Cryptographer: The Job Role And Skills Required

Crypto roles are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. More people are trying to pursue crypto jobs as they are high paying, help you to make a fortune out of it and it is really cool. One such job role is a cryptographer.

Have you heard of such a job title? What is a cryptographer, do you know?

Let us look at what this role means in the crypto realm and more into the duties of a cryptographer and the skills required to become one.

What Is A Cryptographer?


An individual who cracks the encryption code or writes the code that guarantees data security is one of the earliest definitions that can be attributed to a cryptographer.

It is simply said, but it is not as simple as it seems.

Cracking the encryption code or writing the encryption code is an extremely strenuous task and it involves never-ending and advanced algorithms which are really difficult to break. It will take a long time as well to get this done.

Wondering about the cryptographer’s salary? The top profiled cryptographers can earn up to a monthly income of $64,000 on average

Cryptography Job Requirements

To be a cryptographer, you need to have an adequate degree. Make sure that you have a bachelor’s or master’s in cybersecurity, computer engineering, information technology, computer science, and related.

Note that a Master’s degree in any of these fields is impressive but not mandatory.

However, a master’s degree may help you stand out in a long list of applications.

What are your duties and responsibilities as a cryptographer?

As a cryptographer, you are needed to ensure the computer systems and for that, you have to create algorithms and encrypt the data.

It also includes an analysis of the current existing encryption systems to make sure that they are of top security to find whether there are any weaknesses and to solve all such issues.

Let us look more into the cryptographer skills that you need if you want to become one.

We will look into the skill by classifying it into cryptographer soft skills and cryptographer hard skills.

Why not start with the soft skills that are a must for a cryptographer? You need to have excellent communication skills.

The whole job moves around collaborating with the information security team and working with them, many times to identify the issues. You may also have to describe the issues to other team members.

You should be organized and do not deviate from the set path. Being a cryptographer will require you to stay organized and patient as it will include you sitting the codes for long hours. Therefore, your tasks should be organized.

Now let us come to the desired hard skills for a cryptographer. You should have a vast knowledge of programming skills with an appealing programming language fluency.

The typical programming languages that a cryptographer should know are Python, Java, .NET, PHP, C#, C++, Perl, and Ruby Rail.

You should have a working knowledge of information technology (IT) to understand the architecture of the network and to smoothly shift between programming and IT.

Exceptional mathematical skills can never be compromised when it comes to cryptography.

Having encryption knowledge for being a cryptographer, goes without being said.

Cryptology Vs Cryptography

People often mistake these terms. However, they are entirely different from each other and are two separate niches of study and research in the crypto realm.

Cryptography, as we already know, can be defined as an art where you create codes. At the same time, cryptology can be defined as the study of codes where you learn to create the codes and also solve the codes.

Now, you know the difference, right? Get it right the next time when you use it in a conversation.

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The Bottom Line

We hope you were able to understand all about the role of cryptography, the different cryptography jobs available out there, the qualifications and skills you need to become one, and the duties that you have to satisfy.

Do you have all it takes to be a cryptographer? If you can crack the hard codes then you have a high demand in the market.

If you have any doubts about this role, please do not hesitate to contact us through the below comment box. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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