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Top 10 E-Commerce Stores That Accept Crypto

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


Crypto acceptance has crossed many thresholds it seems. This can be verified by looking at the increasing number of businesses that accept crypto as a mode of payment.

Here we have made a list of the top 10 e-commerce stores that accept crypto. These platforms let you buy their products and services by buying them with crypto.

Some of them also happen to be the early adopters of crypto. Let us go through the list.

1. Crypto Emporium

Crypto Emporium is the number one place that accepts crypto payments. It is a global online marketplace where you can sell and buy many products.

You can buy electronics, automotive, property, luxury products, and cards by crypto. Crypto Emporium is also known for letting users buy gold with Bitcoin.

You can buy and sell products with many other cryptocurrencies other than BTC as well as a few stable coins.

2. ExpressVPN

You must have probably heard of ExpressVPN. It is one of the best VPN providers in the world and has customers from everywhere.

It has been in the field for the last 15 years and widened its payment modes to crypto around a decade ago.

Being one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency, ExpressVPN lets users buy new plans and also to renew their already existing subscriptions using crypto.

You can use Bitcoin for all the services and many other coins and tokens are available for payments including stable coins.

3. Shopify

Shopify, a global giant in e-commerce, is a multinational platform where you can explore a variety of tools and products that make everyday life easier. Also, it is a suitable platform for you to start and grow your business.

Shopify accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many other major cryptocurrencies. You also have access to a large number of altcoins as well.

Shopify adopted a crypto-friendly title by integrating with third-party patent gateways like Coin Payments and BitPay.

4. PayPal

Who isn’t familiar with PayPal, right? PayPal is an online patent system that anyone can use and this platform accepted crypto some years ago.

People all over the world use it to send and receive money digitally. Currently, with crypto adoption, it lets you buy and sell crypto using a PayPal account.

That’s not all, you can also, hold onto cryptocurrency with your PayPal account. If you are purchasing from an online or physical store that does accept crypto payments, you can make the crypto payment using the platform of PayPal.

5. AMCTheatres

AMCTheatres is a global theatre chain and you are not hearing its name for the first time. AMC has been accepting crypto since 2021 and the crypto payments at the theatre are made possible with its partnership with PayPal.

So, if you have crypto holding and wish to purchase a service at the theatre using the crypto of your choice, you can easily do it through PayPal.

In fact, the theatre entered the crypto realm with a cult-like following from social media which made it a meme stock.

E-Commerce Stores That Accept Crypto

6. Dell

Are you reading this article from your Dell laptop? Dell, as all of you know, is a company that sells computer hardware and software and the company is pretty huge.

In the past years, it has made some record-breaking revenues. Dell was one of the early supporters of crypto.

The company has established a partnership with Coinbase and accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for all the products and services that you buy.

7. Twitch

Twitch is a video live streaming platform that is famously used for video game live streaming. The platform accepted crypto and initially let the users send money to their most liked streamers.

You can send money using crypto and there are more than 50 different cryptocurrencies available for this.

The platform extended its crypto-friendly services by launching different campaigns and promotions favoring crypto. For instance, there was even a 10% discount offer for crypto-paid subscriptions.

8. Gyft 

Gyft is a virtual gift card and voucher platform. You have around 200 retailers available to select the card from. This service accepts cryptocurrency so that you can purchase the product using crypto.

You can use Bitcoin to buy the gift cards and the gift card that you thus buy can be used just like the one that you bought using the traditional payment methods.

After choosing the gift card that you want to buy, you can proceed to the payment and choose Bitcoin from the available options.

9. Travala

Travala is where you can book all your travel requirements. The company enables you to meet all your travel-related booking requirements and also offers various options for accommodations and more.

It is a leader in its industry where there are multiple other huge competitors. However, one thing that sets Travala apart from its contemporaries is its crypto adoption. You can make all the payments for your travel and accommodation bookings using crypto.

10. AT&T

AT&T, American Telephone and Telegraph Company is a worldwide telecommunication company based in America and it accepts crypto payments.

You can major cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and meme coins like Dogecoin to make your payments. The various services offered by the company include broadband connection and mole connections and these can be bought with crypto.

Also, you can pay your telephone and all other sorts of bills using crypto. The telecom giant has created a partnership with BitPay letting you make payments using it.

The Bottom Line

We hope you were able to come across the different platforms and services that allow crypto payments.

You may be using at least some of these in your daily lives, right? Were you aware of the fact your favorite service providers were crypto-compatible? Now that you know that these ten platforms accept crypto.

Do you plan to make payments using crypto? While you use crypto as a payment platform for their services make sure that the payment modes are safe.

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