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Helium ($HNT) Price Soars On Latest Wallet Update

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George


The price of Helium has soared to 5.89 US dollars and subsequently, its market cap has reached 929.4 million US dollars.

Reports say that all its hikes are due to the recent wallet update is helping Helium to rise above and cross many thresholds.

Let us read further about the updates and look more at what is new about Helium in the crypto world.

On the third of this May, Helium in its official X account posted about the wallet update.

The update of the Helium Wallet App v2.7.7 (Android and iOS) fixed an issue reported by its community of users.

Earlier, the community reported a crash in Hotspot location assertion which was introduced in the previous v2.7.6 build. The v2.7.7 version has solved this issue and claims to enhance the user experience.

The community of users raised this issue not so before and by fixing it quickly and with a newer version, Helium is receiving applause from all over.

The day before the announcement of the newer version, Helium Mobile introduced unlimited mobile group plans where up to 8 people could enjoy the unlimited data, text, and talk pack at just 20 US dollars per month.

The current growth has resulted in Helium having the 92nd rank on CoinMarketCap.

More users find the crypto platform appealing as it has fixed the issues in no time and has ensured a seamless user experience.

The latest version of the wallet app is not merely about the fixed issue, it also addresses multiple other concerns.

A few of the things that the current update addresses are user confidence, stability issues, and network reliability.

What we witness right now is an increased demand for HNT crypto in various circles.

Helium Wallet App Features

  • Multiple Accounts Are Supported

The wallet app supports multiple accounts. This multiple-account support is one of the notable features of the Helium wallet app. You can use up to 10 accounts in one app.

  • Ledger Balance And Address Book

Ledger balance and address book are another top priority of the app. These features help you to keep track of the ledger balance and you can plan things accordingly.

  • Helium Identity Verification

There is an identity verification feature in the app. Using this you can confirm your identity. This lets you be the sole owner of your wallet app.

Someone else will not be able to access or use your wallet app. However, make sure that you do not share your credentials-related information with anyone else.

  • Can Pay Multiple Recipients

With the app, recipient payments are not restricted. You will not be in a dilemma because the app does not let you pay more than one recipient. The wallet app supports multiple recipient payments.

  • Easy To Claim Tokens And Rewards

Helium wallet app makes sure that you do not struggle to claim the tokens and rewards that you truly deserve.

You can use the app to claim tokens from different Hotspots into your account. Also, you can log in to your account using the app to claim the rewards that are locked up.

  • Update Hotspot

You can update hotspots easily using the wallet app. There are options to update the location of the hotspot and also to update the antenna of the hotspot.

Helium Price Prediction

At the time of writing this piece, the price of Helium is around 5.45 USD. This price is forecasted to rise and reach above 6 USD in the coming days.

The price of Helium is too high and it seems like a good buy at the moment. The recent price movements have resulted in many of the crypto experts coming up with price prediction articles.

One thing that can be understood from this is that the community of users is always looking forward to a reliable service from the providers.

In the case of Helium, they were swift about addressing the issue faced by the users. The users, when they see the quick actions, feel that the platform is legit and authentic.

If you have been considering Helium as an investment option, you can invest now, but only after careful consideration.

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