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Muse (MUSE) Price Prediction: What’s Ahead In 2024-2030?

By Jay Dawson


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Muse (MUSE) Price Prediction

Muse(MUSE) works as the governance token in the peer-to-peer protocol called NFT20.

Through tokenization, NFT20 seeks to enable the trading of NFTs on decentralized exchanges.

In this article, we will look at the workings of the Muse (MUSE) token and the details regarding the technology that forms its foundation.

In the first section let us take a closer look into what the technology behind Muse is.

What is Muse (MUSE)?

Muse tokens have their work as the governance token native to the platform The platform aims to make the transaction of NFTs possible in decentralized exchanges by assisting in the process of tokenizing them.

The tokenization of NFT projects is a move that is expected to address the liquidity problems in the NFT space through the creation of a secondary market of ERC20 derivatives.

What is the Muse (MUSE) token and what does it do?

The Muse (MUSE) token standing as the governance token of the NFT20 protocol can be used for the voting and decision-making process of the ecosystem with regard to its future decisions and finance management.

The Muse (MUSE) token can also be used to pay for the service that arises in relation to the ecosystem owing to its status as its native token.

The token can be used on its native platform to collect and distribute transaction fees arising from the platform back to the community.

The Muse DAO in addition to all these also helps to give new monetary options to artists and creators by helping them to tokenize their works.

These are a few of the features and use cases of the MUSE token in its native protocol ecosystem.

Now let us look at the current market standing of the coin in the market.

The table given below gives a general overview of the current market standings of the Muse (MUSE) token.

Name of the tokenMuse
Token Marker(MUSE)
Current Price$10.41
Price Change-11.28%
Market Cap$5,292,192
Volume (24h)$620,911

The aforementioned table shows the details regarding the current conditions of the Muse (MUSE) token in the marketplace.

Muse (MUSE) Price Prediction 2024 – 2030

The table below can be looked into to show the yearly predicted market price of the Muse (MUSE) token published by major analysts.

YearsMinimum PriceMaximum Price
2025$ 10.56$ 49.87
2026$ 8.81$ 28.02
2027$ 9.66$ 19.78
2028$ 14.26$ 33.63
2029$ 26.95$ 67.09
2030$ 26.59$ 43.12

These are the price predictions that have been set for the Muse (MUSE) token from the years 2024-2030.

According to the market analysis by the top experts, the current short-term trend of the coin is Bearish as the coin recorded only 27% green days in the past 30 days.

The price volatility of the coin in the past 30 days stood at 12.21% while the overall score in the Fear & Greed index showed a score of 51 for the coin, which suggests a neutral opinion towards the coin’s growth.

The short-term market sentiment regarding the coin is however contrary to the monthly and yearly market predictions that have been set up for the token.

As per the indications, the coin was supposed to have increased by over 224.58% in its value by July 24.

This discrepancy between the predicted price averages and the actual market sentiment as indicated by the technical analysis stands as a cause for concern for investors when it comes to buying or selling the Muse (MUSE) token.

Where to buy Muse (MUSE)?

These are the names of a few crypto exchanges that list the Muse (MUSE) token.

  • Coinbase
  • CoinEx
  • StealthEX
  • Uniswap v3
  • Uniswap v2

Investors interested in buying the Muse (MUSE) coin can create an account in any of the following exchange platforms and start trading in the token.

In the section below we will have a look at the steps that one must take in order to buy the Muse (MUSE) coin.

How to buy Muse (MUSE) tokens?

These are the steps that one must follow in order to buy the Muse (MUSE) token.

  • Step 1

Registering in a cryptocurrency exchange: The first step to take in the buying process is to Register yourself as a member in any of the reputable crypto exchanges that list the Muse (MUSE) coin.

The customers will be asked to provide details regarding their email, bank account number, phone number, and others in order to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

  • Step 2

Choose your preferred method of payment to buy the Muse (MUSE) token: In the second step in the process make sure to select and confirm the kind of payment you wish to use as payment for your purchase of the Muse (MUSE) token.

Experienced investors can also choose to link their current wallet to the exchange and try to swap any of the existing trade coins for Muse (MUSE) coins.

  • Step 3

Order placement and coin acceptance: The final step of purchasing a Muse (MUSE) coin is to place an order for a coin that corresponds to the quantity and volume of the token you wish to move forward with.

After placing the order the buyer can wait for a confirmation from the exchange regarding the purchase and can later transfer the coin to their crypto wallet.

These are the simple steps one must follow if one wants to buy the Muse (MUSE) coin.

Final thoughts

Considering the workings of the Muse ecosystem and their involvement in the tokenization process of NFTs the long-term prospects of the coin seem to be quite enticing to investors who believe in the growth of the fields that the ecosystem that the token has been linked with.

However, The hurdles along the way of investing in the coin are too risky and impactful to be just ignored.

Therefore, it should be the personal decision of the investors as to how much weight they should give to their gut feelings over or along with the technical indicators and market predictions that have been set for the coin.

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