Owen Simonin: French Cryptocurrency Influencer And Entrepreneur

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Owen Simonin

Owen Simonin is a French cryptocurrency entrepreneur, influencer and youtuber and the founder of the fintech enterprise Just Mining, which was later renamed as Meria. He is popularly known as “Hasheur” after his educational youtube channel of the same name.

He aims to create awareness and knowledge about cryptocurrency as an alternative financial system. In this article, you will read more about Owen Simonin and how he became an influential figure in the cryptocurrency world.

Owen Simonin – Early Life

Owen Simonin was born in Bastia in May 1997, and he is a French national. He is just 27 years old and has become a cryptocurrency sensation within a short period.

He went to the Urbana University, Dayton to get a bachelor’s degree in business management in 2017. He started his youtube channel in 2016 and started creating videos about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Simonin’s Entry Into Business

Owing to the significant success of his youtube channel Hasheur, Owen Simonin ventured into the cryptocurrency investment business by co-founding a company called Just Mining in 2017 with his brother William Simonin.

Later the company was renamed as Meria. The main aim of the company, according to Owen Simonin, was to make cryptocurrency investments accessible to all. This organisation has, since its inception, made huge leaps in democratising the cryptocurrency world by providing information to all. 

The company has an academy called Meria Academy that provides knowledge and formulates strategies to make cryptocurrency popular among the general public. These objectives are fulfilled by the daily representation of the company in all popular media.

Owen Simonin’s Current Status as a Cryptocurrency Investor

Owen Simonin is currently an angel investor in the cryptocurrency industry. He was the provider of the initial seed money for setting up the business and in return, he was given part of the equity shares of the company.

He was also made the CEO of the company. He made further investments in the cryptocurrency industry in the following years. On May 11 2022, Simonin invested in Bitstack, on September 17 2023 he invested in Bubblemaps, on November 27 2023, he invested in Waltio and on Dec 19 2023, he invested in InterCellar. At present, Meria is a leading company in France with a huge presence in the crypto assets market in France.

Owen Simonin’s Current Status

Other Major Milestones In Owen Simonin’s Career 

Simonin has been a great influence in the cryptocurrency industry with his significant contributions to the industry.  In 2017, he overturned a ponzi called Bitconnect, which later collapsed in the market.

He laid bare the faults of Bitconnect, which announced multi level marketing and unjustifiably high payouts to its promoters. Simonin unveiled the faultiness of Bitconnect through his youtube channel with the video titled “the scam of the century”. With this video investors realised that Bitconnect was a ponzi scheme. It collapsed subsequently, after investors backed out from the project. 

In 2018, he opened up the false information given by the French Minister Of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, about bitcoins. The video uploaded in his youtube channel was well appreciated by the public for the promptness that he showed in reacting to the dissemination of false information. 

Another entrepreneurial venture of Owen Simonin was Deskoin, a France based cryptocurrency exchange that was instrumental in setting up a large number of Point-of-sales (POS) machines all over France to ease the transaction of cryptocurrencies by all the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. 

Since 2021, he has been conducting various charity events to further uphold the supremacy of cryptocurrency over the traditional financial system.

The Bottom Line

Owen Simonin has become an influential figure and star entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency industry. Within a few years of entering the industry he confirmed his presence through his youtube channel.

He was hailed by everyone who were seeking authentic information and advice on cryptocurrency investments. He became famous for the authentic information and opinions he shared on his youtube channel.

Owen Simonin is a great example that all prospective investors of the cryptocurrency industry can emulate to gain sure victory in their business ventures.

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