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NEO Price Prediction 2024-2030: Into The Future!

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Neo price prediction

Ever since Neo, China’s first-ever public blockchain, was launched, the price movements of its native token have shown a common trait of every cryptocurrency, volatility.

Let us learn more about the changes in its price over time, and what could happen to it in the next six years based on this historical data.

What is Neo blockchain?

Neo blockchain is the Ethereum equivalent of the East, specifically China, with the similarity in the basic functionality of these two.

Both of them also show similarities in the earning opportunities in digital currencies, they present to the investors.

Although Ethereum is the crowd favorite at the moment, Neo possesses the capability to rise to the same level of popularity with unique features including decentralized applications and projects it includes.

The network was developed in China and was launched under the name Antshares in February 2014. Da Hongfei built this project with the intention of providing a platform for domestic developers and blockchain projects within China.

Later, in 2016, they rebranded Antshares as Neo, which later evolved into a worthy competitor to one of the most versatile blockchain platforms in the world.

What is NEO (Token)?

NEO is the native token of the Neo blockchain network. The token was created with a vision of digitizing real-world assets using smart contracts and facilitating transactions on the platform.

Although volatile, the price of the coin has never been that high, but investors and traders have always kept an eye on the token for its potential to create a space of its own in the decentralized digital financial landscape and influence the global economy.

Neo price prediction

Even with a not-so-high price, NEO holds the 20th position among cryptocurrencies and has always maintained somewhat consistent price variations.

Unlike Ethereum, NEO has a maximum supply limit of 100,000.000 coins, with a circulating supply of 70,538,831 coins.

NEO Price Prediction

The speculations about NEO being a worthwhile investment and the future of the coin, all depend on the future price prediction of the token.

Unlike other popular cryptocurrencies, the forecasts of NEO do not move in the same direction with some of them predicting a bullish future while others project a bearish future.

Although we cannot be a hundred percent certain, especially with the numerous factors in the market influencing the price movements of the token, the technical analysis considering some of the significant details as well as the historical data can predict the future of the coin up to an extent.

Read on to get a better understanding of the future of the coin for the present year and the next six years.

NEO Price Prediction 2024

Currently, NEO is trading at $15.88 per coin and it is expected that the coin might experience a hit and go down up to $13.95 by the end of the year.

NEO Price Prediction 2025

As per the predictions, the price of the token might go up to $28.02 in 2025 with an expected lower limit of 16.67, which still is an improvement over the $13.95 of the current year.

NEO Price Prediction 2026

Crypto experts expect a significant increase in the price of the token by 2026, with the coin touching a maximum limit of $53.95 by the end of the year and a minimum level of $38.62 at the beginning of 2026.

NEO Price Prediction 2027

According to the predictions made based on the market trends and historical data, the coin price might go up to a yearly high of $80.44 in 2027.

The expected lower price level stands at $56.16, definitely an improvement from the previous year’s expected price.

NEO Price Prediction 2028

There is an expected surge in the price of NEO coins in 2028, driving the price up to $115.35, or staying above a lower limit of $83.35.

NEO Price Prediction 2029

It is expected that the token may have a lower year-end value of $119.19 or a maximum value of 161.33 in 2029.

NEO Price Prediction 2030

In 20230, there could be exponential growth in the demand for the token, followed by an increase in price that is predicted to be in between a lower limit of $169.14 and an upper limit of $255.03.

The Bottom Line

NEO can be bought, sold, and traded on various exchanges including Coinbase and Coinmamma, where the user is required to have a Neo wallet.

Also, the token is available in the US and can be purchased from Binance, in USD. The predictions suggest a potential increase in the price of the coin from 2024 to 2030, with a maximum of $255.03 predicted for the year 2020.

As per the forecast, the token seems to be a worthy investment, that if moved forward with informed decisions, might help the investor earn a hefty amount in a comparatively short run.

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