Next Crypto Bull Run Prediction: What To Expect?

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Crypto Bull Run

The bull run is a term in trading used to describe a period when the demand exceeds supply. During this period, the value of cryptocurrency rises substantially and gives traders a bigger chance to make a substantial profit. Considering positive changes in the market, experts predict the next crypto bull run of 2024 will be happening anytime soon.

Before the market drives the value of cryptocurrency to astronomical heights, you should be aware of what to expect and how to capitalize on this bull run.

In this article, we will cover all things you should know about the upcoming crypto bull run so that you can make an informed decision whether to act right now or to wait for a bigger sign.

We will also explain what a crypto bull run is and what is the best investment strategies you can employ at this time.

What Is Crypto Bull Run?

crypto bull run

The term “Bull Run” is derived from the bull’s iconic posture when it is about to run to attack its prey. In terms of cryptocurrency trading, this bull’s imagery represents a rise in the value of assets.

This happens when big investors referred to as “crypto whales” in the market start to feel optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies and start buying huge amounts of cryptocurrencies, increasing the demand and in turn the price further. The factors that can be a catalyst for the crypto bull run include:

  1. Rising demand for the Crypto
  2. Positive press and social media buzz
  3. Technological improvements

Investors and traders should identify bull runs as soon as possible to earn higher profits and mitigate risks.

You should look out for signs such as a study increase in the price and trading volume of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. Additionally, you want to keep up with social media trends and the general perception of the realm of cryptocurrency.

What to Expect from a Crypto Bull Run?

Now that you know what Bull Run is and what it represents in the cryptocurrency market, let’s see what you can expect to see during this period.

  1. Steady increase in the price of cryptocurrencies
  2. Higher trading volume across multiple exchanges
  3. Growth in the overall market capitalization of the crypto market due to higher capital flows
  4. A positive shift in the sentiments of the press and media towards the cryptocurrency market
  5. An increase in the number of investors, users, and financial institutions in the market
  6. Bitcoin and altcoins hitting new all-time highs
  7. Investors and users panicking in fear of missing out on a lucrative opportunity
  8. The media pays more attention to the increased popularity and value of cryptocurrencies
  9. New technology and software coming into play, giving confidence about the longevity of cryptocurrency.
  10. A higher involvement of big investors sometimes referred to as “Crypto whales”, and banks and corporations.
  11. Prices of cryptocurrencies stabilize at higher levels, reducing their volatility at the time of a bull run
  12. Favorable financial regulations from various parts of the world

While the Bullish market seems tempting, how would you know, which altcoin to invest in for a better chance of profit? Well, the simple answer is nobody knows with 100% certainty. But there are certain things you can do to make an educated decision.

Investment Strategies You Can Employ for the Crypto Next Bull Run

The first thing you should be aware about cryptocurrencies is that anything can happen at any time. So, you need to take out the emotion from your conscience and act rationally.

Stay on top of the overall sentiments of the people and strategize your entry and exit point factoring in the potential gains and risk factors.

While social media can be a great place to get updated about the cryptocurrency market, you must also be aware of fake news and the encouragement of greedy behaviors.

Next Crypto Bull Run

If you are looking to invest in altcoins for the next bull run, some of the strategies you can employ include:

1. Contingency Plans

In the volatile cryptocurrency market, one of the most important things you should be strategizing is the contingency plans to curb the risk you may potentially face.

While most investors make contingency plans at the last minute, it is best to be prepared in the first place rather than going into panic mode afterward.

Factor in all the risk factors and calculate how much you can afford to lose and then work around it to plan the amount you are investing, and employ a stop-loss order when the market is down.

2. Consider All Investment Opportunities

There are many investment opportunities when it comes to cryptocurrencies. It is best not to jump in on a hype train, risking all your savings. You should really evaluate all the pros and cons before investing in one.

Consider how much you can invest in Bitcoin, and altcoins and act accordingly. Some also follow the rule of thumb of investing, in which they invest in a variety of potentially beneficial industries such as real-world assets, artificial intelligence, and leyer2-s.

3. Don’t Get Carried Away

Always stick to the plan and never deviate from the original profit goals. If not the most, at least some of the investors make the error of staying a bit too long to make a profit hoping the price would rise further.

But most of the time it is better to set realistic expectations beforehand and take the profit as it hits the mark. The risk increases the longer you cling to it.

If you are not one hundred percent sure about when to lose your hold, you can divide your possessions and sell them at different price points to mitigate risk and ensure a profit.

4. Diversify Your Portfolio

Altcoins has a greater risk-reward system. However, you can consider Bitcoin and Ether as a blue-chip cryptocurrency. You can consider it like this, limit your investment in altcoins to a minimum.

Since the reward is high in altcoins, you can still make a good profit out of it, and it can reduce the risk of loss.

It is also important to note that most of the altcoins are not suitable for long-term buy-and-hold portfolios.

The market has proven time after time that altcoins tend to fall out of relevancy between market cycles and downturns of 95%. So, diversify your portfolio with high-cap cryptos and altcoins that seem promising.

5. Be Accurate in Decision Making

On paper, the cryptocurrency market is the most transparent one when compared to other markets including Forex.

Analyzing data, market trends, and the blockchain’s strength can help you make decisions.

However, many still fall to the internet buzz and social media’s influence. You can even use free tools to help with your decision making they are:

  • AI tools: Several AI tools in the market will give you an in-depth analysis of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. You can put in any address and the AI will give you a breakdown of transactions, portfolios, and more.
  • Arkham Intelligence: A blockchain analytics platform that can give you information about cryptocurrency transactions and blockchain activities by transforming complex blockchain data into actionable intelligence.

