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Notcoin (NOT): Managing Airdrop Mania, Spot ETF Recovery And The Impact Of Regulatory Actions

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


Notcoin (NOT) Airdrop Mania

All of us here are crypto enthusiasts, right? If you are a crypto trader or investor you need to know the latest events in the crypto realm.

You need to know all about the latest crypto launch, airdrops, ICOs, the changes in the price of the major and new coins, the market trends and their impact on various cryptos, whether there has been a major fall or an upward jump, and most importantly about all the legal enforcement actions and regulations taking place in the crypto world.

Here we have all that has happened recently. You may or may not have missed out on all these. However, you should not be missing out on the following ones because they are of great importance. Let us see what they are:

Notcoin Price Faces A 50% Fall

The Notcoin project was launched not so far before. During the initial time, the coin had a major hype and witnessed a subsequent price hike. However, now the prices seem to be decelerating after the first jump that they had had. 

It is a P2E blockchain-based project. As per the report of May 16, the project has airdropped around 80.2 billion NOT. The crypto was airdropped to the miners from the TON (The Open Network) community. 

Before this, the team behind the crypto had made an announcement regarding the closing of the direct exchange deposits. It is on May 14. As per that announcement, the team had a plan to resume the deposits after two days on May 16 after the listing of the crypto. 

The loss of the crypto saw huge support from the top players of the field such as Binance, OKX, Bybit, and more. The listing saw the miners racing to cash in their allocation which resulted in an around 55% fall in the prices. 

Notcoin Price Faces A 50% Fall

Spot ETFs Attempting To Make A Comeback?

Spot ETFs faced a major fall in April 2024. The investors and trades have been waiting since then and currently, it is making a comeback. From the previous week onwards SpotETFs are on a positive journey. 

The latest reports suggest 66 million US dollars worth of net inflows had been recorded on May 13. In the top position, you can find 38.6 million US dollars worth of capital inflows recorded by FBTC (Fidelity Wise’s Origin Bitcoin). 

Further, SpotETFs has seen a 100 million US dollars worth of total inflow. At the same time, there has been a 50.9 million US dollars worth of outflow on the same day. The highest capital inflow recorded is 133.1 million US dollars by ARK 21 Shares Bitcoin ETF (ARKB). 

All this happened last week alone. Lastly, on May 16, the total recorded inflows reached around 303 million US dollars, which is the biggest figure since May 3, 2024.

SpotETFs he managed recorded this gh number of inflows consistently for 5 days of the last week. If we look into the cumulative figure from last week, it would be around 948.3 million US dollars. 

In related news, a US SEC filing has stated that the total amount in holdings by the Wisconsin Investment Board is approximately 162.4 million US dollars. This is the combined figure of the amount the Bard holds across two Spot Bitcoin ETFs such as the BlackRock iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) and the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). 

According to the reports that we received from the top analyst of Bloomberg, it is comprehended that this high run in Spot ETFs has recovered the losses that it faced in the month of April. 

Since the dominance of crypto is increasing each day and it has become evident that crypto is soon going to become a non-optional part of the business, the global bodies and international boards have dived deep into the crypto realm and are putting some enforcement actions into practice. Let us see what has topped the crypto headlines recently:

The legal authorities of China have taken 6 individuals in custody on grounds of their relation to an unauthorized crypto trading scheme worth more than 300 million US dollars. 

The US Department of Justice apprehended two brothers for their theft of crypto assets worth 25 million US dollars and there have been more legal actions against crypto scams taking place around the globe.

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