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20 Most Popular Funny Websites | April 2024

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20 Most Popular Funny Websites

Whether you are on your commute to work or are bored with some random tasks at the office, a burst of good laughter can replenish all your energy levels. Even the wisest people will say a day without laughter is the most wasted day.

So what can you do to tickle your humor bones occasionally? This is a digital world and everything you need is just a click away. You can find multiple funny websites online that can quickly save you from the boredom of life and help you have a good laugh. Go through the list of the 20 most popular funny websites here.

1. 9GAG

9GAG Website

The first one in this list, 9GAG, had started making people laugh since 2008. Founded by a group of Hong Kongers, this website is a social media platform where users can post their stuff. They can also share external content from other social media sites.

9GAG offers a variety of GIFs and memes that cover a wide range of niches such as anime, manga, gaming, science and tech, comics, sports, movies & tv, food and drinks, lifestyle, etc. In 2012, the website launched a mobile app with the same name. So if you need a laugh once in a while, go to the 9GAG website or download the app!

2. Reddit Jokes

Reddit Jokes Website

If humor has a face in an online community, it will be Reddit’s. This platform has an ample customer base regarding its interesting content. Reddit jokes are a subsection of the website where you will find humorous one-liners, hilarious monologues, and memes.

It also covers a variety of topics such as business, gaming, sports, crypto, television, celebrity, and whatnot. So whoever you are and whatever your tastes will be, Reddit jokes will always be ready to make you laugh! Over 26 million subscribers are currently following Reddit and are engaging with the up-to-date humorous content posted each minute. So if you are in search of some of the latest gossip covered with humor, Reddit Jokes is for you!

3. The Onion

The Onion Website

Taglined as ‘America’s finest news source’, The Onion is a satire lover’s paradise. Based in Chicago, this website started as a print version in 1988. The main niches covered by this platform include satire, American wit and humor, political satire, etc.

Found by Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson, The Onion has also sparked some important controversies among the public. The nature of telling jokes straightforwardly has made some of its contents misinterpreted as real.

Currently, this satirical website is owned by G/O Media Inc., an American media holding company.  The Onion caters to those who have a soft point for satire along with laughing out loud!

4. Overheard in NewYork

Overheard in NewYork Website

This is a website where New York residents submit what they overheard while on commute or at work. The snippets are hilarious and unconventionally funny. Since its launch, many similar websites like Overheard in the Office, Overheard at the Beach, etc have been rising as its sister branches.

According to the editorial team, the website is spearheaded by a group of eccentric identities such as hobo, anorexic dancer, ninja, loud girl on cell, drunk guy, cracker chic, well the list goes on.

The site is for the exclusive content you got from eavesdropping through the streets of New York. The website posts these snippets readers send them. So if you hear something funny on a random stroll through New York street, you now know where to share it!

5. Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness Website

This webcomics platform is surely going to interest you if you have a knack for enjoying comics that are fun and dark. This webcomic was created by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick, and Matt Melvin.

In 2009, The Telegraph called it ‘one of the ten best webcomics’. Launched in 2005, the webcomics currently run through It covers various topics like violence, suicide, abortion, etc. The animations and comics are a bit direct and for some people, it might also feel offensive.

The pictures are drawn through some stick figures and they offer dark and surreal humor through such simple comics.

6. Engrish

Engrish Website

Have you heard the word ‘engrish’? As the word sounds, it stands as slang for poorly articulated English words. The Engrish website compiles a set of misspelled words and wrong English in places such as containers, tattoos, media, transportation, anime, packaging, etc.

If you are a bit of a language nerd, this website will be a hilarious ride for you. The readers can submit such jokes and misspelled words they come across in their daily lives. These posts are also voted on and captioned by other readers.

You can find posts and photos from people all over the world on this website. Engrish’s website has a merchandising platform where you can buy t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, and more.

