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How To Buy BitNance (BTN)? A Step-By-Step Guide

By Stephen Carter


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BitNance (BTN)

BitNance (BTN) is one of the newer cryptocurrencies that has been introduced into the market in recent times.

The highlighting feature of the Bitnance coin is that it offers a modern take on Bitcoin and is focused on placing the power in the hands of the holder rather than the project founders.

In this article, we will look at what BitNance is, how it functions, and what it brings as new to the table of existing cryptocurrencies.

What is BitNance (BTN)

BitNance is the native token that works in the BNB Smart Chain, BitNance is known to use a model for its working that is secured by its community to offer fair, distributed, and decentralized involvement in the projects in the network.

BitNance (BTN)

In order to keep up with this bargain from the end of the issuers it is said that the project founders will withdraw all control over the coin and give the powers to the holders of the coin so that they will have a say in all things related to the coin.

BitNance (BTN) expands on the already existing Binance chain technology and has been seen as the BEP-20 alternative to Bitcoin.

The BTN holders are enrolled in a pool from which the voting participants are randomly selected.

Introduced as an innovative approach to decentralized finance, the store-of-value (SOV) feature that the coin offers is a unique proposition on its own.

The limited supply of 10.5 million tokens makes it one of the coins that isn’t prone to the inflationary price dips that the other crypto tokens.

Out of the 10.5 million supply of the coin, over 5.6 million of it has been put up for sale during the fundraising, 2.75 million reserved to be put up on centralized exchanges and the rest to be used as initial liquidity on the listing day.

The coin which is currently in its presale stage can be bought before it makes its debut into the market through various Decentralized exchanges before being listed on the other prominent centralized exchanges.

The project hopes to achieve a market capitalization of $1 billion dollars through the awareness that it generates through its marketing team and its large community.

In the next section, we will take a look at the steps one must follow in order to Buy a BitNance (BTN) token.

What are the Steps to follow to Buy BitNance (BTN)?

The BitNance (BTN) coin is undergoing its presale stage and can be bought by linking a wallet to its website.

Let us look at the steps that one must follow in order to buy the BitNance (BTN) token.

These are the steps one must follow in order to buy the BitNance (BTN) token

  • Step 1

The first step in the process of buying BitNance is to get a Crypto wallet of your choice.

The user would be asked to fill out the relevant details that the wallet would later use to complete the KYC procedure.

Details like email addresses, mobile numbers, and verifiable documents might be the other requirements set by the wallet.

BitNance supports over 400 different kinds of crypto wallets thus giving you a wide range of products to choose from based on your liking.

Popular crypto wallets like Coinbase, Phantom, and MetaMast are some of the top choices for more investors when it comes to a crypto wallet.

Once you have downloaded the app to your mobile device or installed the extension in your browser you can activate the wallet by registering for an account and setting up a password along with a passphrase.

  • Step 2

The second step involved in the process is to fund your wallet with any popular stablecoins

It is to be noted that BitNance prefers the user of crypto assets such as BND and stablecoin USDT for carrying out transactions.

The user can either buy the coins directly from the wallet itself or from any of the crypto exchanges that offer lower fees.

  • Step 3

For the third step in the process navigate to the official BitNance website and click on the option that says “Buy BitNance”.

  • Step 4

In the fourth step of the process click on the option that gives you a choice to connect to the wallet that you have chosen to transact with.

  • Step 5

Choosing your order size and volume of swap should be the next step of the process.

Make sure that you clearly specify how much BitNance(BTN) token you would like to purchase and decide on the swap size according to the value of the tokens that you currently hold in your wallet.

  • Step 6

As the last and final step of the process authorize the transaction through your wallet and confirm it.

This will transfer your token to your wallet address and give you ownership of the tokens.

The claiming of the tokens usually happens after the presale ends and the user can be in total control of their BitNance (BTN) token.

These are the steps that one must follow in order to buy the BitNance (BTN) token.

Final thoughts

The concept of BitNance is very ambitious in its goals to rival Bitcoin. The usage of the same metrics that offered Bitcoin its value ought to benefit the BitNance coin in the same way that we saw with Bitcoin.

Its project outline seems to have attracted multiple investors and many of the community participants seem to be really excited about the prospects of its new storage of value coin which seems to be the cherry on top for the coin.

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