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NEM (XEM) Price Prediction  2024–2030: Complete Buying Guide

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


NEM (XEM) Price Prediction

NEM is a blockchain network that runs according to the Proof-of-Importance consensus agreement. This algorithm selects the crypto coins according to the order of importance of those who hold the largest number of tokens, to whom they transact, and how often they transact.

Active participants on the platform are rewarded by their transactions being given utmost importance.

The NEM platform is secured by EigenTrust++ security. The platform rewards on-chain security providers and aims to topple the concentration of wealth in the hands of a single person.

What are XEM Tokens?

XEM is the official currency of the NEM network. XEM holders can harvest or mine the tokens on the NEM platform and earn rewards for the same.

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction

Given below is the current market status of XEM tokens.

Current Market Price of XEM tokens: $0.01375

Market Capitalization: $123,649,250

Fully Diluted Valuation: $123,649,250

24 Hour Trading Volume: $2,580,277

Volume/Market Capitalization (24 hours): 2.08%

Circulating Supply: 8,999,999,999

Total Supply: 8,999,999,999

Maximum Supply: 8,999,999,999

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction (2024–2030)

The expected price of XEM tokens for 2024–2030 is given in the table below.

YearYearly LowYearly AverageYearly High

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction 2024

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
July 2024$0.0137914376$0.0137914376$0.0137914376
August 2024$0.0115$0.0149$0.0299
September 2024$0.0123$0.0247$0.0299
October 2024$0.0121$0.0256$0.0303
November 2024$0.0120$0.0252$0.0298
December 2024$0.0119$0.0198$0.0301

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction 2025

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
January 2025$0.0293$0.0331$0.0357
February 2025$0.0292$0.0335$0.0351
March 2025$0.0292$0.0298$0.0340
April 2025$0.0294$0.0328$0.0332
May 2025$0.0291$0.0305$0.0340
June 2025$0.0295$0.0309$0.0346
July 2025$0.0294$0.0318$0.0329
August 2025$0.0296$0.0300$0.0304
September 2025$0.0291$0.0298$0.0314
October 2025$0.0295$0.0307$0.0321
November 2025$0.0292$0.0307$0.0321
December 2025$0.0295$0.0302$0.0316

NEM (XEM) Price Prediction 2030

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
January 2030$0.0924$0.0956$0.0970
February 2030$0.0925$0.0964$0.0985
March 2030$0.0924$0.0940$0.10
April 2030$0.0927$0.0985$0.10
May 2030$0.0929$0.0951$0.0994
June 2030$0.0925$0.0961$0.0990
July 2030$0.0925$0.0936$0.10
August 2030$0.0930$0.0935$0.10
September 2030$0.0926$0.0935$0.10
October 2030$0.0927$0.0972$0.0993
November 2030$0.0930$0.0951$0.10
December 2030$0.0926$0.0960$0.0990

Where To Buy XEM Tokens?

XEM tokens are traded on the following cryptocurrency exchanges. 

  • Bybit
  • Bitget
  • OKX
  • DigiFinex
  • BloFin

How to BUY XEM Tokens?

Here are the steps to be followed to buy XEM tokens.

  1. Create an account in any of the crypto exchanges mentioned above. 
  2. Connect a crypto wallet to the account to transfer the base currency.   
  3. On the exchange directly buy the XEM tokens by transferring the base currency from your crypto wallet.
  4. Make sure that the XEM tokens that you purchased have been added to your account.
  5. Transfer them to a cold wallet for safe storage.

Are XEM Tokens a Good Buy in 2024–2030?

The market of XEM tokens for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, and 2030 is quite bleak with 25 technical analysis indicators showing bearish signals. The bullish signals are weak for XEM tokens with just 4 technical analysis indicators showing bullish signals. 

In 2025, the price of XEM tokens will rise by only 26.84% compared to the previous year, and in 2030, the price will fall by 7.56% when compared to the previous year.

Owing to these bleak statistics for the XEM tokens, it is advised that you refrain from investing in XEM tokens in the coming years.

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