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The Next Big Thing In Crypto: Is It Notcoin?

By Stephen Carter


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Notcoin acts as a game and a token. It is a P2E game. Also, it is the token for the gaming ecosystem and is integrated as a Telegram Mini App. It was on May 16 that the crypto was listed on the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange.

Notcoin has more focus on real-world integration when compared to other typical cryptocurrencies which have less practical roles. With Notcoin you can conduct global remittances as well as everyday transactions.

Currently, the crypto world is exploring the value of Notcoin. They want to know whether it will be the lucky sound that will make them a millionaire.


In this article let us dive deeper not the facts related to Notcoin and the future that the cryptocurrency has.

Right now, many of the top crypto analysts think that Notcoin has the potential to rise as the next big cryptocurrency. A surge like tidal waves predicted the future values of Notcoin.

The latest report on crypto suggests that it is on an all-time high price hike. The price of the crypto has skyrocketed and has earned more than 350% in the last week. This led the coin to achieve a new all-time high price of 0.02896 US dollars. This was recorded on the second of June.

This impressive performance has invited the spotlight onto cryptocurrency. It is regarded as one of the top altcoins and is predicted to potentially gain 100x this month.

The last time we checked the price of NOT was 0.02346 US dollars. The live market cap of the crypto is 2.41 billion US dollars. The 24-hour trading volume recorded in a day in the last week suggests 1.91 billion US dollars.

There has been an 8.09% price hike for it in the last 24 hours. You have to also note the 230.83% price hike that it has had in the past week.

The price surge in the NOT coins has resulted in the crypto market witnessing increased trading activity. There has been a hike of 105.09% in the past 24-hour trading volume of the crypto which is equivalent to around 4.3 billion US dollars.

This price surge of the crypto has led to it pushing the total market cap to around 2.18 billion US dollars

Is Notcoin getting a lot of attention?

Yes, cryptocurrency is getting attention from all over. Typically, when the price of a coin surges, it would be the crypto community that first notices it. The crypto will be the topic of discussion across crypto communities.

The crypto analysts would start to closely monitor the crypto in order to not miss out on any of the price trends and updates related to it. All these happened in the case of Notcoin as well.

However, surprisingly, the crypto has succeeded in garnering attention from the Telegram circles as well. There is a recent report that more than 30 million users of Telegram are playing with this crypto.

The upward price streak of the last month resulted in its market cap reaching over 2.3 billion US dollars. Presently. Notcoin is ranked as the 51st biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

Notcoin is the latest crypto trend that is ruling over the different social media platforms.

Notcoin Price Prediction

The Notcoin Price predictions made in the current data suggest that the crypto is about to hit 100 US dollars per 1 NOT by Jan 2025.

Notcoin, the telegram-based cryptocurrency is predicted to show the potential to receive more than 4000% in its gains alone.

Is it the right time to invest in Notcoin?

The common talks suggest that NOT is currently going through one of the highest performances that it has ever had.

The current situation and the future forecast based on the live trends and historical data suggest that crypto may reach a higher position sooner. Considering all these, many have already invested in crypto and others are planning a quick NOT investment.

However, you have to note the fact that the crypto has not achieved stability. This is a factor that you have to consider.

Cryptocurrencies are notorious for their unpredictable volatility. However, you need to be careful of this, before you invest in NOT.

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