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Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction 2024–2030: Market Analysis

By Jay Dawson


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Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction

Have you heard about Conflux, a layer 1 protocol that strives to provide scalable, fast, and secure solutions for dApps and other Web3 operations?

This article will give you a wider picture of the CFX token, its price prediction, ways to buy it, etc, and will give you a definite answer as to whether you should invest in the coin.

Conflux (CFX) Token

Conflux is the brainchild of the Shangai-based Tree Graph Research Institute. The platform uses a unique Tree graph consensus mechanism, which is a combination of the Proof-of-Work and the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms.

Interoperability with various protocols, including Ethereum, Huobi Eco Chain, OKEx Chain, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is another key feature of the Conflux protocol.

Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction

Current Market Price of CFX tokens: $0.1679

Market Capitalization: $695,697,732

Fully Diluted Valuation: $926,154,326

24 Hour Trading Volume: $50,742,214

Volume/Market Capitalization (24 hour): 5.91%

Circulating Supply: 4,141,641,293

Total Supply: 5,513,605,990

Maximum Supply:

Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction (2024–2030)

The price prediction data for CFX tokens for the long-term period of 2024–2030 is given in the table below.

YearYearly LowYearly AverageYearly High

Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction 2024

The short-term price prediction of CFX tokens for the remaining months of 2024 is given in the table below.

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
July 2024$0.17$0.17$0.17
August 2024$0.14$0.34$0.35
September 2024$0.14$0.33$0.36
October 2024$0.14$0.34$0.36
November 2024$0.15$0.15$0.35
December 2024$0.14$0.15$0.37

Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction 2025

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
January 2025$0.36$0.37$0.39
February 2025$0.36$0.42$0.43
March 2025$0.36$0.37$0.39
April 2025$0.36$0.38$0.42
May 2025$0.35$0.37$0.39
June 2025$0.36$0.38$0.44
July 2025$0.36$0.40$0.43
August 2025$0.36$0.37$0.37
September 2025$0.36$0.42$0.42
October 2025$0.36$0.37$0.38
November 2025$0.36$0.37$0.38
December 2025$0.36$0.36$0.38

Conflux (CFX) Price Prediction 2030

YearLow PriceAverage PriceHigh Price
January 2030$1.13$1.15$1.25
February 2030$1.13$1.16$1.21
March 2030$1.13$1.24$1.25
April 2030$1.13$1.16$1.21
May 2030$1.13$1.20$1.22
June 2030$1.13$1.16$1.22
July 2030$1.13$1.22$1.22
August 2030$1.13$1.18$1.22
September 2030$1.13$1.17$1.20
October 2030$1.13$1.17$1.24
November 2030$1.13$1.14$1.19
December 2030$1.13$1.16$1.21

Where To Buy CFX Tokens?

Like any other cryptocurrency, CFX tokens are also available for trade on various exchanges such as

  • MEXC
  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • OKX
  • Bitget
  • BKEX
  • Phemex
  • Indodax
  • LBank
  • CoinEx
  • Tokocrypto
  • DigiFinex
  • XT.COM

How to BUY CFX Tokens?

Now that you know where to buy CFX tokens, here are the steps to be followed to buy CFX tokens.

  1. From the list of platforms where CFX tokens are listed for trading, select the one that suits your convenience and meets your requirements.
  2. Provide your details to create a KYC-verified account on the platform.
  3. You will need a payment method through which you can transfer the base currency to buy CFX tokens. The payment method can be anything from a crypto wallet to a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.
  4. Link the payment method to the account.
  5. On the exchange, you can directly buy the CFX tokens by exchanging them for the base currency.
  6. On successful completion of the transactions, the CFX tokens will be automatically added to your account. You can now use the tokens as per your use cases.
  7. It is highly risky to store the tokens on your exchange account as online hackers can have easy access to the tokens. Therefore, you should transfer the tokens to cold wallets to ensure their safety.

The Bottom Line

An accurate prediction of the long-term profitability of the CFX tokens is hard to make at this juncture as the market sentiments are neutral for the token.

14 technical analysis indicators show bullish trends and 13 technical analysis indicators show bearish trends.

Even though the 24-hour trading volume has increased by 43.40%, the current price is 90.13% lower than the all-time high of $1.70, which was on March 27, 2021. The price of the token has also lowered to as much as $0.022, on December 30, 2022.

The price of CFX tokens has seen huge fluctuations in the past, so a definite prediction about the future would be inappropriate.

You should consider the on-chain development activities and demand for the token in the market before deciding on purchasing CFX tokens.

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