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Layer 1 BlockDAG’s Batch 14 Sells Out Quickly, Raises Over $29M

By Eric George


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Layer 1 BlockDAG's Batch 14

Is it common that a tech upgrade gets the attention of the crypto realm? This may not happen very often however, the latest BlockDAG dashboard upgrade has garnered attention from all communities, not let alone crypto circles clocking in as high as 29 million US dollars.

We have reports from the top players of the crypto industry, the investors, the raiders, and the analysts alike that all of them have their eyes on the Layer 1 BlockDAG in its Batch 14 sellout.

BlockDAG, The Big Dog

BlockDAG has received a huge 29 million US dollars from its presale alone. That’s worth all the attention.

Block Directed Acyclic Graph (BlockDAG) is a Layer 1 proof of work consensus mechanism that evolves the crypto sphere with its Directed Acyclic Graph.

This Block graph is a cutting-edge approach that can be taken when creating distributed ledgers.

It can be seen as one of the seamless and swiftest PoW consensus mechanisms which currently has a confirmation speed of 10 blocks per second and it is evolving to achieve the confirmation speed of 100+ blocks per second.

The BlockDAG, also known as the BDAG network, serves as a medium for spending, earning, building, and mining.

The Groundbreaking Growth of BlockDAG

The growth of Layer 1 BlockDAG has often turned heads as it has been in a continuous and steady upward trend.

It is showcasing its strength through the presales of its Batch 13 coins. Its presale phases dominate the Piccadilly Circus of London and BDAG is soon to become a household name.

BDAG’s Batch 13 coins were sold out at a 0.008 US dollars per coin rate.

Currently, the Batch 14 coins are in their presale phase with a 0.085 US dollars per coin rate. The Batch 14 coins are also getting gigantic traction with a 750% return. This is one of the highest and most notable returns that early investors are witnessing.

The project is currently running 4 months ahead of its planned schedule and this has also become a factor that it gets the attention of the global investors.

Layer 1 BlockDAG's Batch 14

So far, BlockDAG has raised over 29.3 million US dollars only from its presales. It is running a target of achieving 600 million US dollars and a growth that results in 10 US dollars per coin by the year 2025.

The project has an eco-friendly consensus algorithm that acts to improve the speed of transaction rates to 10 blocks/second. Simultaneously, it also maintains environmental sustainability.

Crypto analysts and veterans verify the rapid growth rate of the project and the shining future that it has.

The financial banking position of the project is also robust with it being a front-running contender preparing for foreseeable crypto exploding.

BDAG enhances stability inside the community, promotes rapid processing, and upholds its position in the crypto realm.

BlockDAG Dashboard New Features

No More FOMO

The latest dashboard updates of the BlockDAG let you view the latest news. You only need to enter the dashboard to come across all the trending news.

All the recent news will be displayed in the dashboard for a considerable amount of time and you will have an opinion to find them as well.

This ensures that you do not miss out on anything so that you can say bye to FOMO.

Check Your Rank

The BlockDAG dashboard now lets you check your current rank on the platform. Also, you can check how much more you are in need of to reach a certain target rank.

This makes it easy for you to track your performance and curate strategies with which you can soar higher.

Referral Screen

Now there is a referral screen where you can see the number of purchases that have been made using the referral link that you shared.

You can monitor the processes and the bonuses that you have earned through referring alone.

Leaderboard Awaits You

Leaderboard lets you see the user who has made the highest number of transactions on the platform. This feature promotes the competitive spirit among the users.

At the same time, the top performers in the platform do receive the recognition that they deserve.


BlockDAG now has defined wallets for the users. With the wallet, you can check your remaining balance, make purchases, and also manage your miners. All these can be done directly from the dashboard using the wallet.

Recent Transaction Preview

You can use this feature to review the last transactions that you have made. You can check the transactions, the stage that you used, the status of the transactions, the time at which the transaction took place, and the amount that you transferred.

The dominance of BDAG in the industry has captured the limelight from Polkadot and Toncoin.

Let us briefly look at how these two coins are traversing through the crypto paths.

Polkadot has showcased stable growth in recent times. Currently, it is trading above 7 US dollars and has witnessed a 4.08% increase in the last week alone. Also, there is a substantial increase in user engagement.

Toncoin has seen whale activity worth 1 billion US dollar transactions. At the same time, there is a struggle to achieve a stable price.

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