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Top 15 Most Popular Website Design Sites 2024

By Stephen Carter


Reviewed by: Stephen Carter


popular website design sites

A website is what everyone will notice when you launch a brand or business. It is essential that your brand has a website. This is where the global audience will try to get to know about what you are doing.

The website should be well-designed, and easy to navigate and people should be able to easily get all the details that they are looking for.

You should take special care that all the information is well organized in respective categories and a visitor should get the details about you and your team as well.

A poorly designed website gives a similar impression about your business as well. You can hire a website designer and collaborate with them to work on your website.

If you know the basics of website designing you can design your website as well.

Here we have collected the list of the best website design sites and tools that you can use to design your website.

All of them have free trials, and a free version available so that you do not have to spend extra for that.

#Web Design Sites / ToolsStarting Price & Availability of Free Version
1WordPress4 USD | Free limited version
2Wix16 USD | Free trial
3Google Web DesignerFree
4Canva14.99 USD | Free limited plan
5Shopify29 USD | Free three-day trial
6Webflow14 USD | Free limited version
7Square Online10 USD | Free limited version
8Sketch10 USD | 30-day free trial
9Figma12 USD | Free limited plan
10Vectr3.99 USD | Free limited version
11Framer5 USD | Free limited version
12Mockplus9 USD | Free limited plan
13Marvel12 USD | Free limited plan
14Balsamiq9 USD | 30-day free trial
15Adobe Illustrator22.99 USD | Free trial available

1. WordPress

Wordpress in popular website design sites

WordPress is one of the most used tools for website designing. It is an ideal platform for the newbies in web designing and it is used by experienced professionals.

WordPress offers a free limited version. You can utilize the free venison to get a glimpse of the website and to learn the basics of using it. There are free and paid customizable tes available.

If you feel WordPress is what you are looking for then there are paid versions and the starting price is only 4 US dollars a month. This pricing makes it one of the most affordable website design tools as well.

2. Wix

Wix in popular website design sites

Wix is a website builder and it is code free. It helps a lot of professionals who do not have a coding background to design their own websites.

You can build and design your website visually by dragging and then dropping the elements into the workspace. After you complete the web design, the tool will automatically write the code of your design.

There are multiple options to customize what you’re doing as the elements that are available to you. This helps you to build something different than what everyone makes using these tools.

There is a free trial available for you to understand about the website. Also, there is a paid version which starts at 16 US dollars per month

3. Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer is completely free for all users. You can use all the features, options, and elements that the tool provides without paying a penny.

People mostly use this to create engaging videos and images. It provides you with a template gallery. Google Web Designer can also be used to create HTML-5-based designs suitable for your designs.

You can visit the template gallery to find multiple video layouts for creating videos for your website. Since the tool is free for everyone to use there are no free versions as well as no paid plans.

The design that you generate using this platform is suitable to be viewed from any of the devices.

4. Canva

Canva in popular website design sites

You definitely heard of Canva and it is another one in our list of the top 15 most popular website design sites for 2024. You can generate some of the best website designs using Canva.

It is beginner friendly and you will not have to struggle even if you have not used any website design tools before. There is a gallery of design templates that can be used for various web design needs.

There are multiple sleek photos as well that you can use to increase the quality of the website that you are designing. You can use the paid version of Canva which starts at 14.99 US dollars a month. There is also a free limited plan available.

5. Shopify

shopify in popular website design sites

We can not go without talking about Shopify when we talk about the best website design websites. Shopify is considered the best for e-commerce businesses.

It is issued by most of the entrepreneurs, and even of the giant brands of the world. The e-commerce tools that Shopify has in store are a discount calculator, invoice generator, profit margin calculator, purchase order template, and more.

There are built-in themes that you can use. You can customize these built-in themes and set them in a way that is best for your brand. Shopify can also be used to create a logo for your website.

There is a free three-day trial available which you can use to get to know about the website and the different elements available. The paid plans start at 29 US dollars per month.

6. Webflow


Webflow does not require you to write the code for designing the website.

However, it creates the code for website design when you are done with designing. This helps to get the website live at a quick pace. It offers layout previews suitable for each different device.

You can use the tool for free via the free limited version that is viable for all. Also, the website offers multiple paid plans for the users and the basic one starts at 14 US dollars per month.

There is a code-free solution that you can use to customize the website design.

7. Square Online

Square online in popular website design sites

Have you heard of Square Online? The answer can be yes or no. However, you may have heard of Weebly most probably. Weebly is now known as Square Online.

