How To Create And Sell NFTs For Free?

NFTs have revolutionized investments. Since the launch of CryptoKitties in 2017, NFTs have become widely popular among people. They have been looking for ways to create and sell NFTs for free.

So, to cut down a lot of research, I will be explaining the process of how to create and sell NFTs for free in a simple way. So, let’s get into it. 

What Are NFTs?

NFT or non-fungible tokens can be created only once. These assets cannot be interchanged or replaced with anything else at any time. Fungible assets are those that can be interchanged or replaced at any time.

NFTs are part of Ethereum blockchain and each transaction is recorded in blockchain. NFTs were introduced in 2014 and the first NFT was called ‘Quantum’. 

The most unique feature of NFTs is that the original owner can be traced easily as the system can verify the original owner. Users can retain their ownership.

As mentioned before, the NFTs became popular after CryptoKitties was introduced, which is a blockchain-based game. In this game, players can adopt, breed, and sell or buy virtual cats. 

Some of the features of NFTs are:

  • NFTs are indivisible and cannot be split into denominations like other cryptocurrencies. 
  • NFTs are tokens that can be owned by a single person at one time.
  • NFTs can exist only on the blockchain, and cannot be withdrawn, erased, or reproduced. 
  • NFTs are very rare and their scarcity makes them more popular and increases their value. 
  • Some NFTs can include contracts. Using blockchain technology, when specific conditions are met, it takes you to the next step. 
What Are NFTs

These are some of the popular NFTs. 

  • The Merge
  • Everyday: The first 5000 Days
  • Human One
  • CryptoPunk #5822
  • CryptoPunk #7523

How To Create And Sell NFT For Free?

Let’s look at the step-by-step process of creating NFT for free. 

  • Step 1: Select the platform

The first step of creating NFT for free is to choose your NFT Platform. It is important to select a user-friendly platform that allows free minting. You can go for platforms such as Rarible, Mintable, and OpenSea. 

  • Step 2: Open a digital wallet

After you set up your account on the selected platform, the next step is to create a digital wallet that is compatible with the platform. MetaMask is a highly recommended one because it is free to use. 

  • Step 3: Deposit 

After you set up your digital wallet, you need to put in some cash. You can deposit a small amount of cryptocurrency. People usually deposit Ether coins for the Ethereum-based platform. 

  • Step 4: Create your digital art

While creating your digital art it is important to follow the guidelines of the platform. When selecting a picture or file, it is important to pick out high-quality images or other files required for digital art. 

  • Step 5: Mint

The next step is to mint or create your art piece. For this upload the art, add a small description, and click confirm to complete the minting process. It is also important to verify the information before publishing it. 

  • Step 6: Promote and manage

You can promote your NFT on various platforms such as social media, art communities, and with potential buyers. It is also important to monitor and track your performance and adjust the price according to the demand. 

How Do You Promote Your NFT Art?

There are different ways to promote your NFT art in a marketplace once you list your artwork. To sell them free of cost you can do the following things:

  • Content creation

This is a popular strategy with the rise of different social media platforms. You can create high-quality content that helps to improve your reach by interacting with the audience effectively. Some of the popular platforms are Discord, Telegram, X(Twitter), and Reddit. 

  • Collabs 

You can even collaborate with influencers to enhance your reach to different audiences. It is important to collaborate with them without having to pay for their service. Find ways of how this collaboration can benefit both parties.

  • NFT Communities 

To gain some form of visibility for your artwork, it is important to be an active member of different NFT communities. For this, it is important to share feedback, join meetups, and promote other NFTs.

Some of the popular platforms that are great for NFTs are:

  • OpenSea

OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace of NFTs. There are over 34 million NFTs organized through this platform. It enables you to create free NFTs and sell them for free, with a small commission fee. 

  • Variable

Through this NFT platform, you can earn royalties on NFT resale which allows you to generate a passive income. You can also earn prizes through this platform. 

The secret is to promote yourself and make your art piece visible to all the people to increase the number of potential buyers. NFTs are creative spaces and come with a lot of opportunities. You need to fund the right space to get started. 

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