7. Poorly Drawn Lines

Poorly Drawn Lines Website

Launched in 2008, Poorly Drawn Lines is a webcomic that brings you various comics on space travel, existentialism, science fiction, etc. Created by Reza Farazmand,  who began drawing his comics while being a freshman at the University of California, Poorly Drawn Lines is a comic lover’s favorite. 

It delivers ideas that seem simple on the surface but profound beneath.  The satirical and absurdist tone of the comics is interesting and relatable. There are no regular characters in these comics apart from Ernesto, a green bear living in space.

The cartoonist behind these published his first book in 2015 and is titled ‘Poorly Drawn Lines: Good Ideas and Amazing Stories’.  New York Times  Best Seller ranked it number five in the following week.  The website has a merchandise section where you can buy t-shirts, greeting cards, and posters.

8. Imgur

Imgur Website

Imgur is an image-hosting service website founded by Alan Schaff in 2009. It is also an online image-sharing service where the user can share their content. Known for its viral images and memes, Imgur was ranked one of the top sites in the United States in 2016.

The website has various features such as accounts, images, a gallery, a meme generator, GIFV, etc. Through accounts, the users can create their accounts and formulate custom image galleries. 

The images in Imgur that don’t have any viewers will be automatically removed from the website every three months. In 2013, the website added a meme generator to it where the users can generate their memes using the various images available.

9. Cracked

Cracked Website

The creators of this website say it is America’s only humor site. This website was formed based on the Cracked magazine and created by Jack O’Brien. Founded in 2005, this website reached 27 million page views in 2011.

On opening the website you will come across sections like trivia and jokes, movies and TV, science and history, videos, and newsletter. If you are in search of some ROFL jokes and want to hurt your tummy, Cracked is for you. You will also find all pop kinds of jokes and gossip here. 

10. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed Website

If you want to find the best from the Internet, Buzzfeed is here for you. The website hosts all kinds of humorous content ranging from various topics like food, pop culture, news, and commerce.

Founded in 2006, this American Internet media is the brainchild of Jonah Peretti and John Seward Johnson III. Buzzfeed has all kinds of breaking news, quizzes, videos, and celebrity news, that can help you forget the boredom for a while.

The secret of this successful website is to know the pulse of people and that is why it stays relevant still. Not only jokes, you will find all sorts of fun and entertainment in Buzzfeed!


AwkwardFamilyPhotos Website

Yeah, the goal behind this website is to “ spread the awkwardness”. As in the name, you will find a set of awkward and funny family photos on this website. If you have a funny bone that craves awkward content, this website is for you.

Not just photos, you will find some awkward and hilarious videos on this website that will surely make you laugh.

The users can submit their share of awkward family photos to the website. You can also shop these awkward and cringeworthy photos through their shopping section.

12. I Can Has Cheeseburger

I Can Has Cheeseburger Website

Known as one of the popular internet websites, I Can Has Cheeseburger can make you laugh even from its name. As the name suggests, this is the place where you will find that the humor in the world has not dried away yet.

This blog-format website was created in 2007 by Eric Nakagawa and his friend, Kari Unebasami. The images and videos usually include animal content where cats seem to be their regular prey for laughter.

It has the world’s largest collection of cat memes and other animals.  The subsections are divided into I Can Have, Fail Blog, Meme Base, Animal Comedy, Geek Universe, CheezCake, and Parenting.

13. Sad and Useless Humor

Sad and Useless Humor Website


For the makers of this website, it is ‘ a sad attempt at humor’. Founded in 2009, the website hosts different kinds of comics, images, and memes that are surely going to make you think and laugh.

They call it the most depressive humor site on the internet. So if you are a bit kafkaesque but yet love to see your pain as humor, this website is for you.

You can browse through various kinds of posts that are divided into the latest and random. You will also come across some funny pictures, articles, GIFS, and products as well.

14. The Daily Mash

The Daily Mash Website

The Daily Mash is ‘The Onion’ for the United Kingdom. It is a British satirical website that comments on current events and news in a humorous tone.

The major sections are divided into politics, celebrity, sports, and society. Launched in 2007, this website was created by Paul Stokes and Neil Rafferty.

