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Top 15 Best Celebrity Gossip Websites

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Top 15 Best Celebrity Gossip Websites

Who doesn’t love a bit of gossip? Since the start of human civilization, gossiping has existed alongside strengthening the bond between people and making humans one of the most powerful social animals in the world. Imagine a world where no one gossips about anything. It will be boring right? 

If you love to know what is happening among celebrities or have a knack for peeping through the gossip about them, this article is for you. You will find the top 15 best celebrity gossip websites here. So once in a while, if you want to know a bit of celebrity gossip and news, these websites can help you for sure!

1. TMZ.Com


Owned by the Fox Corporation, TMZ is the magnum opus of American celebrity news and gossip. This website was launched in 2005 as a project with AOL and Warner Bros. It is ranked as one of the top 10 best celebrity gossip sites in 2024 by

The website covers news, sports, hip-hop, and whatever that happens in the celebrity world. Managed by Harvey Levin, an American military veteran and television producer, TMZ is the abbreviated form of a thirty-mile zone.

The website is known as the earliest source of Michael Jackson’s death and Mel Gibson’s drunk-drive incident. The ferocious nature of gossiping and being up-to-date are some of the attractive features that gather starstruck people around this website. 

2. Page Six

Page Six

Started as the gossip column for the New York Post, Page Six has grown into a master of celebrity gossip and news. If you are someone who wants to be updated on what is happening with celebrities, go to Page Six.

Over time, it has evolved into a powerful brand that has spread into other platforms such as social media, TV, video, etc. Whether it be news, entertainment, TV, movies, music, awards, sports, or lifestyle, the gossip-lovers first click on this website.

This website has an Instagram handle with 1 million followers and around 30,000 posts. So if you are a gossip buff and want to get updates on hot and steaming Hollywood gossip, Page Six is for you!

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3. E! Online (US) – Top Stories

E! Online

As their tagline shows #BePopCultured with E!, this is one of the largest celebrity gossip and news platforms in the United States. Here you will find all things related to lifestyle, popup culture, and entertainment.

Based on data from 2020, the average monthly social engagement rate for E1 news is 61.2 million.  And some recent data shows that 1 in 3 U.S adults access E! Through TV or digital media per month on average.

Well, if you are much into Kardashians, there is a separate section for Kardashian News on this website. This showbiz platform has 25 million followers and around 56k posts on Instagram. 

4. Popsugar


According to, Popsugar is the second most popular gossip blog as per its latest statistics. It can also be called a global lifestyle media brand founded by Lisa Sugar and Brian Sugar in 2006. Based in San Francisco, California, Popsugar covers everything from fashion, fitness, celebrity, beauty, and entertainment.

The website also has an ‘Identity’ section where the achievements and news from stereotyped identities are discussed. They avidly discuss the small victories and happenings of Latinos, Blacks, Queer, and Asian identities.

Popsugar also offers you some of the latest makeup trends inspired by Hollywood celebrities. Popsugar is part of Vox Media and recently acquired ShopStyle, a search engine dedicated to fashion shopping. 

5. Just Jared

Just Jared

Named as Yahoo’s prestigious top 10 bloggers, Just Jared is a thriving platform to know the latest celebrity news, videos, photos, and everything about pop culture. With around 401 articles per week, this website is a favorite among so-called gossip lovers.

The company has a teen spinoff site called JustJaredJr.Com which also provides breaking news, celebrity gossip, and whatnot. The website was founded in 2005 by Jared Eng, who is an actor, producer, and animator. 

Just Jared has an Instagram handle with 1.5 million followers and 41,802 posts. If you are looking for a fresh perspective on celebrity news and gossip, Just Jared is for you.

6. Bossip


Another hit one in the list of best celebrity gossip websites is Bossip. This is an exclusive destination for news and gossip related to African American celebrities. So if you are a bit into the lives and happenings of celebrities like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Jay Z, Bossip is your place!

The website has sections dedicated to these celebrities and news from their lives. In 2008, Bossip was voted the Best Hip-Hop Blog by VH1 Hip-Hop Honors.

According to GQ Magazine, Bossip is ‘the most viciously hilarious gossip website on the internet’. Owned by iOne Digital, it was launched in April 2006 and currently bases its operations in Atlanta, Georgia.

7. US Weekly

US Weekly

Dating back to 1977, US Weekly has a solid place among the best celebrity gossip websites in the run now. Based in New York City, this is one of the most popular weekly celebrity and entertainment magazines available today. The topics covered range from the royal family, celebrity relationships, the latest trends in fashion, etc. 

More than 50 million consumers are considered to formulate the overall readership for this magazine. If you want to see the latest photo or news on your favorite celebrity, US Weekly will have it all for you.

There is a shop section available on the website where you can shop according to the latest trends in fashion. If you are someone who loves to flaunt the latest dress that is used by his/her favorite celebrity, this is your place.

8. People


Named ‘Magazine of the Year’ in October 2005 by Advertising Age, its website version is also one of the best Hollywood gossip websites available in the United States. Being part of the Dotdash Meredith family of brands, People magazine and website is committed to quality and provides content that entertains the population.

