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Top 15 Best Gadget Websites

By Stephen Carter


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best gadget websites

Staying updated in the world of technology, especially when it comes to the latest gadgets is not easy as more and more new ones are emerging every day.

To take care of this need, we have specifically curated a list of the Top 15 best gadget websites by taking the popularity and the traffic of these websites into consideration.

It does not matter if you are an expert in tech and gadgets, a tech enthusiast, or just a casual customer, this website will provide you with the needed reviews,m details, and other insights that you need to be aware of in the gadget industry.

So, dive in to know if your frequent website has made it onto the list.

15. Pocket-lint

Avg. monthly visits – 3.921 M

Pocket-lint in best gadget websites

Starting our list of the top 15 best gadget websites is the popular website Pocket-lint. According to credible sources, the website has an average monthly visit of 3.921 users.

The website contains the details of almost all the major gadgets. Be it mobile phones, smart homes, cars, cameras, and home entertainment, Pocket-lint has it all!

The website not only gives you the best reviews and suggestions for buying the right product but it also helps you to get the best out of the gadget that you have purchased.

The reviews published on the website are quite in-depth and useful and it’s made sure that it does not sound too geeky. The website is trusted by people all over the world and is a major part of almost all the major tech launches.

14. Trusted Reviews

Avg. monthly visits – 4.635 M

Trusted Reviews

The next website on our list is the UK-based Trusted Reviews with an average monthly visit of 4.635 million.

Just like the name suggests, the website focuses on giving users thorough, unbiased, and independent advice on what to buy based on the honest reviews that are posted on the website. The website was founded in 2003 by a group of technology enthusiasts who wanted to help customers end up with the best product available in the market.

According to the official website of Trusted Reviews, it was one of the first online-only publications. The website has also received different accolades for its services and operations, making it one of the most popular gadget websites in the world.

13. SlashGear

Avg. monthly visits – 4.665 M

Slash Gear in best gadget websites

The website was launched by Edison Then and Vincent Nguyen in 2005 as a blog and in the initial days of the blog, it concentrated mainly on covering the mobile tech industry.

With covering all the major updates and models from the smartphone industry, the website gained a large popularity within a very short time.

In the following decade, the website decided to expand its area of coverage and included different other niches like consumer electronics, medicine, science, entertainment, automatic industry, and so on.

Currently, the website operates under Static Media, and according to the official website, the average monthly visits come close to 5 million.

Along with focusing on the business end of things, the review and details provided through the website focus on the practicality, wow factor, and luxury that make the product compelling for the user.

12. Engadget

Avg. monthly visits – 8.423 M

Engadget in best gadget websites

Engadget is a popular website founded in 2004 and with different reviews, analysis, and tech-related news, it has become one of the most visited gadget websites.

Along with providing all gadget-related news, the website also includes coverage of details regarding video games, gaming hardware, social media streaming, robotics electric vehicles, and so on.

The man behind Engadget is Peter Rojas who used to work as the editor at Gizmodo, which is yet another popular gadget website.

Engadget is one of the earliest tech-related blogs on the internet and with its constant updates and timely changes, the website remains on top of its game as one of the most popular.

11. TechCrunch

Avg. monthly visits – 11.52 M


TechCrunch is a popular American online newspaper that focuses on topics such as high-tech companies and budding startups.

The website was founded officially in 2005 and the Archimedes Venture led by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare are credited for it. After 5 years of being operational, TechCrunch was acquired by AOL in 2010.

Earlier, the website was available in English, Chinese, and Japanese, but the Japanese subsidiary was closed down in 2022. Currently, the website is owned and operated by Yahoo! Inc. and it deals with a vast array of topics.

The major focus of the website is on startups, ventures, and new innovative technologies but it also includes other areas such as AI, crypto, and much more.

10. Gizmodo

Avg. monthly visits – 15.68 M

Gizmodo in best gadget websites

Coming at the top 10 position on our list of top 15 best gadgets websites is Gizmodo. Even though Gizmodo is described as a tech website, it deals with a lot of different other topics such as science, design, and even science fiction.

The website was launched in 2002 by Peter Rojas and currently, it is owned by G/O Media which is owned by Great Hill Partners. Gizmodo also had two sub-blogs. They are io9 which focuses on pop culture and the other is Earther, which focuses on environmentalism.

Starting its journey long back in 2002, Gizmodo is one of the internet’s first tech news websites. The tagline of the website says ‘the future is here,’ which is so much by the topic that is delta on the website.

9. Ars Technica

Avg. monthly visits – 17.17 M

arc Technica in best gadget websites

Be it technology, science, politics, or society, whatever topic you are looking to understand, Ars Technica has it all.

Bearing one of the first and most popular websites that deal with topics like technology and science, the website also publishes news, reviews, and other updates regarding topics such as computer hardware, software, science, technology, and even video games.

The website was originally launched in 1998 and it was done by Ken Fisher and Jon Strokes. Since 2001, the website also offers a paid subscription charger, where you will have access to different premium content after paying a fixed amount.

Even though it has been more than two decades since the website started, the type of content available on the website follows a similar pattern where it can be categorized into news, guides, reviews, and features.

8. Mashable

Avg. monthly visits – 19.39 M

Mashable in best gadget websites

Founded in 2004 by Peter Cashmore, the website Mashable comes in at the 8th position on this list of top 15 best gadget websites.

