Who Is Layah Heilpern? Networth, Sucess Story, And More

Have you ever wished that someone had taught you about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space in simpler words, in a way even a newbie can comprehend the intricacies of the technology?

This is what Layah Helipern does through her podcast, her social media pages, and her book Undressing Bitcoin. Want to know more about her? Just keep reading!

Who Is Layah Helipern?

To begin with, Layah Helipern is a media personality who formerly worked with media giants like BBC and Altcoin Buzz.

She has also appeared on popular channels like Fox News, Pierce Morgan Uncensored, Fox Business, and GB News.

Helipern is of British origin, born in London, United Kingdom, on 19 August 1996. She went to Oxford and earned her Master’s in Information & Library Science from there.

She is also an alumnus of Queens College, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism. She has another Bachelor’s, from Leeds University Business School, in Business Administration and Management.

Helipern currently resides in Beverly Hills, California, and occasionally in Miami, Florida, where she owns an apartment.

Helipern is known for her role as a cryptocurrency influencer who runs a podcast called The Layah Helipern Show on Apple podcasts, which started in 2020.

She has Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter pages created for the same purpose, where she talks about cryptocurrency, investment, entrepreneurship, and occasionally, politics.

She has conducted interviews with prominent figures in the industry on her podcasts and TV shows, popularizing digital assets including Bitcoin.

As a social media influencer, Helipern has multiple sources of income as she is getting opportunities for paid endorsements, brand partnerships, and sponsorships.

She has millions of followers on her Instagram and TikTok pages contributing to her earning millions of dollars from these accounts.

Apart from being a cryptocurrency expert, journalist, investor, influencer, and host, she is also an author who released her first book in 2021, Undressing Bitcoin.

Let’s learn more about that.

Undressing Bitcoin: What The book Is About?

Layah Heilpern

It’s not that difficult to make an assumption about the content of the book from its title. You are right, the book is about Bitcoin, but not just about that.

Undressing Bitcoin, although focuses mostly on the history, relevance, and other aspects of Bitcoin, also delves into matters regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general.

It covers topics including inflation, government policies, and technical terms and challenges in the crypto space.

The book gained wide popularity soon after it was released, partly due to Helipern’s growing presence in the media as a crypto expert.

Although the book encompasses A to Z details about Bitcoin, it received a mixed response from the readers, especially since people who already have a basic knowledge about the field didn’t find it much useful.

However, those who were just introduced to the industry found it easily apprehensible and a useful guide when stepping into the world of crypto.

Undressing Bitcoin has every topic organized in chronological order starting with the traditional financial system and the death of fiat currency, to the future of Bitcoin.

The book is meant to raise awareness about cryptocurrency and digital assets among the common masses and thus includes a philosophical commentary while talking about the technicalities of cryptocurrency platforms

It has also tried to present a humanitarian and personal side to Bitcoin, meaning to attract more people into the space.

Layah Helipern: Net Worth

Helipern juggles multiple careers, all of which act as different sources of income where she earns millions. Her entrepreneurial activities including her social media pages, YouTube channel, Podcast, and the royalty she earns from the book make a major contribution to her wealth.

Along with these, she is getting paid a hefty amount as a renowned journalist and an investor in digital assets. As of now, she is valued at $7 million and her wealth is still growing.

Layah Helipern’s success story as a cryptocurrency influencer is an instance of leveraging emerging technologies to build a career of one’s own and trying their best to make it to the top by utilizing their knowledge and skills.

She is an inspiration to the younger generation to follow their passion and is an example of how investing enough time and effort in it will take you places beyond your expectations.

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