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DeXe (DEXE) Price Prediction: Mapping The 2024-2030 Scenario

By Jay Dawson


Reviewed by: Jay Dawson


DeXe (DEXE) Price Prediction

The DeXe protocol is an online platform that creates and maintains Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and matches them with proper incentive schemes.

The DAOs created by this platform are envisioned to be meritocratic and effective in their use cases.

More About DEXE Tokens

DEXE tokens are the most powerful fuel that facilitates the day-to-day activities of the platform. The token holders are the sole authority when it comes to governance decisions on the platform.

Current Market Price of DEXE tokens: $8.74

Market Capitalization: $495,546,716

Fully Diluted Valuation: $837,475,239

24 Hour Trading Volume: $4,881,417

Volume/Market Capitalization (24 hours): 0.61%

Circulating Supply: 57,103,225

Total Supply: 96,504,599

Maximum Supply: 98,942,301

DeXe (DEXE) Price Prediction 2024–2030

The expected price of DEXE tokens for 2024–2030 is given in the table below.

YearYearly LowYearly AverageYearly High

DeXe (DEXE) Price Prediction 2024

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
July 2024$8.53$8.53$8.53
August 2024$7.54$16.71$18.41
September 2024$7.21$11.19$18.49
October 2024$7.23$12.54$18.45
November 2024$7.09$16.62$18.48
December 2024$7.30$13.97$18.67

DeXe (DEXE) Price Prediction 2025

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
January 2025$18.28$19.19$21.71
February 2025$18.12$18.80$20.24
March 2025$18.29$19.43$22.06
April 2025$17.96$19.21$19.90
May 2025$17.92$18.86$19.07
June 2025$18.09$18.53$19.94
July 2025$18.28$18.68$18.98
August 2025$18.34$19.72$20.86
September 2025$18.15$18.75$19.03
October 2025$18.10$19.86$21.85
November 2025$18.14$20.93$22.07
December 2025$18.34$19.26$20.23

DeXe (DEXE) Price Prediction 2030

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
January 2030$57.52$61.18$62.06
February 2030$57.26$59.26$59.91
March 2030$57.22$58.56$61.74
April 2030$57.40$61.92$62.97
May 2030$57.29$57.72$63.89
June 2030$57.39$59.58$59.92
July 2030$57.22$57.42$63.57
August 2030$57.47$58.16$63.95
September 2030$57.59$59.98$60.96
October 2030$57.45$62.24$63.37
November 2030$57.55$58.42$61.67
December 2030$57.36$58.27$62.11

Where To Buy DEXE Tokens?

The names of the cryptocurrency exchanges where DEXE tokens are listed are given below.

  • MEXC
  • Binance
  • BingX
  • DigiFinex
  • BloFin

How to Buy DEXE Tokens?

Buying DEXE tokens is a simple process, very similar to the purchases of other cryptocurrency coins.

  1. From the above list of cryptocurrency exchanges, decide on an exchange from where you intend to buy DEXE tokens.

  2. To take forward your purchase decision, create your account on the selected exchange. You should submit your identity details and other necessary data to smoothen the KYC verification process.

  3. Check and confirm a payment method that can be linked to the exchange account to transfer a cryptocurrency in exchange for DEXE tokens.

    Crypto wallets, debit cards, credit cards, or bank transfers are the most widely accepted payment methods.

  4. Once you have decided on the payment method and the base currency to be used for purchasing DEXE tokens, fill in enough base currency on the payment method to buy the tokens as well as pay the transaction costs.

  5. Once the prerequisites for conducting the transaction are met, you can directly exchange the base currency to get DEXE tokens.

    On completion of the transaction as per the instructions given, the DEXE tokens will be automatically added to your account.

  6. Transfer the coins to a cold wallet as soon as possible; otherwise, there is a possibility that online attackers may steal your coins.

Are DEXE Tokens a Good Buy in 2024–2030?

As per the forecasted price and other relevant technical analysis indicators, the future market of DEXE tokens is quite bleak. 22 technical analysis indicators show bearish signs, whereas only 6 technical analysis indicators show bullish signals.

The price of the DEXE tokens is expected to rise by 360.48% in 2025 when compared to 2024, but the price rise will only increase by 300.17% in 2030 when compared to the preceding year.

So, every investor is advised to postpone their investment in DEXE tokens till the market turns hopeful for its trade.

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