Like most of the other websites that we have included on this list, Mashable also deals not only with tech and tech-related stories but a few other niches. It is often referred to as a digital media platform and entertainment company along with its description of a news website.

Mashable had a very humble beginning, with a simple WordPress blog and Peter Cashmoreas the sole writer of the blog. The future of the blog changed drastically after Time magazine noticed it as one of the best 25 blogs of 2009.

With years in the field, Mashable has grown into different regions of the world including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and even into multiple languages.

Avg. monthly visits – 19.49 M

digitaltrends in best gadget websites

This website is based in Oregon and it deals mainly with tech news. It also deals with content like lifestyle and publishes how-to-articles, descriptive videos, and podcasts about technology and consumer electronic products.

This website is owned by Digital Trends Media Group and was created by Ian Bell and Dan Gaul. The majority of people depend on this website to know reviews about different products that are introduced in the market.

The range of products featured on the website is quite long and includes smartphones, video games, consumer electronics, laptops, PCs, televisions, and so on. The same website is also published in Spanish by its parent company to cater to the needs of the Spanish-speaking population.

6. Wired

Avg. monthly visits – 21.64 M


This is an American magazine that is published monthly and is available both in print and online format. The major content of this magazine and its website includes emerging technologies, culture, economics, and the effects of these technologies on the market.

The magazine started publishing in 1993 and has been in the field ever since. Conde Nast currently owns the magazine and the website and the headquarters of the company is based in San Francisco, California.

Several spinoff versions of the magazine are available in different countries, in their respective languages.

The website has recognized the voice of emerging digital culture and has won different Awards for its editorial and designs too. Even to date, Wired is one of the first choices for many when it comes to anything tech.

5. PCMag

Avg. monthly visits – 23.63 M

PCMag in best gadget websites

Starting the top 5 countdown of this list is PCMag which is an American computer magazine published by Ziff Davis. The print edition of the magazine dates back to 1982 and it stopped circulation in 2009.

The online publication of the magazine started in 1994 and is still in place as of 2024. The target audience for the magazine is many people who are interested in the new developments and breakthroughs that happen in the field of information technology, both software and hardware.

The magazine is based in New York City and continues to offer the service that they have been providing the users and tech enthusiasts for the past 42 years.

4. TechRadar

Avg. monthly visits – 29.56 M

techradar in best gadget websites

With its focus on technology, the Future plc-owned online publication has been up and running for the past 17 years. The publication focuses on bringing the latest news and reviews on tech products and gadgets to its readers.

The website was launched in 2007 and slowly in 2012, it slowly expanded to the United States. Currently, they have editorial teams working in the UK, the US, and also Australia.

At one point in its long history, Terch Radr was given the title of the largest consumer technology, news, and review website in the UK. The website has two different spin-offs – TechRadar Pro and TechRadar Gaming.

The past year saw the company going through a significant redesign and this brought in a shift from the older story-type navigation to category-based navigation.

3. Tom’s Hardware

Avg. monthly visits – 32.19 M

tom's hardware

Placed at the third position on this list of top 15 best gadget websites, Tom’s Hardware is an online publication that focuses on technology. It has such a huge popularity among users that the average monthly visit of this website is over 30 million.

The website was launched in 1996 by Thomas Pabst and currently, it is owned and operated by Future plc. The website deals with a lot of different topics such as tech news, price comparisons, videos, reviews, and so on.

The contents ensure that it covers topics such as computer hardware and high technology too. So, if you are looking to get more news or updates on gadgets like graphics cards, CPUs, power supplies, smartphones, tablets, or gaming consoles, Tom’s Hardware can be the one-stop solution for all your queries.


Avg. monthly visits – 37.85 M


The second position on this list is taken by CNET, which is an American website that publishes news, reviews, articles, blogs, and podcasts on the latest technology and consumer electronics globally. It was founded by Halsey Minor in 1992 and initially produced content for radio and television.

Currently, the website has more than 35 million monthly visits from users and is one of the most trusted and dependable websites when it comes to tech news and updates.

CNET is currently owned by Red Ventures, which is an American media company, starting in 2020. Recently in 2023, CNET has been the center of a controversy regarding the use of AI technology to create new content.

However, they came forward and clarified the website’s use of AI and related policies.

1. The Verge

Avg. monthly visits – 39.36 M

The verge in best gadget websites

Based in New York City, the American technology website Verge comes in at the top[ position on this list of top 15 best gadgets websites.

The website is currently owned and operated by Vox Media and the numbers suggest that the average monthly visits of the official website are close to 40 million, owing to its high popularity.

The website is the perfect source if you are looking for news, reviews, podcasts, and other details related to the latest technology and consumer electronics.

The website is comparatively young as it was launched in 2011 and has been in operation for just 12 years. But within this short time,. The Verge has attracted quite a lot of readership with its compelling, in-depth, and highly useful content on technology and innovations.

The Bottom Line

So, if you are interested in getting to know the developments and innovations that take place in the field of technology, any of the mentioned 15 websites will be of great help to you.

To stay ahead of these developments and move along with them, you can refer to any of the mentioned websites. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or a casual customer, saving or bookmarking these websites will become handy in the future.

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