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Microsoft And Amazon’s Game-Changing Investments In French Tech

By Eric George


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French Tech

E-commerce and tech giants are making a gigantic entry into the French tech market. In recent events, global tech leaders have entered the French market and have made huge investments supposedly to take the French tech realm to a whole new level.

The government of France has welcomed this with open hands in a positive way. In today’s news piece, we are about to discover more about the tech advancements happening in the ecosystem of France and the impact they can have on the European economy.

Amazon, Microsoft, and France

The Choose France Summit and global events that are conducted in France by the government to attract more global investors were the venues where the behemoths took their decisions.

In the recent 7 annual events, these companies pledged billions of dollars towards accelerating the growth of the tech sector in France and also to create significant advancements in the total tech infrastructure of the company.

Amazon’s Investment Into French Tech

Amazon has committed more than 1.2 billion euros towards the French tech infrastructure. This is supposed to create new job roles in the nation as well.

There will be around 3000 new job opportunities opening up before the French citizens.

The report regarding the details of the job role was released in a statement from the office of the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

The billion-dollar funds will be initially used for the development of the AWS (Amazon Web Services).

It is noted that the generative artificial intelligence and cloud infrastructure of AWS will witness significant improvements.

Furthermore, developments in the parcel delivery service’s logistical infrastructure are also announced.

Prior to this, in a previous official announcement by Amazon, the company stated that it would create around 2,000 new job roles in France by the end of 2024.

Amazon currently has its workforce operating in France, and the e-commerce leader plans to increase this to around 24,000.

More job roles will be initially opened in its logistical centres.

French Tech

Microsoft and French Tech Infrastructure

It was around four decades ago that Microsoft made a big investment in France during the former’s establishment in the country.

Since then, there have been no major deals. However, now the tech leader has announced a fund of 4 billion euros towards the development of new data centres inside France.

Microsoft envisions the building of a new data centre in eastern France. Additionally, this investment will also go towards the further expansions of data centres and sites that already exist in locations such as Marseille, and Paris.

Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft stated that the amount said will be directed towards building Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing infrastructure in France.

This stand was attributed towards the position that France has as a critical leader in the European continent.

And, also towards the longstanding commitment that France has shown towards carbon-free energy markets.

Will more tech giants enter the French market?

Most definitely, yes. The current moves by Microsoft and Amazon have garnered global attention and there are high chances that this can invite more investors to the nation.

France has been making rapid growth in this sector and the assistance of these newly entered tech titans is to set their pace further higher.

The potential and wide possibilities in the French market are yet to be realised by global brands.

Even though the people of France quickly adopt tech advancements, we have not yet seen any major companies making a significant investment in the nation.

However, the French government has been acting tirelessly to attract high-profile foreign investors to their nation.

In the aftermath, the leadership of Immanuel Macron has indeed played a great role. The developments in France can take Europe further in its tech journey, as per the expectations.

The Bottom Line

We hope to see tremendous growth in infrastructure as well as the workforce of the French tech industry.

In the coming years, France is about to undergo a massive transformation in the tech sectors like never before, as per the latest reports that we have received.

You may witness the tremendous growth that this country can go through and the significant influences that it can have on the European continent.

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