Gracy Chen’s Journey As Bitget’s Managing Director To Its Chief Executive Officer

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Gracy Chen

Gracy Chen was in the news recently as she was promoted as the Chief Executive Officer of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget. She succeeded Sandra Lou to become the most powerful and influential woman in the cryptocurrency world. 

This article will give you an insight into the life and works of Gracy Chen and the paths trodden by her to reach the highest position in a leading exchange. Read about this highly efficient woman who has carved a venerable space for women influencer and entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency industry

Gracy Chen: Education

Gracy Chen has a bachelor’s degree from the National university of Singapore and an MBA degree from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

How Did Gracy Chen Venture Into The World Of Cryptocurrency?

Gracy Chen debuted in the relatively new field of cryptocurrency in 2014, while working as a TV show host. She immediately identified the possibilities of crypto as a means of business.

During her stint as a TV show host, she had conducted interviews with industry specialists such as Tim Draper. She gained interest and knowledge in cryptocurrency through such interactions with knowledgeable people. She started investing in crypto companies such as bitget wallet, taking the first step in her incredible journey. 

In 2022, Gracy Chen was appointed as the managing director of Bitget. She was the ultimate person to formulate ideas for the development of the platform. It was during her leadership that Bitget partnered with the legendary football player, Lionel Messi.

This event shot the company into fame and helped in increasing its popularity among the investors. The business prospects of Bitget quadrupled with this alliance, and Bitget rose to the position of one among the top five crypto exchanges in the world. 

About Bitget

Bitget is an exchange that facilitates the trade of different currencies such as bitcoins and other prominent altcoins. This platform caters to the needs of 20 millions users from more than 100 countries. 

Bitget provides various services such as spot trading, copy trading, futures trading, spot margin trading and strategy trading. All the transactions are safe and secure and provide ease of doing business even during unfavourable market conditions. 

About Bitget

Gracy Chen’s Initiatives And Campaigns At Bitget

Gracy Chen is also a strong advocate of the #BlockChain4Youth that started in May last year. It is bitget’s power project with the company investing 10 million USD to increase adoption of Web3 scaling solutions.

This campaign was aimed at improving the popularity of Web3 adoption to bring in more youths into cryptocurrency and investments. It is also a knowledge sharing platform to adopt information technology in the field of blockchain development. 

Another initiative of her, #BlockChain4Her was started to empower women as entrepreneurs to spearhead cryptocurrency adoption in the world and build a sustainable future and ensure gender inclusivity in the field. The main goals of this campaign is to elevate, empower, educate and embrace women in the field of blockchain. Gracy chen innovated this gender inclusive campaign on three pillars:

  • Inspiring female pioneers in blockchain
  • Promoting leadership in the technological realm
  • Advancing gender inclusive technological breakthroughs.

Other Contributions

Gracy Chen is also a regular contributor to the cryptocurrency intelligence community through her columns in leading publications such as Forbes and Cointelegraph. She has also served as the judge of Killer Whales, the first television reality show based on cryptocurrency. 

Awards And Recognition

In 2015, Gracy Chen was recognized as the Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. She was elected as a member of the Forbes business council in 2023. 

The Bottom Line: How Does Gracy Chen Influence Women To Venture Into Crypto Entrepreneurship?

Cryptocurrency as an alternative to the fiat currency system and blockchain technology as a new technology powering the crypto revolution were wonderful innovations that took the world to a digital financial revolution. Gracy Chen set a niche for herself by becoming the MD and then the CEO of Bitget, a prominent player in the field. 

Gracy Chen is an example to prove that cryptocurrency is not an unattainable goal for women. She inspires many women to venture into the world of technology and become leaders who are as competitive as their men counterparts. 

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