Latest Crypto Game Coins: The Future Of Gaming Finance!

2024 is going to be the year of crypto games. The popularity of crypto games is increasing and more gaming enthusiasts are deviating from this. Crypto games are games that combine crypto with traditional video games. It lets you play games using crypto.

The advancements in crypto games have resulted in the launch of crypto game coins and tokens. Here in this article, you can read about the latest crypto game coins and also about the latest crypto game tokens that seem to break records this year. So, start reading. 

Latest Crypto Game Coins

  • Portal (PORTAL)

PORTAL has had a peak market cap of 561.6 million USD and a peak price of 3.36 USD. It was launched on February 29, 2024, with a huge hype. So far, no crypto game coin has received this amount of hype right after its launch. It may be because of the fact that PORTAL was an airdrop launch coin.

It received mention, tweets, and follows from endless fas in X and also had a new record-setting campaign on the platform Binance. Users stacked more than 9 million US dollars worth of cryptos in the campaign with an expectation of earning rewards. This is one of the most popular crypto game coins in 2024, so far, and it seems like having promising potential. 

  • Pixels (PIXEL)

PIXEL has had a peak market cap of  531 million US dollars with a peak price of 0.66887 US dollars. It was said to offer 350 million PIXEL via its Launchpool campaign which makes up t 7% of the overall token supply.

The launch pool runups started on February 9, 2024, and lasted until 10 days, Feb 19. During this time the token was listed on the exchange platform of Binance. PIXEL is a single game token and its launch Ronin, an Ethereum scalar has led to the introduction of multiple ccrypto native elements to the realm of web games. In one day, PIXEL generated around 1 m USD worth of trading. 

  • Xai (XAI)

XAI has had a peak price of 1.59  USD and a peak market cap of 440.6 million US dollars. It was launched in January 2024. It was dropped by the layer  3 gaming network Arbitrum a, Ethereum scaler, Xai, and was an airdrop.

It became the first biggest airdrop in 2024 and the peak price reached an amount double its launch price. XAI has started to stake rewards and its launch did reward the operators and openers Guardian Nodes of the network and specific NFT holders. 

  • Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)

MAVIA has had a peak price of 10.59 US dollars and a peak market cap of 3317.7 million US dollars and was launched on February 6, 2024.

It has seen the biggest price hike of 2024 for crypto game coins soon after its launch. It has had a 5x price hike than its opening price and surge above 10 USD. However, soon after, it did shed a 40% value. Heroes of Mavia is one of the biggest new crypto games launched in the year  2024. 

  • Axie Infinity Shards (AXS)

It is an ERC token that lets you play the Axie Infinity, the blockchain-centric game that is gaining fans from all over the world.

With AXS you can engage in the Axie games which is a battling game in which out embark on a journey to find a deity-like creature referred to as ‘Axies’. AXS can be used to create your own realm and also helps you participate in key gaming decisions. 

  • Altru (ALTRU)

ALTRU has had an all-time high price of 2.01 US dollars. These tokens empower the users to exchange and own avatars, other in-game items, games, and various other digital assets. The taken is native to the social gaming platform Altru.

This platform can be utilized to play games and create and share games and NFTs. You can discover an array of games and choose to support the game. Also, you can support other creators on the platform. 

  • Enjin Coin (ENJ)

It is one of the most popular gaming coins in crypto gaming and is reported to have a promising 2024. This can be used to enjoy many of the game features.

You can access multiple in-game items using ENJ. It can also be used to sell, purchase, and trade other digital items in the crypto realm. 

The Bottom Line

This is not the end of the list of the latest crypto game coins. The growth of crypt gaming is sure to have more coins and tokens get launched for this.

The crypto game coins and crypto game tokens are the crypto in-game currency. Using this you can buy things, avatars, and many more in the game and it provides you with much more access.

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