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Are you looking for a Web3 platform where you can subscribe to courses, quizzes, and other educational materials to learn about cryptocurrencies and subsequently earn a good fortune? TrotelCoin is an apt platform to achieve this goal.

TrotelCoin is a cryptocurrency network that works on the basis of a Proof of Collective Intelligence consensus agreement.

Every user can contribute to the platform with new courses and learning materials.

The platform works in the following manner to ensure the authenticity of the information shared on it.

  • Course creators should fill out a form about the course information and create the learning material in 6 to 12 slides.

    A nominal fee is charged for this process so that irrelevant interferences are not made on the platform.

  • These data are compiled into a JSON file and are sent to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

    The unique code that IPFS gives to this file is used to connect it to a smart contract and list the course for public use.

  • Then comes a voting period when the users can vote for the course according to various criteria.

    If the course gets a sufficient number of votes it is officially added to the application. Otherwise, the developer can make the necessary changes and submit it for voting again.

More about TROTEL Token’s Utility and Tokenomics

In this, you will read more about the uses, business model distribution algorithm, and tokenomics of TROTEL tokens.


The Trotelcoin has the following uses.

  • Rewarding Learners

    The token is used to reward the learners who achieve the set milestones.

  • Ranks

    The TrotelCoin ranks the learners into two groups: Intermediate and Experts. Users can access more advanced courses and features based on their rank.

  • Governance

    TrotelCoin tokens give its holders governance rights to make decisions concerning the platform.

  • Shopping

    In this platform holding a certain amount of TrotelCoin tokens is necessary to buy things. When a user buys something, a part of the token is burned in order to maintain its stability.

  • Business

    It is important that you have a stake in a certain amount of TrotelCoin to showcase your businesses on the platform. The tokens are used as a payment method to access different business opportunities.

Business Model

The business model followed by TrotelCoin gives the platform revenue in two ways.

  1. B2C
  2. B2B

In the B2C model, the platform earns by selling the ranks such as intermediate or expert.

In the B2B model, the platform earns by charging fees to companies that advertise on the platform.

TROTEL Distribution Algorithm

The TROTEL tokens are distributed based on the user’s participation on the platform by answering the quizzes.

Here is an overview of how the platform works in terms of distributing rewards.

  • Setting Up

    In the setting up stage, the platform calculates the number of tokens that it plans to give as a reward in a year and the number of coins to be distributed daily.

  • Calculating Rewards

    The platform decides how many coins can be distributed to a single person in a day. The number of tokens to be distributed remains between 10% and 25% of the tokens.

  • Distribution

    The platform distributes the token to those answering quizzes. The token distribution is done as per the set daily limit.


Name: TrotelCoin (TROTEL)

Initial Supply: 100, 000, 000

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

The data about the allocation of the coin for various purposes is given below.

Team: 6%

Treasury: 10%

Liquidity Pool: 50%

Public Sale: 14%

Private Sale: 15%

Marketing: 5%

Where and How to Buy TrotelCoins?

TrotelCoins will be listed on various centralized exchanges once it starts trading.

Here is a guide to how to buy trotelCoins.

  • Choose a reliable crypto wallet that works according to your needs and requirements.
  • Set up the wallet by creating an account in it. Provide the required information to enable the smooth setting up of the wallet.
  • Keep ready a base currency such as bitcoin, ether, etc that you can exchange for TrotelCoin.
  • Choose an exchange where the coin is listed. Make sure that the exchange supports your chosen currency.
  • Go to the purchase page of the exchange and buy TrotelCoins in exchange for the base currency.
  • Ensure that the purchased coins have been credited to your wallet account.

The Bottom Line

TrotelCoin is an innovative platform that is on the mission to educate and empower users to navigate the Web3 universe.

It endeavors to aid people make informed decisions on the Web3 space to become active participants in the decentralized finance revolution.

So all potential users and investors are advised to make good use of the platform to scale their businesses.

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