    You can search for any person or organization’s crypto activity on this platform. It is useful in identifying questionable transfers and preventing mistakes when airdrop farming happens.

  • CRYPTO fundraising: One of the leading blockchain funding databases. It can track and give information on the funds raised for a crypto project. This is especially useful when dealing with newly launched cryptocurrencies.

Using these tools can help you in your research. Before investing in altcoins, learn the project’s fundamentals, market positions, and team. You should also consider both the pros and cons of the altcoin objectively, rather than finding ways to validate your bias.

6. Different Types of Trading Strategies

There are diverse kinds of trading strategies and each method has its own pros and cons. Identifying one that sits with you the best could be the best for gaining maximum profit and curbing its risks. The methods include:

  • Day Trading: It is ideal for capitalizing on the high volatility and frequent price swings in a bull market. You can use momentum trading strategies and analyze the market to find trends for timely entry and exit.
  • Trend Trading: As the name indicates, in trend trading strategy, you can capture profit by analyzing the momentum of a cryptocurrency, utilizing indicators like the 200-day moving average.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging: This strategy is most helpful in avoiding large investments at a price peak. In this method, you will invest in a token periodically with a fixed amount regardless of its value. It can help mitigate risks and find a decent profit over time.
  • Narrative-Based Trading: The cryptocurrency market is filled with narratives and telltales. People often stick with a cryptocurrency regardless of its current value, in hopes of a positive shift in the coming days.

    This often happens with technological developments, media hype, regulatory news, macroeconomic trends, and even the influence of a strong media personality.

    Narrative-based trading exists because of the human’s inability to avoid taking sentimental and psychological bias about something. So, staying updated on the media and social media narratives may help you land lucrative opportunities.

Best Altcoins to Buy in 2024 for the Next Crypto Bull Run

You should be prepared in advance to welcome the next bull run of 2024. According to experts.

You should pay attention to the below altcoins in the coming days, to grab a bigger bite in 2024.

Coin Market CapCurrent Price
Ethereum (ETH)$369,938,234,315$3,077.56
Solana (SOL)$65,372,168,529$140.99
Dogecoin (DOGE)$15,672,792,021$0.1081
Polygon (MATIC)$4,953,214,399$0.5006
Cosmos (Atom-USD)$2,299,641,885$5.88
Kaspa (KAS-USD)$4,086,882,554$0.1693
Stellar (XLM-USD)$2,558,957,240$0.08765

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the biggest and most valued altcoin in the world. With more than 3 billion market capitalization, it falls just under Bitcoin in terms of value and market cap.

In the last five days, the value of ether has increased by 2.35% within the last 24 hours. This is encouraging for the market for cryptocurrencies.

As the world is finding more and more creative ways to use Ether in real life, we can expect it to stay for a long time.

It is also noteworthy that more than thousands of platforms currently use Ether’s blockchain technology, which is another reason to believe in the future and longevity of Ether.

Solana (SOL) 

Solana is a cryptocurrency that became popular for its faster transaction speeds and lower fees. It was introduced to the market as a better and faster alternative to the existing blockchains.

In the last 24 hours, Solana has increased its value by 1.23%. And if you look a bit back, Solana had a surge of approximately 7% on March 4, 2024, marking its spot in the top 5 cryptocurrencies.

Experts predict that in the upcoming bull run, the value of Solano will hit its next all-time high.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

The meme coin Dogecoin has been one of the highly volatile cryptocurrencies. Throughout its lifetime, it has swayed to both extremes pretty quickly and very dramatically.

While the last month hasn’t been kind to Dogecoin, its value has grown in the last 5 days. While Dogecoin has gotten a lot of criticism for the lack of a centralized holder base, and real-world utility.

It still stands as one of the most popular altcoins because of its strong community.

Polygon (MATIC)

Formerly known as Matic Network, Polygon is a premier layer-2 scaling solution for the ETH blockchain. It is another altcoin that offers an alleviation of Ethereaum’s transaction costs and scalability challenges.

It is currently selling at $0.5006 and has a market cap of more than 4 Billion making it one among the top 20 cryptocurrencies.

Cosmos (ATOM-USD)

A distinctive ecosystem of blockchains that can grow and integrate with one another is powered by the Cosmos crypto. The Cosmos is a decentralized network.

It is open source and lets other developers create their own interoperable network. The ATOM token is currently priced at 5.94 and its value has risen 2.20% within the last 24 hours.

Kaspa (KAS-USD)

Kaspa is a unique cryptocurrency that works by the GHOSTDAG protocol. This novel blockchain protocol makes transactions faster and allows better scalability.

Kaspa is useful for high throughput applications and micropayment, the makers are also planning to include sophisticated smart contract functionalities, Rusy Kaspa Testnet 11 public, and other technological integrations.

Stellar (XLM-USD)

With a market cap of over 2.5 billion US dollars, Stellar is another viable investment option to welcome the next bull run.

A decentralized public blockchain allows developers to create a more cash-like experience than crypto. It is selling at $0.08846 with a rise of 2.20% in the last 24 hours.


According to experts, the next crypto bull run is up on the horizon. During a bull run, the price of cryptocurrencies rises and may hit their all-time highs. Many things might play a catalyst for the crypto bull run including media attention, positive financial regulations, and new developments in blockchain technology.

However, crypto is still a volatile market. So, you should be careful about your decisions and act logically rather than emotionally. Some of the best altcoins to invest in for the next bull run include Ethereum, Solana, Dogecoin, Polygon, Cosmos, Kaspa, and Stellar.

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