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Infosys CTO Tarafdar To Engineering Students: AI Expertise Is Essential

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Infosys CTO Tarafdar To Engineering Students

The Infosys Chief Trade Officer (CTO) Rafee Tarafdar highlights the significance and key roles that artificial intelligence is capable of playing in the life of students. Rafee Tarafdar was talking at the Moneycontrol and CNBCTV-18 AI Alliance NCR Chapter

What Happened? 

Rafee Tarafdar said that the tech realm has created many innovative learning techniques utilizing large language models which is termed as Socrative learning.

Tarafdard suggested that engineering students need to learn to use AI tools. He viewed AI tools that transform the lives of engineering students who were preparing to enter the professional world. 

He advanced the need for AI expertise for all students out there who were planning to enter the professional world, despite being from engineering backgrounds or no star engineering backgrounds.

He was advocating about the chances the AI opens up before the students and he suggested that they need to use it wisely to ascend in their career.

He stated that all of them must learn AI if the students could use many AI tools and become very proficient in that, then they could be much more productive and also they could add a lot more value. 

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence In Infosys and Professional World

AI tools have the potential to save beginners a lot of time as well as to help them improve their projects. With the help of the wide variety of AI tools out there, the engineering profession would be able to fine-tune their models, build solutions with AI, and also engage in developing new techniques.

Tarafdard stated that if the students could focus on the ways to create the solutions then their presence could become a lot more relevant and crucial in the industry. 

He while talking about Infosys said that the company has  ‘Socrative learning’ available to the learners which includes nay innovative learning techniques.

He added that where you reason it out it would provide you with examples to do adaptive learning. Tarafdar continued that Infosys has introduced a sales assistant to be used by most of the client-facing team members.

Rafee Tarafdar said that the entire information that the company had collected over more than  4 decades of time was currently available to the team members right at their fingertips.

Artificial Intelligence In Infosys and Professional World

To What Extent Has Infosys Adopted AI?

Over the last 18 months. Infosys has launched Gen AI (Generative AI ) solutions for their internal team members. This was revealed by Tarafder as he was answering to the extent of AI deployment in the company. 

In addition to adaptive learning, Infosyys has also provided an array of code assistance to all of its developers. Tarafdra stated that as Infosys was a global organization, it was a challenge to find information in cases when the company took up quantum computing and related projects. 

Is AI Taking Over Humans? The Long-lasting Fear

The common fear among the employees of giant tech and IT companies is layoff. With the adept use of artificial intelligence and AI tools in the workplace, engineers and others have been highly conscious about AI taking up their jobs.

However, in the case of Infosys, the founder N R Narayana Murthy has precisely stated that the human mind has the most powerful intention. He was answering a question related to AI replacing or taking over human jobs.  

Narayana Murthy stated that the most powerful instrument ever invested by God was the human mind. He said that when the technology of case tools and program generators was invented, human beings did not say that they wanted to attack bigger problems or more complex problems.

He also said that humans have never said that they wanted more complex tools and that they never said they hated tools so that the tools can handle complex problems that they can not. 

Murthy continued that he was a confirmed optimist in the role that technology has in general and specifically in AI. He added that tech can stay as a transformative tool in the field of growth however humans need to be smart enough to tame the ‘beast’ (referring to artificial intelligence) and make it an assistive tool for them. 

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