DigiToads Price Prediction 2024 To 2030

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DigiToads price prediction

DigiToads is one of the meme coins out there. The crypto has play-to-earn (P2E) and stake-to-earn (S2E) fundamentals.

You are familiar with canine-themed and feline-themed mem coins, however, this one is toad-themed. The crypto is powered by $TOADS.

Currently, it is on a trend and we are here to make the price prediction on the coin. Here you can read about the current price that the coin has and its market cap. Also, you get a glimpse into the future prices of the coins in the coming years.

These price predictions are supposed to help you make a better decision on whether the crypto is worth investing in.

DigiToads Price Prediction

DigiToads price prediction

At the time of writing this article, the price of DigiToads is $ 0.002230. Based on the movement, the market sentiment hints at a bearish move.

The Fear and Greed Index shows 73 points which marks Greed. Over the last 30 days, it has had 30 green days which makes up 100%. The 50-day SMA of the crypto is $ 0.002230 with a 200-day SMA of $ 0.002238.

The crypto also has a 14-day RSI of 46.02. Now let us look at the price prediction of the crypto for the following years based on the current data.

DigiToads Price Prediction 2024

As of the current data, the price of DigiToads is supposed to rise and reach $ 0.007315. This shows a gain of 228.04%. Analyzing these, currently, it is not a good time to buy the coin.

Now let us look into the price prediction of the coin in the coming years to determine whether it is going to be a worthy investment in the coming days.

DigiToads Price Prediction 2025

In the year 2025, the price prediction of DigiToads is made between $ 0.002230 and $ 0.010537 with the first one as the yearly low price and the latter one as the yearly higher price.

If DigiToads achieves its yearly upper price target, it is supposed to have a 372.51%.

DigiToads Price Prediction 2026

Crypto analysts say that in 2026 the price of DigiToads is to rise and see an annual upper price of $ 0.005919. At the same time, it is supposed to lower and reach and $ 0.001860.

DigiToads Price Prediction 2027

After analyzing the historical price movements and the current market trends, it is supposed that in 2027, the price of Digitoads will dip and reach $ 0.002039.

The experts think that the price of the coin may also rise to $ 0.004177.

DigiToads Price Prediction 2028

In 2028, the yearly lower price of the crypto is supposed to drop, however, it may not go lower than the yearly lower price that it had in the year 2027.

The yearly low of DigiToads in 2028 is expected to be $ 0.003011. At the same time, the price of the coin is supposed to soar high and reach $ 0.007104.

DigiToads Price Prediction 2029

2029 is 5 years from now and the year is supposed to see one of the highest upper price targets so far. The yearly high is supposed to reach $ 0.014181. Now let us look at the yearly low price targets set for the crypto in the same year. It is $ 0.005696.

DigiToads Price Prediction 2030

In the year 2030, DigiToads’ price shall surge and reach $ 0.009115. Although. The price of the crypto is supposed to dip and reach a yearly low of $ 0.005622.

If the crypto succeeds in achieving its yearly upper price target, then it is to have a gain of 308.76%.

The Bottom Line

As of the latest information that we have received, DigiToads is in its presale stage now. The presale stage of the crypto is namely Lilypad 5, its fifth stage. The listing price of the crypto has been set as $0.05.

The value of the meme coin in its first stage was $0.01 and by the final stage, it is supposed to reach $0.027. The presale has a total of ten stages.

It is predicted that investing in the coin is going to be a profitable decision but not if you are looking for a quick profit.

You can consider it more of a short-term investment rather than a way to make money in just a couple of days.

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