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How To Invest Bitcoin In The UK? A Beginners Guide

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invest bitcoin in the UK

Bitcoin is often referred to as the original crypto coin. BTC has a lot of followers and investors from all over the world.

Many of them have been able to make loads of money out of the crypto, but at the same time, they have also incurred losses.

The continuous and promising evolutions happening in the crypto realm suggest that BTC is going to reach a whole new level. This has garnered the attention of endless communities from different nooks and corners of the world.

For someone new to the crypto world, it is not easy to learn all about crypto investments, the right platforms to invest, the particular coin to choose for trading, and more without proper guidance.

You may also feel overwhelmed with all the never-ending data that may appear on your screen the moment you run a search about Bitcoin

How To Invest Bitcoin In The UK?

There are multiple ways by which you can make a Bitcoin investment in the UK. Here let us look at the most commonly used ways and methods.

We have crafted this article in a beginner-friendly way, the same reason it is titled as a beginner’s guide.

invest bitcoin in the UK

We thought that we would simplify this and help you with the necessary information that you need by providing them to you without overflowing your screen with data, metrics, and even terms that you find difficult to understand. Here we address the question, ‘How to invest Bitcoin in the UK?’

Invest Bitcoin In The UK: A step-by-step guide

1. Create an account in a decentralized crypto exchange 

To invest in Bitcoin, you need to buy it. This can be easily done through an online cryptocurrency exchange.

You can create an account in any of the crypto exchanges of your choice. We suggest the top-rated ones such as Coinbase and eToro.

2. Select a payment method

Choose the method of payment by which you would like to buy Bitcoin. It can be your choice, and when you make this selection make sure that you have enough funds to make the purchase.

You can buy the crypto using your debit card, directly through wire or you can also connect with your bank account.

3. Start trade

You need to initiate the trade to start the process. Various platforms may have various options and steps for that.

In common, you can look for the ‘start a trade’ option, ‘buy’, or ‘buy and sell’ options.

4. Go to the list of assets and choose Bitcoin

Remember that all these crypto exchange platforms are not exclusive platforms to buy Bitcoin.

It may also have listed other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you need to opt for BTC from the list of assets. You can search for ‘Bitcoin’ using the search bar.

5. Enter the amount that you want to spend on BTC

You should have already thought about this and made plans. You can enter the amount that you are ready to invest in buying Bitcoin.

The platform may provide you with a screen where the amount that you entered will convert into the equivalent BTC amount.

6. Finalize your BTC purchase

After entering the amount, the final step is finalizing your purchase. The crypto exchange platform that you have chosen may show a ‘preview buy’ option which you use to see the details of your purchase.

After confirming that you have not missed out on anything or have not made any wrong choices or entries, you can proceed with the purchase.

7. Wait for the confirmation screen

You wait for the confirmation screen where the platform shows the purchase confirmed message on your screen.

If you do not get such a confirmation screen immediately, you can wait for a while, and then proceed to get help from customer support.

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned right at the beginning, this was just a beginner’s guide. We hope you were able to learn about making a BTC investment from the UK.

Know that, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and you need to be aware of a lot of things before you make an investment.

If there is anything more that you need to know, do not hesitate to reach out to us through the comment box, please.

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