You can find everything from news, entertainment, royals, lifestyle, fashion, and shopping, on this website. The news section of the People website mainly deals with crime, human interest, and politics.

While in the entertainment section can provide you with up-to-date snippets of celebrity gossip, TV, movies, music, country, awards, theatre, and books. In the shopping section, you can find people who tested products and bought them.

9. Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight

If you are a gossip aficionado, check out the Entertainment Tonight website! For the past 40 years, Entertainment Tonight has brought the audience everything that spans from breaking news, exclusive interviews, and filmy gossip.

Owned by Paramount Streaming, ET is an American news broadcasting news magazine. In 2020, with its 10,000th episode ET entered into Guinness World Record as the longest-running entertainment news program on television.

You can find programs like set visits, first looks at upcoming movies, and interviews with celebrities on this website. Users can shop for their favorite goods from the shopping section. You will find good deals on everything related to style, beauty, wellness, home, tech, gifts, lifestyle, etc here. 

10. Variety


Founded as a weekly newspaper in York City in 1905, Variety has grown to be one of the most popular American magazines. Created by Sime Silverman, it is now owned by Penske Media Corporation. Variety covers every latest topic in the news, TV, music, awards, tech, global, and whatnot.

If you are in search of some quality Hollywood news and gossip, Variety can be an excellent choice for you. It has a tone of authority and credibility in the content and that is what makes it different from other tabloid gossip sites.

Known for its award-winning daily breaking news reports, Variety covers everything from a global perspective. It is currently read in over 84 countries. 

11. Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair

If you are obsessed with Hollywood and its happenings, welcome to Vanity Fair, a premier website that offers you everything from gossip, and news, to movie updates. Whatever it be you crave, whether it is entertainment, news, politics, fashion, celebrity gossip, or commentary, this website has covered all that for you.

According to the makers behind this website, it is a trusted source of narrative journalism. This website will help you have a clearest perspective on current events. By drawing the intersection of power and personality, the stories offered by Vanity Fair are of quality and relevance to current events.

12. Rollingstone.Com


Want some of the latest news and discussions on music, pop culture, and politics? Go to Rolling Stone. Com. This American monthly magazine has acquired a huge following due to its sensational coverage and in-depth analysis of its news topics.

According to the rating of Aelive Digital Marketing Agency, this magazine holds the third in the list of the 20 best celebrity gossip websites in 2024. Rollingstone has an Instagram handle with around 8 million followers and around 10k posts so far.

You can access both the print magazine and digital access through the official website. The first issue of Rolling Stone magazine was released in 1967 and featured John Lennon on the cover. Currently, it is owned by Penske Media Corporation and has many international editions as well


Exclusively designed for women, this website covers everything from celebrity news, dating tips, and relationship advice, to the latest fashion trends. The main sections are divided into Celebs, Style, Beauty, Lifestyle and Shopping.

Debuted as a family journal in 1886, the website has grown to be one of the biggest young women’s brands in the world. The Instagram handle of the magazine has around 4.3 million followers and has posted around 13,472 posts.

According to SEMRUSH, this website has ranked #1023 in the United States with a traffic volume of 61.94M. You can find breaking celebrity news, red carpet recap, royal family news, etc from this site.

14. Worldstarhiphop. Com

Worldstarhiphop. Com

Are you curious about what is happening right now in the hip-hop community? Well, you have come to the right place. This is a content aggregating video blog format website that offers you all the latest events in the hip-hop hop world.

Owned by MediaLabInc. Inc, Worldstarhiphop has around 1.2 million visitors each day, as per the statistics of 2011. You will come across sections such as News, Ratchet, Drake, Street Fight, Homeless, Jay Z, Kardashian, etc on the website.

If you are an independent artist, you can submit your work through the WorldStar Distribution system offered by this website. They have partnered with all major video and audio platforms like YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, Amazon Music, etc.

15. The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

If you want to know what is happening in Hollywood, this website can help you. This digital and print magazine was founded in 1930 as a daily trade paper. The website version was launched in 1995 and it offers news, reviews, blogs, articles as well as video content.

According to Comscore Subscribed Data, the website had 12 million unique visitors per month in the year 2013. Whatever it is you want, whether it be news, film, TV, awards, lifestyle, or business, The Hollywood Reporter website has covered it all for you. 

The Film section is divided into News, Features, Reviews, Box Office, and Heat Vision. So gear up your gossipping flexes and steadfast towards The Hollywood Reporter!

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The Bottom Line

So whenever you are in the mood for tasting a bit of gossip sauce, you can check out the websites mentioned above. These are compiled based on the content they include and how much they resonate with Hollywood gossip and celebrity news.

Having a bit of these gossip snippets once in a while can’t do any harm and instead will help you to overcome the mundane repetition of life. For man has been created as a social being and what harm can a little bit of gossip do? So enjoy these websites and have a peep through the life and happenings of your favorite celebrities.

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