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Discord Voice Chat Now Available On PS5

By Eric George


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Discord Voice Chat

PlayStation5, the ninth generation of home video game console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently announced the rolling out of its recent feature which allows its players to join Discord voice directly from its PS5 console.

The Discord integration feature was updated last year by Sony, but the players were limited to using their phone or PC to initiate the connection.

In this article, we will look at what the announcement means to over 97 million monthly users in the PlayStation network and the 59.3 million PS5 users worldwide.

Response from the Players

The overwhelming majority of the players have expressed their joy from hearing the news with most talking about how excited they are to try out the new feature.

While the others talked about ending to their long-awaited journey to see Sony catch up to their announcement for the same made in early 2021.

Many of the players have also talked about the parts of the PS5 setup that could use similar upgradation in the near future with most of the players wishing to see options to stream their gameplay among the console options.

The only criticism that the feature encountered was the one talking about the working state of the new features introduced.

Some of the players talked about how the way to chat was a bit too sophisticated and felt a bit too clunk at most times.

The same opinion was agreed and disagreed upon by many players with the line of difference seeming to be tolerance of the players to navigate through the multiple settings to access the function.

Even with all these suggestions criticisms and feedback, the new Voice chat feature was something that every player thought to be well put out even though it was long overdue.

This was the general consensus of the players surrounding the new feature.

The Discord Voice chat feature however was not the only feature that was revealed in this bundle.

Sony has also announced that players will now be able to share their PlayStation Network profile on any messaging or social media app.

The detailed instructions and how-to guides for both features have been published by Sony on its blog and website.

 In the below section let us look at how a player can access these features through their console.

Steps to access the Discord Voice Chat feature in the PS5 console

The steps to access the new Voice Chat feature are as follows:

  • Step 1: The first step will be to link the PlayStation Network to Discord. 

    Once linked up, joining the Discord call is done within the system menus.

  • Step 2: The next step is to pick up your DualSense wireless controller and pick the “Discord” option from the Game Base.
  • Step 3: Select a server and see who is available in the voice channel.

The process for joining the Discord server on the PS5 is quite similar, involving pressing the “PlayStation” button on your DualSense controller to access the Control Centre, going to the Game Base, and then choosing “Direct Voice Chats” from the Discord menu.

  • The last step is to press “Join” and start chatting with the discord participants.

Ways to share PlayStation Network profile

The Network profile for a player can be shared using the console and the PlayStation app.

The only thing the recipient will have to do will be to select the option “Share Profile” to generate a link or QR code for their profile.

The recipient can click on the link to access their profile and later add them as a friend.

These instructions as mentioned above will help you access this new feature the company has rolled out and enjoy the full functionalities of the modified PlayStation environment.

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Final Thoughts

The new Discord Chat option will help the PS5 controllers stand out distinctly from its competitors and ensure that the players get a smooth and seamless gameplay.

The appreciation that the recent move has earned Sony and its development team will go a long way in keeping the PlayStation community engaged to follow up on further improvements while helping to strengthen the trust and goodwill of the company in recent years.

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