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Free Bitcoin: Myth Or Reality?

By Stephen Carter


Reviewed by: Stephen Carter


Free Bitcoin Myth Or Reality

Can you really get free Bitcoin? Or, is it some age-old myth that has spread all over the crypto circles? Since cryptocurrency seems to be the new revolution that is happening in the global economy many myths have come into existence.

At the same time, it has become difficult to recognize whether it is true when you hear a certain something.

For a while, ‘free Bitcoin’ has been the most trending term. The global community seems to be familiar with the term cryptocurrency and they also have heard that investing in Bitcoin is profitable right now.

Thus when they hope that they can get Bitcoin for free, people seem to be interested and flocking towards this. However, many of them are falling prey to Bitcoin and crypto scams

Here in this article, we intend to decode all the myths related to free Bitcoin and update you with the correct and latest information. 

Free Bitcoin: Is Bitcoin free?

No, absolutely not. Bitcoin is not free. It is not something that is given to everyone for free. So, if you ever hear, ‘Bitcoin is free’, please do not take that into account. 

The value of 1 BTC = 62,750.80 USD, at the time of writing this article. This is the money that you need to pay when you buy Bitcoin in US dollars. Note that this is the price of the crypto at the time of writing this article. 

If you need to buy Bitcoin, you need to go to a legit cryptocurrency exchange where Bitcoin is listed and then buy the crypto. There are certain steps to go through in order to buy the coin such as creating an account on the crypto exchange, getting your account verified, adding a payment method, searching and finding Bitcoin from the listed currencies, entering the amount of Bitcoin that you want to buy, preceding to the payment process, finishing the transaction and wait for the payment confirmation. 

Then why is ‘free Bitcoin’ so trending? This is a question that everyone asks. Let us answer that for you. 

Can You Get Free Bitcoin?

We already said that Bitcoin is not free. However, you can get Bitcoin for free. Are you interested to know more about this? Let us see how you can get Bitcoin for free. 

Can You Get Free Bitcoin

Cloud Mining

By cloud mining, you can literally own cryptocurrency. Various companies provide cloud mining rescue es which can be rented and thus you can earn free Bitcoin. Also, there are a few cloud mining services where you will get appealing bonuses when you sign up for a new account. 

Bitcoin Airdrops

Bitcoin airdrops and ICOs (initial coin offerings) are some of the best ways for you to get Bitcoin at a discounted rate and also free Bitcoin.

When a new crypt business enters the market, they do ICOs in relation to their marketing strategy, which is proven to attract investors and crypto enthusiasts towards the business.

It is not that they give our free Bitcoin for free. Rather, you may be able to get a part of their crypto bounty, and in order to be eligible to receive that you will have to finish certain tasks. 


Through stalking you can earn free Bitcoin. You get free Bitcoin as a reward for securing the network. You need to already have Bitcoin assets. Choose to lock them up in a security-guaranteed wallet for a period. It is like giving your asset time to grow and get bigger. 


You can collaborate and work with a reputed crypto company. If you have high skills in crypto then you can expect free Bitcoin, as your reward. You will need to fulfill developer-related tasks and then you can expect free Bitcoin coming your way. 


CoinMarketCap lets you earn rewards like a free crypto for educating yourself on crypto. If you think that you have a fair knowledge of the crypto realm and you wish to expand this, then head to CoinMarketCap where you can complete quizzes and take lessons. 

Brave Browser

Brave is a browser out there which you can use for navigating through the web. It is said that for this you will end up getting free Bitcoin, gift cards, or crypto tokens. 

The Bottom Line

Free Bitcoin is a myth and a reality at the same time, you just have to look at it from various perspectives. Bitcoin is not free but you can get Bitcoin for free. We suggest that you do not blindly trust anyone when you are in the crypt realm.

Note that many scams have been reported and the volume of crypto scams is increasing with each passing day. Therefore, you need to have in-depth knowledge and the latest data on crypto projects when you approach them. 

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