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FTX Reborn (FTXREB): New Solana Memecoin Hits The Market

By Eric George


Reviewed by: Eric George



FTX is the newest addition to the Solana memecoin list. The coin has been painted to be equivalent to the next SHIB or DOGE in its market run. The coin, according to an estimate put forward by analysts, is expected to gain over 14,000% in value in a short period.

Let us look at what the coin is, how to buy it, and all that it has to offer to investors looking for the next big cryptocurrency market space.

What Is FTX Reborn (FTXREB)?

The FTX Reborn coin is a Solana-based meme coin that was launched on 10th June 2024.

The FTX Reborn is a Cryptocurrency that attempts to revive the name of the disgraced FTX Crypto exchange that had to close down its operation in 2022.

FTX was at the time of its operation one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Towards the end of the year 2022 questions arose relating to its suspicious financial activities and its close relationship with ‘Alameda’, a quantitative trading firm operated by Sam Bankman Fried, who at the time was also the head of FTX.

The operation of the firm had to be halted due to the accusations and Sam Bankman Fried was charged with mishandling of funds and insider trading.

It will not be an easy task to get the trust of investors in the FTX Reborn coin but taking into the fact that Solana-based meme coins in general over the past have demonstrated a much higher resilience and potential for returns even with market fluctuations is of some solace to the prospects of the coin.

Furthermore, the market analysts are optimistic that the coin will perform well and be able to give good returns to its investors.

What Is FTX Reborn (FTXREB)

Where To Buy FTX Reborn (FTXREB) Coin?

As of now, the coin can only be purchased via Solana’s decentralized exchanges, like Raydium and Jupiter. 

The investors will have to link their wallets to these particular exchanges to go through with the trade.

How To Buy FTX Reborn(FTXREB)?

To buy the coin before its listing on the popular exchange website KuCoin, the users should use either of Solana’s decentralized exchanges like Raydium or Jupiter.

To buy the coin the First step is to connect your Solflare, MetaMask, or Phantom wallet to the website

The next step will be to swap Solana for FTX Reborn in the options by entering its contract address in the receiving field.

The contract address for FTX Reborn is published to be – 7hJSBtA9Fg4CuKY3546iVsVDPKP3NfCDK96YRKd19BJT

After entering the contract address in the receiving field the transaction can be carried on and the user should receive the confirmation for the same to confirm the closing of the trade.

FTX Reborn(FTXREB) – Financial Analysis And Market Predictions

The coin at the time of writing this article is trading for $0.055107, up by 128.29% from its previous value.

The current market cap of the coin is at $21,000 and has a liquidity of $53.90.

The volume of the coin is $15.75K and the fully diluted Market Cap stands at $2,094.33.

The FTX Reborn (FTXREB) was launched with a locked-in liquidity of over $4,000 which works to its advantage as it gives the coin an edge over the other meme coins.

The market sentiment for the coin shows a strong preference from the part of investors to buy the coin rather than to sell.

The details regarding the hold sentiment are so far unclear when it comes to the coin.

Anything to predict the long-term values of the coin is yet unavailable due to the minimal amount of time it has been in the market.

With the current negative price trend of similar coins like SHIB, DOGE, and WIF a lot of the early investors in these coins are shifting their focus more into FTX Reborn.

The coin in its current price changes shows a large untapped potential for those typing to test their hand in intraday trading and short-selling options.

The coin is predicted to produce a new generation of Bitcoin billionaires within a few months after its introduction.

Ending Thoughts

With this new coin, it has been made clear that aspects such as the details regarding the premise of the launch of the coin, and accessibility are of the essence. These two factors are at present stopping the coin from experiencing a total bull run from its opening value.

It can thus also be concluded that the coin will likely experience another boom in its price valuation shortly with its wider availability to a much larger market and wider acceptance.

Investors who have missed the DOGE and SHIB train are highly recommended to keep a keen eye on the coin and its development to not miss out on another opportunity.

As a concluding statement, the FTX Reborn will most likely be open to a larger mass for its valuation. The market volatility, volume, and price fluctuations of the coin are to be noted down carefully before investing.

And as always only invest money that you can afford to lose while dealing with any tokens.

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