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Keith Gill

Keith Gill is a financial expert of American origin who is popular among his YouTube followers with the name Roaring Kitty.

He was in the news recently after GameStop tokens, which he predicted would touch a record high, actually gained big in the market in 2021.

Keith is an astute businessman, who has made the most in the GameStop token revolution. He could multiply his investment in GameStop tokens from the initially invested $53,000 to $50 million during January 2021.

He slowly increased his share of the GameStop tokens, which are now valued at $250 million. He also has a Reddit account named DeepFuckingValue (DFV).

Early Life and Career

Gill was born in 1986 and spent his childhood in Brockton, Massachusetts. He completed his studies at the Stonehill College in 2009.

He then secured a membership in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), though he is not currently practicing as one.

In 2019, Keith joined as a financial educator and marketer in a firm called MassMutual. His job was not to directly advise investors on buying any particular stock, but he served as a source of knowledge dissemination in the field.

The Art of Value Investing

Keith Gill

Keith Gill is a pioneer of value investing. Value investing refers to investing in a stock that has initially a low value but has the potential to explode in the future.

Value investing ensures that investors get high returns because they initially buy the stocks at a price lesser than their real value.

The investments are made only after calculating the expected future value of the token after considering various parameters. It is not mere speculation, but data-driven insights.

It is not a surprise that Keth Gill’s social media posts were referred to as spreadsheet-like content because the posts were so detailed with references and cross-references such as the ones detailed on a spreadsheet.

Gill, being a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) was adept at making such informed decisions.

Gill’s Social Media Pursuits

Keith Gill started his X handle, formerly Twitter, in 2014, under the name Roaring Kitty. According to Gill, the objective of the X handle was the education of the common people.

In 2019, Gill joined the Reddit platform and began posting his insights on the Reddit community titled WallStreetBets.

The main content of these social media handles was the Gamestop token. It was Gill’s effort at publicizing the GameStop token that made it a huge success.

He considered the token as thoroughly undervalued and directed his efforts toward educating the masses about the benefits of the token.

Gill’s pursuits at establishing GameStop token as a major player in the crypto market made him the subject of a Netflix series titled “ Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga”.

The main theme of the series was the dispute between the hedge fund managers of Wall Street and Keith Gill under the name Roaring Kitty.

After the release of Eat the Rich, many mainstream traders in Wall Street betted against GameStop tokens, but they lost their bet for a combined amount of nearly $13 million.

In 2023, another comedy movie named “Dumb Money” was made by Sony Pictures on the same theme.

Keith Gill’s Current Status

The real identity of Keith Gill was initially unknown. After Reuters discovered the figure behind Roaring Kitty, the account went dormant. From 2021 to May 2024, there were no posts on the account.

Now Gill has rekindled the account with new posts. However, it is currently unclear whether Gill still owns the shares of the GameStop tokens or has sold them.

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Should You Trust Social Media Influencers like Keith Gill when making Crypto Investment Decisions?

Keith Gill’s calculated efforts at uplifting the undervalued GameStop token is a time-tested model of increasing the value of a stock. It is not a mere hypothesis but is supported by specific data.

In the case of GameStop tokens, those who invested in the token could make it big in the industry, whereas those who betted against the token lost their bet money in the long run.

However, you should only make investments after considering other factors of a concerned token such as its historical price performance, the relevant technical analysis indicators, and on-chain development activities before buying a token.

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