It is a drag-and-drop builder and a no-code platform. It is suitable for building all the e-commerce-related bards and business websites.

Square Online provides SEO-friendly tools with which you can naturally increase your organic traffic.

Regarded as one of the most affordable tools in this field, Square Online has several elements and features with which you can create an advanced website for your brand.

The paid version starts at just 10 US dollars per month and there is a free limited version available.

8. Sketch

Sketch in popular website design sites

Sketch provides good website design examples and reusable templates that every user can take advantage of. It helps you build a strong knowledge base on website designing and related.

Sketch is one of the platforms where you can work by easily collaborating with others in the industry.

There is a free trial available for three days. After the free trial ends you can use the platform by paying only 10 US dollars per month.

It is mainly a Mac app to prototype, create, team up, and much more. Every user can use Sketch to browse, inspect, provide feedback, handoff, and more. It can be used from any of the browsers.

9. Figma


You can use Figma to design, align, build, and much more. It is a web-based prototyping and design platform that helps you to make unique website designs.

Figam provides one of the best intuitive interfaces for all users to create and learn at the same time.

You do not have to separately sync the files as there is a web link for each of the designs available in Figma. The same is the case with file transferring.

If you’re familiar with files in Google Docs, then you will find it easy to understand the wolf g Figma.

You have the option to decide the viewers for your file. It is kept private until you decide to make it public.

10. Vectr

vectr popular website design sites

Vectr is a cloud-based builder and provides a vector graphics editor. It means that you do not have to strictly stick to any templates or pre-made designs. You have the full freedom to start your website design from scratch.

There is a free limited version available for you to get a short glimpse of the platform and also to use it for free for a certain period of time.

The paid plans on this platform start at as low as 3.99 US dollars. This makes Vectr one of the most affordable website design tools out there.

While signing you can use the drag-and-drop feature to create your website design in the exact way that you want it.

11. Framer


Framer is another one of the top 15 most popular website designing sites which is suitable for the team of people to design a website together.

It is powered by AI and you can access many features to make realistic designs and also have a localized copy. You can use the free version of the tool to design your website.

However, the free version is limited, and the paid version starts at just 5 US dollars per month. Framer is one of the best tools out there for scaling new pages as well as newly added content.

For scaling content, the platform provides a Content Management System (CMS).

12. Mockplus


Mockplus can be used not only to create designs but also for testing and prototyping. There is a free limited plan available.

Also, Mockplus has a paid version which can be accessed at 199 US dollars per week. The tool has a template library where you can see a set of pre-made templates and use them for your website design.

There is also a components library and you can use the contents of these for your design. Both these are customizable, meaning you can use them but still have the option to make changes according to your wish.

You can try the free plan first and if you feel it suits your requirements, you can opt for the paid version later.

13. Marvel

marvel logo in popular website design sites

Marvel is seen as one of the best for website designing as well as for prototyping and wireframing. It provides rapid testing, handoff, and prototyping for modern design teams.

This tool offers multiple intuitive tools with which you can generate design specs and improvise your interface.

There are options for you to collaborate with the other members of your team and for all of you to design your website together. This way the whole design will have the contribution of all the members of the team.

It does not require you to write the code for your design. You can increase the audience interaction using the designs that are on your website.

14. Balsamiq

Balsamiq logo in popular website design sites

Balsamiq is another one on the list of the top 15 most popular website design sites. It has a 30-day free trial available as well you can use the paid version.

The paid version starts at 9 US dollars per month. It is seen as one of the best low-fidelity user interfaces for wireframing.

It is a cloud-based tool and you can easily create the sketches for your website design and then share them and run the test on them.

The feature that enables the sketch designs helps the teams to focus more and work together effectively.

15. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator in popular website design sites

Adobe Illustrator is what you can use to create high-quality graphics and images for your website design, it provides you with vector graphics tools with which you can create highly defined and detailed graphics for your website.

This tool is easy to use and even if you don’t know much about the world, you can easily learn about it. There are many further and additional websites and learning centers where you can get video guides on using Adobe Illustrator.

It uses generative AI to give shape and form to any kind of idea that you have. There is a free limited plan and a paid version that starts at 14.99 US dollars.

The Bottom Line

All the details of the top 15 most popular website design sites have been covered in this article. We hope you were able to find what you were looking for.

Each of the 15 website design sites and tools that we mention above has free trials and plans. For advanced options, you can use the paid versions as well.

The role that websites play in building a business or brand is crucial. Your website serves as the key window of your brand to the global audience.

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