MX Token (MX) Price Prediction 2024 To 2030: Expert Forecasts!

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MX token price prediction

MX token is the native token of one of the world’s best digital asset exchanges, MEXC. The token is deployed as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

It functions within a P2P platform and a crypto exchange. Also, with the token you can enable multiple actions in the exchange platform and it grants access to margin, spot, and futures trading.

Currently, this crypto has been getting attention from several crypto communities in relation to the gigantic growth that the crypto realm is experiencing.

It seems like the advent of a crypto era and more people are turning their heads toward the crypto industry.

Here we have examined the market and collected data on the market cap of the crypto. It succeeded in the article by the price prediction on MX token.

MX Token (MX) Market Cap And Price Prediction

When we last checked the price, which was right before publishing this article, the value of MX Token was 4.78 US dollars.

The price change of the token over the past 24 hours was a gain of 2.58%. In the last 7 days, the price of the token has dropped 4.66%.

The price prediction for the next 7 days, hints at a gain of 1.41 making the price 5.03 US dollars. The all-time high price that the crypto has had is $5.85 and the all-time low price is $0.04.

The market cap of the token is $470,155,270.95 with a circulating supply of 98,368,834 MX and a trading volume of $50,359,674.90.

The Fear-Greed index showcases fear with 43 points. The crypto has a neutral sentiment in the market with a 7.25% volatility.

Over the past 30 days, MX Token has had 18 green days which makes it 60%. The crypto has a $4.59 50-day SMA. The 200-day SMA that the crypto has had is $3.24 With the 14-day RSI of 40.97.

MX token price prediction

Now let us look at the price predictions made on the crypto for the coming years. We have predicted the cost of the crypto for the years until 2030. These price forecasts have been made by our expert crypto analysts.

MX Token (MX) Price Prediction 2024

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
May 20245.29 USD4.81 USD5.05 USD
June 20245.06 USD4.48 USD4.77 USD
July 20244.87 USD4.37 USD4.62 USD
August 20244.81 USD3.82 USD4.32 USD
September 20245.41 USD3.75 USD4.58 USD
October 20245.21 USD3.33 USD4.27 USD
November 20245.15 USD2.80 USD3.98 USD
December 20243.39 USD3.10 USD3.25 USD
Maximum Price$4.73
Minimum Price$3.73
Average Trading Price$4.23

MX Token (MX) Price Prediction 2025

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
January 20254.75 USD3.40 USD5.82 USD
February 20255.39 USD4.01 USD6.24 USD
March 20256.03 USD4.61 USD6.65 USD
Apri l20256.67 USD5.21 USD7.06 USD
May 20257.31 USD5.81 USD7.48 USD
June 20257.96 USD6.42 USD7.89 USD
July 20258.60 USD7.02 USD8.30 USD
August 20259.24 USD7.62 USD8.72 USD
September 20259.88 USD8.22 USD9.13 USD
October 202510.52 USD8.83 USD9.54 USD
November 202511.16 USD9.43 USD9.96 USD
December 202511.80 USD10.03 USD10.37 USD
Maximum Price$8.28
Minimum Price$6.72
Average Trading Price$8.10

MX Token (MX) Price Prediction 2026

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
January 202612.25 USD10.39 USD10.74 USD
February 202612.70 USD10.75 USD11.11 USD
March 202613.15 USD11.12 USD11.47 USD
April 202613.59 USD11.48 USD11.84 USD
May 202614.04 USD11.84 USD12.21 USD
June 202614.49 USD12.20 USD12.58 USD
July 202614.94 USD12.56 USD12.94 USD
August 202615.39 USD12.92 USD13.31 USD
September 202615.84 USD13.29 USD13.68 USD
October 202616.28 USD13.65 USD14.05 USD
November 202616.73 USD14.01 USD14.41 USD
December 202617.18 USD14.37 USD14.78 USD
Maximum Price$14.71
Minimum Price$12.38
Average Trading Price$12.76

MX Token (MX) Price Prediction 2027

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
January 202717.83 USD14.91 USD15.34 USD
February 202718.47 USD15.46 USD15.90 USD
March 202719.12 USD16 USD16.46 USD
April 202719.76 USD16.54 USD17.01 USD
May 202720.41 USD17.09 USD17.57 USD
June 202721.05 USD17.63 USD18.13 USD
July 202721.70 USD18.17 USD18.69 USD
August 202722.34 USD18.72 USD19.25 USD
September 202722.99 USD19.26 USD19.81 USD
October 202723.63 USD19.80 USD20.36 USD
November 202724.28 USD20.35 USD20.92 USD
December 202724.92 USD20.89 USD21.48 USD
Maximum Price$21.37
Minimum Price$17.90
Average Trading Price$18.41

MX Token (MX) Price Prediction 2028

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
January 202825.91 USD21.74 USD22.37 USD
February 202826.89 USD22.59 USD23.26 USD
March 202827.88 USD23.43 USD24.14 USD
April 202828.86 USD24.28 USD25.03 USD
May 202829.85 USD25.13 USD25.92 USD
June 202830.84 USD25.98 USD26.81 USD
July 202831.82 USD26.82 USD27.69 USD
August 202832.81 USD27.67 USD28.58 USD
September 202833.79 USD28.52 USD29.47 USD
October 202834.78 USD29.37 USD30.36 USD
November 202835.76 USD30.21 USD31.24 USD
December 202836.75 USD31.06 USD32.13 USD
Maximum Price$31.33
Minimum Price$26.40
Average Trading Price$27.25

MX Token (MX) Price Prediction 2029

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
January 202938.13 USD32.30 USD33.42 USD
February 202939.50 USD33.55 USD34.71 USD
March 202940.88 USD34.79 USD36 USD
April 202942.25 USD36.04 USD37.29 USD
May 202943.63 USD37.28 USD38.58 USD
June 202945 USD38.53 USD39.87 USD
July 202946.38 USD39.77 USD41.15 USD
August 202947.75 USD41.01 USD42.44 USD
September 202949.13 USD42.26 USD43.73 USD
October 202950.50 USD43.50 USD45.02 USD
November 202951.88 USD44.75 USD46.31 USD
December 202953.25 USD45.99 USD47.60 USD
Maximum Price$45.69
Minimum Price$39.15
Average Trading Price$40.51

MX Token (MX) Price Prediction 2030

MonthMaximum PriceMinimum PriceAverage Price
January 203055.57 USD47.72 USD49.40 USD
February 203057.90 USD49.45 USD51.19 USD
March 203060.22 USD51.18 USD52.99 USD
April 203062.55 USD52.91 USD54.78 USD
May 203064.87 USD54.64 USD56.58 USD
June 203067.20 USD56.38 USD58.37 USD
July 203069.52 USD58.11 USD60.17 USD
August 203071.84 USD59.84 USD61.96 USD
September 203074.17 USD61.57 USD63.76 USD
October 203076.49 USD63.30 USD65.55 USD
November 203078.82 USD65.03 USD67.35 USD
December 203081.14 USD66.76 USD69.14 USD
Maximum Price$68.36
Minimum Price$57.24
Average Trading Price$59.27

The Bottom Line

MX token is worth investing in. The price predictions show a growth in the coming years. You can be part of this crypto by investing in it. Do not forget to research crypto before you invest in it.

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