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First Digital USD (FDUSD) Price Prediction (2024–2030): Unlocking Opportunities!

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


First Digital USD (FDUSD) Price Prediction

As you all know, cryptocurrencies are largely unstable and are subject to market risks. One way to ensure their stability is to tie them to a stable fiat currency such as the US dollar. Such coins are called stablecoins. In this article, you will read about the stablecoin, First Digital USD (FDUSD). 

FDUSD is a reliable currency that ensures fast, secure transactions at a low cost. The stability of the coin is ensured by pegging it to the US dollar in a 1:1 ratio.

That means an equal amount of USD as the number of FDUSD in circulation is held as reserve. The strength and stability of the US dollar acts as the base on which the stability of FDUSD is built.

The advantages of FDUSD are given below.

  • Transferable: FDUSD can be used across a variety of platforms without any significant friction or hassles.
  • Redeemable: As FDUSD is tied to USD, so it is easy for its users to redeem the coins in USD whenever they want. The stablecoins are safe as they are backed by USD in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Programmable: Users can programme the coin to enable the creation of smart contracts, escrow services, and insurance arrangements.
  • Low Fees: FDUSD uses blockchain technology, which is cost effective when compared to other traditional technologies.  

What Is FDUSD Token?

FDUSD is a stablecoin supported by the US dollar. It is 1:1 USD backed stablecoin. The current market trends of this stablecoin is given below. 

  • Current Market Price: $0.9994
  • Market Capitalization: $3,536,309,328
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $3,536,309,328
  • 24 Hour Trading Volume: $3,634,715,470
  • Circulating Supply: 3,538,518,611
  • Total Supply: 3,538,518,611

First Digital USD (FDUSD) Price Prediction (2024–2030)

The current price of FDUSD is $0.9994. As per the current market conditions the short term price prediction for the period from May to December 2024 as well as the long term price prediction for the years 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 and 2030 is given in the tables below.

FDUSD Price Prediction
YearYearly LowYearly AverageYearly High
May 2024$0.93$1.00$1.07
June 2024$0.93$1.00$1.07
July 2024$1.40$1.50$1.61
August 2024$1.48$1.59$1.70
September 2024$1.55$1.67$1.79
October 2024$1.63$1.75$1.88
November 2024$1.71$1.84$1.97
December 2024$1.79$1.92$2.06
YearYearly LowYearly AverageYearly High

Where And How To Buy FDUSD Token?

FDUSD is traded on centralised exchanges. You can buy them from the following exchanges.

  • Binance
  • Hotcoin
  • BingX

Follow these steps to buy FDUSD on any centralised exchange.

  • Select a centralised exchange on which FDUSD is listed. Select an exchange that supports your selected payment method.
  • Create an account on the exchange and verify your personal details.
  • Select a payment method such as a crypto wallet, credit card or debit card or bank transfer and connect it to your account on the exchange. 
  • You can now go to the purchase page of the exchange and purchase the required number of FDUSD token. 
  • You should store the purchased FDUSD token safely as per your needs and preferences. You can store it on an exchange that provides high security for your token. You can also use a non-custodial wallet such as a hardware wallet, Web3 wallet or cold wallet to store your coins.

The Bottom Line

The future price prediction of FDUSD as a stablecoin is quite positive. The prices are gradually increasing every year.

By 2030, FDUSD will reach $104.83 on the lower side and $157.24 higher side, which is a positive outlook. So it is advisable to invest in FDUSD and leverage the stability that it provides. 

You should thoroughly analyse the market conditions and make informed decisions.

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