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Illuvium Price Prediction 2024 To 2030: What To Expect?

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Illuvium price prediction

Illuvium is a blockchain-based game in a P2E structure. ILV is the native token of this ecosystem with which you can take part in various competitions and quests.

If you are a crypto game enthusiast, then you definitely know that the crypto gaming industry is predicted to face a boom.

So, we thought this is the right time to make a price prediction on ILV.

Illuvium Price Prediction

At the time of writing this article, the price of Illuvium is $88.06. Over the past 7 days, the crypto has had an 11.15% drop in its price. Also, a 1.87% price drop has happened during the past 24 hours.

The market cap of Illuvium is $331,760,492.05 with a circulating supply of 3,767,377 ILV. The trading volume of the crypto is $15,026,501.41.

The all-time high that the crypto has ever had is $2,868.95 and the all-time low that the crypto has ever had is $29.77.

The ILV price prediction for the next 7 days shows a 221.38 hike making the price 295.41 US dollars. Currently, ILV has a bearish sentiment in the market and has marked a 54 point in the Fear Greed index giving a neutral signal.

It has 12 green days over the past 30 days, which makes it 40% of green days over a 30-day period. The 50-day SMA of the crypto is $119.69, with a 200-day SMA of $91.24, and a 14-day RSI of 39.23.

Illuvium price prediction

Illuvium Price Prediction 2024

Based on the current data that we have, the price prediction on the instruments for the remaining months of 2024 has been made.

The minimum expected price of the crypto is $99.78 and the maximum expected price is $100.60. It has a potential ROI of -3.7% with an average trading price of $98.95.

Illuvium Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, the Illuvium crypto price may have increased and reached a maximum of $211.76. This price may collapse and fall down to $175.18.

The average trading price that the crypto may have throughout the year is $92.09. The potential ROI of the crypto is -6%.

Illuvium Price Prediction 2026

Currently, the Illuvium price prediction for 2026 is between $256.24 and $310.61, with the first one as the minimum expected price and the latter one as the maximum expected price.

$263.49 is supposed to be the average trading price with a potential ROI of 199.6%.

Illuvium Price Prediction 2027

The average trading price that the crypto is forecasted to have in 2027 is $379.15.

However, the predictions hint that this price may fall down to $365.97. At the same time, it may also reach $448.00. It is expected to have a potential ROI of 332.2%.

Illuvium Price Prediction 2028

In 2028, the ILV price shall have a hike and reach a maximum of $642.72. Multiple price fluctuations may happen in this and the price drop is expected to have and may reach a lower limit of $546.56.

The average trading price of the crypto is expected to be $561.72 with a potential ROI of 520%.

Illuvium Price Prediction 2029

The potential ROI that the instrument is supposed to have is 830.7%. The minimum and maximum prices are predicted as follows, $817.74 and $964.77, respectively. The average trading cost is supposed to be $840.21.

Illuvium Price Prediction 2030

In 2030, the estimated average trading price is $1,233. The maximum that this price can go to is predicted as $1,424 and the lower limit shall be $1,191 as per the current market trends and price predictions. The potential ROI of the crypto is 1273.7%

The Bottom Line

In summary, Illuvium seems to be a promising crypto for the future. The price predictions suggest that the crypto is supposed to have a hike in its value in the coming years.

If you have been planning to invest in Illuvium, then now seems to be a good time to invest. However, we suggest that you do your research before you invest.

Note that crypto is a highly volatile industry and these price predictions may change at any time. We will keep updating you with the latest price prediction, in case of a major event.

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