Currently, they are the lead writers for the platform but they also employ freelance writers for content. Known for its insightful and absurd humor content, The Daily Mash can be considered the leading satirical news website in the United Kingdom.

So if you are into some kind of comedy but looking for political parody as well, The Daily Mash is for you.

15. People of Walmart

People of Walmart Website

What is so fun in Walmart? You will never ask that question again if you come across this entertainment website. Here, users can submit photos of funny or awkward Walmart things they come across.

Founded in 2009, the creators have made it clear that they have nothing of enmity to Walmart, the supermarket chain. You will come across sections like photos, videos, stories, hate mail, etc on this website.

The users can rate and vote for these photos and stories and they will appear as top-rated and top-voted. If you are looking for some unexpected kind of fun in even ordinary and dull places, Walmart can help you.

16. Memedroid

Memedroid Website

Memes are the latest trend to make you laugh. If you like memes, Memedroid is the website for you. You can enjoy, rate, and share your memes on this website. Memedroid has released an app that can be downloaded through Google Play as well as the Apple Store.

You can find different sections on this website such as favorites, random memes, trending, latest, moderate, my uploads, etc. It has got a collection of the best memes of the week.

According to SEMRUSH, Memedroid has a global worldwide rank of 3098 and a countrywide rank of 1005. The data shows that in February 2024, this site received around 31.31m visits and it is mostly accessed through mobile devices. 

17. Quickmeme


Quickmeme Website

Well, according to the website creators, Quickmeme is the funniest page on the Internet. If you are a meme addict, come to this website. You will find everything there to have a quick laugh. It has sections divided into what’s hot and best.

You can rate these memes by putting a like or meh expression on its side. There are also options to upload your funny memes if you are a meme expert and you can caption them as well.

The website has also got a Facebook page where it has acquired around 810k likes already. You can share the funniest memes on your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well.

18. Passive Aggressive Passwords

Passive Aggressive Passwords Website


You can find multiple password checkers on the internet but you won’t find something funny like Passive Aggressive Passwords. You will get sarcastic and funny comments on the passwords entered here.

As the name suggests, most of these comments are passive-aggressive resembling your in-law’s tone. The creators ask you what your in-laws’ response will be to the nature of your passwords. And they set the response accordingly. 

Interesting, right? Passive Aggressive Passwords is a side project machine created by Tim Holman and Tobias Van Schneider. According to them, they just see it as fun and there is nothing serious about these password checkers. So if you want a bit of a laugh amidst the boring tasks, go and check out this site.

19. Just for Laughs Gags/Funniest and Best Pranks


Just for Laughs Gags Website

This is one of the most popular humor sites that has a history dating back to 1983. As per the creators, laughter is their language. They want to spread the goodness of laughter worldwide and earnestly wish everyone to laugh.

They have a YouTube channel where you can see many pranks and gags. Currently, the YouTube channel has garnered over 13.8 million subscribers. They also perform live comedy shows across the United States and Canada.

Most of their pranks and gag videos have more than 10 million views each. So if you want to hurt your tummy a bit by seeing some quality pranks and gags, you are at the right place.

20. Private Eye

Private Eye Website


Dating back to 1961, Private Eye is one of the most popular satirical and current affairs magazines in the United Kingdom. The main theme of this magazine is to provide quality entertainment and political parody by criticizing the major political figures.

Some of the jokes from Private Eye have even entered into the popular culture of the United Kingdom. The Current Issue section of this magazine features subsections like Street of Shame, Cartoons,  PM’s Whatsapp, Lookalikes, Crossword,  In The Back, Media News, etc.

It is edited by Ian Hislop and is published as a fortnightly magazine. It is estimated that currently, over 7,00,000 readers access this magazine. Recently, the website has launched an audio version and a podcast named ‘Page 94’.

The Bottom Line

Laughter is the key to the best life. The aforementioned websites can help you have a quick laugh amidst the boring inanities of life. So have a look around these websites and give your humor bone a workout often! I mean, it is good for your health and longevity!

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