny Pinchin’ Mom is one of the best money blogs for parents.

    If you have a young family and you are finding it difficult to budget, get out of debt, and like you can follow this website.

    It provides useful information about such cases and helps you to learn about the right way to save money using coupons. The website also provides recipes, and cleaning plans that stick inside the budget.

    As a new parent, you may be confused and you may have felt the need for the right guidance. Know that this website is referred to by many in the United States when it comes to saving and parenting at the same time.

    10. Money Crashers

    Money crashers

    Money Crashers is where you can learn a lot about different kinds of credit cards and the proper ways to use them.

    The website educates people about the right things about making money, spending money, saving money, managing money, and more.

    All the articles on the website are written only after in-depth research and detailed examinations. You can get to know even the basic things such as the money that you should ideally keep in a particular kind of bank account that you own.

    This is where you learn about the huge impacts that even the smallest decisions can make in your journey to financial independence.

    11. Well Kept Wallet

    well kept wallet in personal finance websites

    Well Kept Wallet was started by Deacon Hayes in 2010. He is a personal finance expert. Hayes started the blog after he managed to pay off a debt of $52,000.

    He decided to help others to get out of debt as well and thus started this blog. The blog has a team of personal finance experts who make sure to deliver quality content.

    You can follow this blog to get the top ideas for successfully paying off debt and not falling into one again. There are guides to make the right investments.

    Most importantly, you can learn to not lose the money that you have already made and to manage your finances well.

    12. Choose FI

    choose FI logo

    ChooseFI is where the real learning about budget and saving takes place, it offers multiple online courses about personal finance.

    The team behind this website also hosts a weekly podcast where they talk about all the necessary things about saving and money management.

    You can either directly listen to that when it is released or you can opt to get it delivered to your inbox every week so that you can listen to it whenever you can find the time

    You can learn the less discussed topics such as how to crush your travel costs, and also the best card for traveling.

    Another thing that you can find on the website is the recipes that help you stay healthy and cut costs at the same time.

    13. Just Start Investing

    Just start investing in personal finance websites

    This blog is predominantly about investing, as you have guessed. You can learn an array of investment strategies that can be helpful in your life.

    Other than investing, you can learn about the researched and proven ways of attaining financial freedom at a young age. It also talks about budgeting and banking with which you can design the best plans that suit your lifestyle.

    Another topic that you can find out about from here is the details on credit cards. The blog talks about almost all the cards out there that you can spend wisely.

    14. Good Financial Cents

    Good Finance Cents in personal finance websites

    Good Financial Cents have been on since 2008 and it serves to help people to make the correct financial planning.

    Jeff Rose, the founder of the website is a personal finance blogger on his site along with the other top professionals of the market.

    You get to learn the wealth-building strategies with which you can increase your net worth and not worry about your future anymore. The website has more than one lakh active readers per month and it has established a presence on YouTube and Twitter.

    There is a special podcast where it teaches you the most basic things and also the expert-level strategies to become rich and stay rich.

    15. Millennial Money


    The last one on our list of the top 15 best personal finance websites is Millenial Money. This website is by Grant Sabatier, who managed to transform into a millionaire from a broke guy and he did that in 5 years.

    He is a huge inspiration and his life story was made into documentaries and more. Sabatier shares some of his secret personal finance tips with others who want to succeed in life just as he did.

    He also has an aim of increasing financial awareness and financial literacy. What he also does is share some methods that you can follow to retire at an early age.

    The Bottom Line

    What do you feel about managing your personal finances now? Do you feel confident? What we covered in this article are some of the best personal finance websites.

    These are legit and trusted sources and also these sites have been successful in growing brand trust over time. There are websites especially focusing on women, parents, individuals, and more

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