Future 100x Cryptos: Coins Ready To Explode In Value

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Future 100x Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies were a game changer in the digital space, especially the decentralized financial sector. Many cryptocurrencies were created in the past decade; many survived but many others perished.

The survival and success of a crypto coin are based on many factors such as high demand and less supply, its perceived competition with other crypto coins, the chance of risks in adopting the coin, the popularity of the exchanges where they are listed, internal governance and on-chain developmental activities, social media marketing efforts, etc.

In this article, you will get a fair idea about the cryptocurrencies that are thought to explode in 2024 and achieve 100x growth in the second part of 2024 and early 2025.

Future 100x Cryptos

EarthMeta (EMT)

EarthMeta is an AI-powered metaverse platform that has comprehensive access to trading your digital assets. The space is simple and easy to operate, but more importantly, it is highly transparent, scalable, and fully based on the decentralized, blockchain technology.

The EarthMeta is designed as a miniature version of the planet Earth with all places on Earth marked on this platform.

Trading on this platform is initiated by your buying of any city of your choice. You will be made the Governor of the particular city, and you will be given control over all the assets of the city like its monuments, buildings, etc.

You can trade these assets on the virtual marketplace of EarthMeta and earn rewards.

The EMT token, which is currently in the pre-sales stage, has a clear and ambitious master plan that is expected to make it grow 100x and explode in 2024.

PlayDoge (PLAY)

PlayDoge is another newly launched cryptocurrency protocol that is expected to give you high returns in the near future. The PLAY token, currently in its pre-sale stage, is a dominant face in the play to earn the architecture of crypto earning.

The native PLAY token is used to incentivize those players who take good care of their pets on the virtual platform. The token has a total supply of 9.4 billion and is distributed in the following way for various use cases.

Pre-sales: 50% (4,700,000,000)

Community Rewards: 6.5% (611,000,000)

Liquidity: 11.5% (1,081,000, 000)

Marketing: 10% (9,40,000,000)

Project Funds: 10% (9,40,000,000)

Staking: 12% (1,128,000,000)

The token is currently priced at USD 0.00511, and the current pre-sales price is expected to rise very soon. The token is already a sensation among crypto enthusiasts and is expected to hit the moon soon.

Wiener AI (WAI)

Wiener AI is an AI-powered meme token that is dog-themed. It is one of the top cryptos in the future with 100x growth potential in 2024. It gathers advanced, AI-powered data about the consumer behavior of people all over the world and compiles it into user-friendly data that the market can easily access for various purposes.

The current price of the WAI token during its pre-sales stage is USD 0.000721. The WAI tokens are distributed in the following manner.

Presale: 30%

Staking: 20%

Community Rewards: 20%

DEX/CEX Liquidity: 10%

Marketing: 20%

The main features of the platform that make it a personal favorite of many investors are given below.

  • The AI-powered interface of the platform helps in making instant transactions.
  • The platform does not charge any fees for using it.
  • The platform is protected against MEV applications.

Wiener AI is expected to grow manifold in the coming years and is expected to rule the market once it is officially launched.

So, if you are considering investing in the platform early on, then you can buy the presales token directly from its website.

The Bottom Line

The last decade saw the emergence and growth of many crypto coins and the trend is here to stay.

Many of the newly launched coins are powerful enough to have a critical influence on the digital financial ecosystem.

The main advantages of the crypto coins mentioned in this article are that they are all currently available at a very low price. So, if you invest wisely in these coins after a thorough study of the market trends and on-chain development activities, you can for sure garner great results in the future.

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