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Jason Pizzino

Jason Pizzino is a popular young YouTuber and a crypto enthusiast. He managed to become a millionaire in his early twenties and is a source of inspiration for all the young crypto nerds out there.

Jason Pizzino describes himself as a full-time macro investor. He is also a swing trader and has 16+ years of experience in real estate, crypto, stocks, and commodities.

Here in this article, you are going to read all about this young dude who has quite become a star.

Jason Pizizno has bae a household name of the young crypto as well as stocks and commodities investors.

Jason Pizzino YouTube Channel

On his YouTube channel, he uploads videos of market sentiments and technical market analysis.

You can see that he uploads videos every day on his YouTube channel on investing with a macro outlook on business cycles as well as economic cycles.

He says that his channel is where you can find the impact that the top 1% have on the trade markets. 

His YouTube channel is his name itself. Thus the channel has managed to take over 323k subscribers.

The daily videos uploaded by him inform and update his audience about the latest trends and happenings in the crypto realm.

Many of his followers see him as a crypto educator as he imparts essential details of the crypto world to others. He uses his channel as a medium for that.

Pizzino has an in-depth working knowledge of trading in stocking commodities and crypto. You can learn a lot about stocking and commodities from his channel.

He created his YouTube channel in July 2014. So far, there are a total of 1124 uploaded videos on his channel.

The viewership that he has managed to make from these videos is approximately 37,876,505 views.

It has been almost a decade of journey for Jason in the field of trades.

Jason Pizzino, The Master Of Trading

All that Jason shares with others was attempted by him. He made a fortune by experimenting with his strategies in the 2017 crypto bull run.

It was a time when the world was familiar with the crypto industry and the industry itself was rapidly developing during that time.

Jason Pizzino is one of the earliest adopters and supporters of crypto and he still is.

Crafting brilliant strategies and making money out of that, was not merely what he was doing.

Pizzino stepped into the deep waters of trading to come out with trading indicators that he derived and trade-assisting software he made.

All these good old strategies have made him the millionaire that he is today and he is still making money from all these.

When thinking about Jason Pizizno, he can not be just seen as someone who trades and makes money from crypto.

Rather he is one of the biggest cryptic influencers out there and a top-notch crypto educator. His videos are watched by the masses.

Who is Jason Pizizno? What is he skilled at?

Jason describes himself as an experienced farmer and framing assistant, a mentor, an instructor, and a project manager.

He has demonstrated a working history in the higher education industry. He is skilled in education scaffolding, G suite, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and communication.

Since 2014 he has been self-employed. He is a business mentor at a community with 100,000+ strength.

You can consult him for a hopium-free technical and fundamental analysis for long-term investing.

He is an expert in Australian and US stocks, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, personal finance, and investing psychology.

He also consults on passive income and quantitative analytics.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Ecology and Evolution Biology from the University of California.

Jason Pizzino

Jason Pizzino: Net Worth

As of the latest data, the net worth of Jason Pizzino is estimated to be around 6 million US dollars.

The main source of income he has is from his investments and from his YouTube channel. Also, he derives a good amount of money from his social media profiles.

The top analysts say that he may be earning somewhere around 50.4k US dollars from his YouTube channel.

In addition to his regular content on YouTube, he also does brand endorsements and sponsorships.

You can see the affiliate links in his handle, and the number of people that purchase using his affiliate link can not be a small number.

Along with his brother, he runs a course titled ‘The Investor Accelerator (TIA)’. It is a program for making investment decisions and crypto.

Assessing the real net worth Jason Pizzino has accumulated is not that easy. We can not know the real answer as we do not have insights into his real estate portfolio and crypto holdings.

Who is Jason Pizzno? A lesser-known fact about him

An interesting fact is that, when he started the YouTube channel, he had no intention of using it in the way that he does now.

He wanted to upload some workout videos and so on. He changed the content and aim of the channel in the latter years when he became fond of trading and crypto.

His initial videos are of triceps workouts and related ones where you can see him doing exercises at home.

He talked about working out and personal health in his channel more like a lifestyle vlogger. 

Now you can visit his channel to only return with a bundle of knowledge on cryptos, NFTs, and anything related to blockchain networks.

The Bottom Line

Jason Pizzino is one of the most brilliant young minds that our world has currently. He is a crypto and trading mastermind, a YouTuber, an educator, and one of the richest sources for learning about stocks and commodities trading.

People like him motivate the youth and persuade them in the right way and to achieve high at a young age.

We wish Jason Pizizno all the best and we would love to see more Jason Pizzinos rising up

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